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In this September, 2001 Issue

The Chairman's Lane, - by Jerry Clark
The Secretary's Lane - by Sally Newell
The Treasurer's Lane - by Sue Haugh
The Registrar's Lane - by George Simon
USMS National Elections - from the Dixie Zone News
Personal Reflections of Masters Meets - from Bev Amick, Dick Webber, Sally Newell, and Ceil Blackwell
Division I Football/Basketball Arms Race is the Culprit in the Cutting of Men's Olympic Sports - by Donna A. Lopiano
NC Masters Score Well at USMS Long Course Championships
2001 USMS Short Course Yards Top Ten - by Ceil Blackwell
NC Masters Compete at National Senior Games Championships
Upcoming 2001 Masters Swimming Events
North Carolina Officers and Staff


Our teams raced well in Federal Way, Washington at the Long Course National Championship meet August 16-19. With five women and nine men in attendance, our gals finished a close fourth of 80 teams in the small teams division. The guys finished fifth in the middle sized teams, and our combined team finished fifth in the middle sized teams division. The individual results are posted elsewhere in the newsletter.

I never cease to enjoy the team spirit that builds up over the four days of national meets. As the meet unfolds, we all begin to focus on scoring points for our team. So of course weíre even more motivated to improve our places of finish in our individual events. With the long course national meet next year being held in reasonable proximity to North Carolina (itís at Cleveland State University in August), I hope more of us will set a goal to train for and compete in that event.

We brought home a good number of first place awards and personal record swims (some going back into early 90s). As you can see on usms.org, there were lots of world and national records broken at this meet. I might point out that the meet credited John Kortheuer with a new world record in the 100 breast, but in actuality, he had already done a faster time in an earlier meet in Brunswick, Georgia several weeks prior to the national meet. Nevertheless, John gave us a fist pump when the announcer said heíd just broken the world record at the end of his swim. Iíd like to mention one of many incidents that would make a highlight film. When Kim Stott finished first in her heat of the 200 breast she looked over in our direction and gave a smile that looked like a flashbulb had gone off. I know both Jeannie Mitchell and Bev Amick were happy too because they both had super times in their swims.

We had three purple heart awards, Fritz Lehman earning the biggest one. He swam the entire meet without complaining about a sharp pain in his back. He tried to break the world record in the 50 back several times, but just missed. John Kortheuer had a lingering sinus infection several weeks before the meet which worsened into a lung infection that was diagnosed with just 2 weeks to go. The antibiotic salesman was delighted, and with the help of some strong pills, John did improve slightly by the time he got to Federal Way. Both John and Fritz were called upon for all possible relays, and neither asked to be replaced. I incurred a tear of the hamstring tendon by overstretching a leg just before the 200 free on Friday, so I didnít really enjoy bending over for the starts thereafter.

Several stayed around to do some vacationing. Carolyn and Mike Kucharski took every other day off during the meet to sightsee, and they covered a lot of territory. Kim and Fritz drove down to Portland (ouch, Fritz with the long drive) after the meet to visit her relatives. Ceil and Gordon Blackwell jumped on a cruise heading north to Alaska (with Ceil promising to show off her backstroke in the boatís pool). Lillian and John Kortheuer headed for the Oregon coast for a couple of days, while Laura and Rick Bober took their two daughters north to the Washington coast, then over to Vancouver Island for a visit to Victoria, Canada. Most of the rest of us had a farewell dinner Sunday after the meet at a neat restaurant overlooking the Puget Sound, then hit the road for the airport.

Our short course meters meet will be held Saturday, October 20, 2001 in Hillsborough, NC. The meet information and an entry form is on our web site, so click on it and enter the meet ( you may enter by e-mail now).

Our LMSC officers will be talking about ways to improve access to more coaches for all our swimmers. I know this same subject is currently a hot topic in United States Masters Swimming politics as well. This should bode well for those of us in NC who have no access to a systematic coaching plan, specific workout guidance, etc. I hope to see USMS or our LMSC get something implemented this fall that will be beneficial for Masters swimmers in our state and throughout the country.

I look forward to seeing many of you in Hillsborough in October.

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LMSC for NC Meeting

July 21, 2001 / Raleigh, NC

Officers present: Jerry Clark (Mitch Mitchell in Europe, Sally Newell on vacation, Sue Haugh not present).

Teams present: RAM

Also present: Ceil Blackwell and George Simon (Top Ten chairperson and Registrar, respectively).

NOTE: Proxies had been sent out to all officers and team reps, with the statement on them that if they were not returned prior to the meeting, the officers present could vote for the absent persons.

