North Carolina LMSC Board Meeting , January 18 2013 , Charlotte, NC

Present in Person: Jon Blank (chair) , Jerry Clark (Dixie Zone chair), Greta van Meeteren (newsletter editor and immediate past chair), Hans van Meeteren (Top Ten recorder), Tom Cox (officials chair), Ben Holland (secretary) Present via teleconference: Jen Baker (treasurer), Don Gilchrist (vice chair), George Simon (registrar), Marty Gaal (coaches chair)

Newly-minted Chair Jon Blank welcomed the attendees and introduced the new slate of LMSC officers. Both the minutes from the previous meeting and the Treasurer’s report were unanimously approved.

Registrar George Simon provided his report prior to the meeting. It is attached to these minutes.

There was significant discussion regarding the evolving USMS-sanctioning process for Open Water events. The specifics of the new USMS regulations were discussed, along with the likely effect such regulations could have on the growth/sustainability of Open Water events in North Carolina under the USMS umbrella. However, it was also noted that the proposed regulations are just that – they were not finalized as of the date of the meeting. It was additionally noted that, due to the potential new regulations, the proposed OW series for both the LMSC and the Dixie Zone are in question.

With respect to the outstanding swimmer awards, Jerry procured the awards which were presented at the SunBelt meet in Charlotte. The LMSC presented awards for the male and female pool swimmer of the year, an open water/long distance award, and, finally, a special acknowledgment for Erika Braun for her qualification and participation in the 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials. The Board engaged in a thorough discussion of the criteria for the award beyond 2012. Hans suggesting weighting performances by the number of competitors in a particular event, while Jon suggested “retiring” the outstanding swimmer award for “three-peat” winners. Despite an extended conversation, the consensus was that a committee would be necessary to present a formal proposal for the Board’s consideration. Greta, Hans, Jen, and Ben are charged with presenting revised criteria to the Board.

To assist with the pool recertification process, Jerry provided the LMSC with a Bosch 80 meter laser and gave a description of usage. The Board agreed to reimburse Jerry for two lasers, one to be in Jerry's care and one in Jon's. Jerry is responsible for recertifying pools in the western part of the state as necessary, with Jon responsible for the new laser and pools in the eastern part of the state. The Asheville School pool will be recertified by Jerry at some point prior to the Steve Barden meet. It was also noted that the Cary pool hosting the NC state championship may need to be certified, but there is still some question as to how the pool will be set up for the meet. Jon offered to take the new laser to the Cary pool, if necessary, to certify the fixed pool course.Goldsboro also needs to be certified. There are likely others as well. With respect to the newsletter, Greta noted that she is always looking for articles for the newsletter, but it is otherwise progressing.

In terms of new business, Greta noted that the LMSC still has t-shirts from nationals. It was suggested that the LMSC sell them at Frank Clark meet for $5.00 each. Meanwhile, Jerry discussed the LMSC’s monetary surplus and suggested doing something noble with excess funds, such as free registration for octogenerians or a contribution to Swimming Saves Lives.

The next quarterly meeting is scheduled for April.

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