The minutes of the April 21, 2001 LMSC for NC meeting were approved with a slight modification. Hereafter, any mention of motions made will read that those motions also passed. We need to send the minutes of our Annual Meeting to Tracy Grilli at the national office; Jerry will see that this is done.

George Simon, our Registrar, reported that we have 656 registered swimmers at this time.

We have been notified by the Secretary of USMS that we are allowed to have three delegates at the US Aquatic Convention in September, 2001 because Jerry Clark is a member of the Rules Committee and is automatically a delegate. Fritz Lehman has agreed to be our third delegate.

All present agreed that a good use of any excess funds in our treasury will be to hire college coaches to conduct workout/clinics for clubs around the state. Jerry will prepare a draft of what will be done at these events, as well as a suggested price to pay each coach. We will need help in getting college coachesí names, addresses, etc. These clinics will be conducted during the early winter of 2001-02.

We asked Fritz Lehman if he would agree to be an officer for 2002, and he agreed to do so. Jerry will remain as Chairman in 2002, and will ask Sally and Sue if they will remain as Secretary and Treasurer respectively. We would like Fritz to become vice chairman and Mitch Mitchell stay on as second vice chairman.

As to other business, we briefly discussed clarifying the process swimmers must go through to register their times for Top Ten recognition and for records. We agreed to wait until our Zone committee meets at the upcoming Aquatic convention to see if a simplified procedure is put in place. Additionally, we discussed the poor turnout of team reps, a continuing dilemma. We agreed to come up with a good agenda for the Fall 2001 LMSC meeting which will be in Hillsborough Saturday October 20, 2001. We will reserve a restaurant after the meet concludes and will provide a free meal for all officers and team reps.

We hope to have a better turnout at that meeting. If not, discussion took place about revising the by-laws to make the Top Ten Chairperson, the Registrar and the keeper of Records officers and remove the team representatives from voting status. No motion to vote on this was made, but it is desired that this critical topic be reflected in the minutes so that further discussion can be held about this subject.

Respectfully submitted on behalf of Sally Newell.

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Treasurer's Report:


1ST QTR FY2001

2ND QTR FY2001



Chk Acct Interest



CD Interest (rollover)



Member Dues



T-shirts & Caps








Convention Exp



LMSC Meet Hillsbor



Nat'l Relays





Meter Permit









Publishing Cost



Officer Expense









New Checks



Move CD









Checking Account Balance



CD Balance



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Autumn, the time of the year when leaves fall, long course outdoor pools are closed, short course workouts are started, the USMS convention convenes (although planned to be rescheduled for later this year), the Hillsborough SCM meet takes place, and is the busiest time for your Registrar. Registration renewal takes place - with the chapter renewals in October and individuals in November.

2002 Memberships for new swimmers can be accepted starting on November 1st. Each of you will receive a renewal invoice mailed via US mail to your address during the week of Thanksgiving. Please consider renewing your membership prior to the last day of December, when your 2001 membership expires. I would appreciate your using the renewal form which will have your current information printed on it and for you to make corrections if needed. If you have an internet address, please include it on the form.

Your subscription to SWIM Magazine will expire with the issue you receive approximately the first week of January. The subscription, if taken at retail value, is $19.95 per year. Your USMS membership is $25 per year. USMS membership is really a good deal!

I find it really surprising the number of swimmers who were members last year but wait until the middle of the year to renew their membership. This occurs year after year. It only penalizes those that wait, for they will not receive their magazine, regardless of when they joined for the 2001 year. Additionally, the swimmer cannot participate in 2002 events, such as the January Charlotte, February Greensboro, and April Raleigh Masters swim meets. Frequently swimmers are in a rush to register to participate in a swim meet or other USMS function, including working out with a team. Should I be away, there is no one available to process your membership, which is why I say it takes two to three weeks to process your registration. So, please do not procrastinate, renew in late November or early December, as soon as you receive your renewal invoice. Thanks.

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From the Dixie Zone News

The 2001 United States Aquatics Sports Convention was cancelled at the last minute on Wednesday, September 12. USMS President advised the delegates by e-mail that she and the staff will try to reschedule it in a central location before the end of the calendar year. The major activity for USMS at this yearís annual gathering is the election of officers to lead Masters Swimming during the next two years. The following extract from the Dixie Zone News provides background on the election process. The election results and convention proceedings will be provided in a future issue of Across The Lanes.

Candidates for USMS Executive Committee

USMS Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of United States Masters Swimming consists of five elected officers (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and zone chair), the immediate past president, and the legal counsel.

At the 2001 USMS National Convention in Dearborn MI (September 12-16), the House of Delegates will choose a new president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. The fifth elected officer, zone chair, was elected at the 2000 convention. The USMS web site is intended to keep convention delegates and candidates informed of the progress and procedures for the election.

Each officer holds office for two years and may be elected to a second consecutive two-year term. No officer may concurrently hold more than one office. The duties of the officers are defined in the relevant legislation. In addition, each executive committee determines its own style and responsibilities. Two of the current officers have provided insight into the workings of the committee's operations.

Nominating Committee

The Zone Committee acts as the Nominating Committee and, by tradition, has run the election. The committee closed nominations on February 28, 2001. Anyone who would still like to run for office may be nominated from the floor at convention.

Convention Process

The committee has finished working on the Convention Process which will be followed in September. The elements in the process will include Convention Packet information, Nomination process, Candidates' Forum, and Voting procedures.

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Personal Reflections of Masters Meets

USMS LCM Championships

By Bev Amick

NCMS should be very proud of how we swam at Nationals. Everyone swam fast and enjoyed the meet. The pool was fast, the pool temperature just right, and the time frame was much better than last year in Baltimore. My main concern at this meet was getting accustomed to the daily check in and deck seeding. This should be an issue we address in the future, making sure our teammates are checked in for their events.

Next year, LCM Nationals will be in Cleveland. Now is the time to begin thinking about taking a larger team to this meet. NC has some awesome swimmers who have not competed in larger meets for some time. With only fourteen NC swimmers at Federal Way, our team was very competitive. If more swimmers were to participate in the future, our strength would be in more relays...and more points.

Speaking of points, Jeannie Mitchell did win the 100 back and Sally Newell placed 2nd in the 50 back doing a double-arm backstroke. And then our women's 200 medley relay placed first (Jeannie, Sally, Kim and Bev). Needless to say, we were amazed we won (several of the teams scratched due to this being the last event in the meet).

The worst part of the meet was the return flight home. Red-eyes are not the most pleasant way to travel. However, it was nice to get back home and rest...

By Dick Webber

Having swum six mediocre individual events at the LC Nationals, each day I looked forward to our many relays with our NC teammates. Most of us were sitting all together in the stand rooting for each other. It was the most fun part of each day. Poor Jerry Clark kept apologizing needlessly for not putting the "perfect" relay combinations together. They were in fact, PERFECT FUN. The gals medley even took a first.

The bad news/good news was John Kortheuer aging up into my bracket. He edged me with his second in the 50 free, and then took pity on me in the 50 fly. My wife Ruth told me I had beaten John (for the first time ever in the fly). Then the announcer asked John to report to the timers table. You bet, his goggles came loose, and he ended up in a DQ. As he picked up his DQ he looked up at us, smiled and yelled, "they just gave me a ticket"! He had already broken the 100m breast world record before.

Let's get out the NC crowd for the next Nationals. It's great fun, and we could even win!

By Sally Newell

I couldn't agree more with Dick; it was lots of fun sitting all together & watching our fellow teamates compete. It wasn't an especially fast meet for me, but still fun, none the least. Kim surprised herself scoring some points. Poor Fritz was dealing with a bad back but still came very close to a back stroke world record. Hey, John K., I just got over pneumonia, can you believe that!? My energy has once again been restored and I'm training seriously for my upcoming 60 mile walk (Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk) in Atlanta the beginning of October. And Jerry, I've found a place which teaches pilates, $10. a session, and I plan to start the end of October. Hope your leg is better!

By Ceil Blackwell

Normally, I would not have traveled so far to attend a swim meet. However, my husband and I used the meet as an excuse to see that beautiful part of our country. After being in the Seattle area for the meet, we went on a two-week land and sea tour of Alaska. Wow! Was that a treat!

As for the meet, it was a wonderful experience. The facility was quite nice, and the meet was well run. It is great to be at an indoor facility for a summer meet, especially when one is a backstroker. So many really top-notch swimmers were at this meet. Even in my age group, most of the swimmers were "top ten" caliber. Further evidence of quality of the swimmers is the fact that there were 73 new world records and 94 national records set at the meet. Some of my swims were good, some not so good, but I did score points for our team by placing seventh or better in all of my events. The proverbial "piano" fell on my back in my 200 IM, and I felt like I was going to drown the last 75 meters! Overall, I had fun and, I'm thankful I had the opportunity to participate in the 2001 USMS LC Nationals.

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The Division I Football/Basketball Arms Race is the Culprit in the Cutting of Menís Olympic Sports

By Donna A. Lopiano, Ph.D. - Executive Director - Womenís Sports Foundation


(ATL Editorís note: For the past several months, Phil Whitten, SWIM Editor, has been championing the effort to reverse the threat to college swimming. The following article offers another voice in the effort.)

Division II and III schools, the poorest colleges and universities, are not dropping menís sports. Itís the richest Division I athletic programs that are cutting menís swimming, gymnastics and wrestling programs. Whenever a menís sport is eliminated, these educational institutions are blaming Title IX and womenís sports. They say they canít afford to add new womenís sports programs as required by federal gender equity laws and keep menís Olympic sports. Whatís wrong with this contention is the fact that there are plenty of new dollars going into Division I college athletic programs that could fund both womenís sports and menís Olympic sports. What the public doesnít know is that these new moneys are being used to fuel the arms races being fought in college football and menís basketball. NCAA research shows that for every three new dollars going to menís sports and only one to womenís sports. The $1 to womenís sports is not closing the significant menís and womenís sports expenditure gap and the majority of the new money going to menís sports is pumping up the already bloated budgets of menís football and basketball.

The problem is not Title IX. The problem is college presidents not putting a stop to the embarrassing waste of money occurring in football and menís basketball. There are no fiscal controls in place. Alumni at private colleges and state legislators in the case of public institutions should be calling for investigations of misuse of funds. Just because the football or basketball team brings in money at the gate, doesnít mean they have a right to spend it however they wish and to waste it. All revenues generated by institutional activities, from tuition to income from student musicals and athletic events, are institutional funds. Boards of Regents and Boards of Trustees have a fiduciary responsibility to oversee these funds and insure the public that these non-profit educational institutions are fiscally responsible.

For example, the following are true stories of practices at Division I institutions that have recently dropped menís sport programs:

A university spent $300,000 putting lights on a practice football field that was never used for football practice. The football coach wanted to show his recruits how many practice fields had lights. In his four years at the institution, he never used the field.

A football team spent more than $50,000 last summer to have their meals catered during their training camp. The entire travel budget for a womenís team sport at the institution was $22,000.

A university dropped their menís swimming and diving program citing economics. That same university found the means to (1) renovate the outdoor track, (2) renovate the indoor track, including the installation of hydraulic banked turns, (3) build a multi-field baseball complex with heating elements under the soil to keep the grass growing year round, (4) add a new row of skyboxes to the football stadium and (5) install new state-of-the-art turf in the football stadium.

A football team pays for nearly 50 hotel rooms on the night before home games, so that the coaches can baby-sit their players. Players are fed as if they are on the road, and have been known to rent out entire movie theaters for entertainment purposes. Three charter buses are hired for two days to transport the team to and from the football field which is three miles from campus Ė for all home games.

These expenditures are simply not right. Add to this the fact that 75 of the 300 NCAA Division I schools pay their menís basketball coaches $1 million or more per year and it is easy to conclude that Division I is very much "out-of-control" when it comes to expenses for intercollegiate athletics. Note that there are only 48 athletic programs among the 900+ NCAA member institutions that bring in more revenues than expenses (i.e., operate at a profit).

Schools should be expected to retain all menís sports programs while they bring womenís sports into compliance with Title IX. Remedying discrimination does not mean bringing formerly advantaged menís sports down to where womenís sports were Ė with no opportunities to play. Affording current menís sports programs and new womenís sports programs will require belt-tightening in Division I. However, college athletic programs should be willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that male athletes in Olympic sports have programs. If necessary, the NCAA must legislate across the board expenditure limits and insist on a cessation of the arms race to make this happen. Neither the NCAA nor its member institutions show any signs of doing either.

If our institutions of higher education are going to act irresponsibly, continuing to discriminate against womenís sports, dropping Olympic sports and operating chosen teams like professional sports teams with million dollar coaches and excessive expenditures, then the IRS should take away their non-profit status and treat them like commercial sports enterprises, taxing them as such. Maybe this is the kind of legislative pressure that must be brought to bear in order to force educational institutions to control their expenses. Itís about time the media did some good investigative reporting to reveal the real extent of financial waste and put pressure on college presidents to clean up their acts before the government does so.

Title IX is a good law. We need to keep steady on the course of ensuring that our sons and daughters are treated equally in all educational programs and activities, including sports. As important, we have to protect sports participation opportunities for our sons by making it clear to high school principals and superintendents and college presidents that excessive expenditures on one or two priority menís sports and failure to control spending in all sports is unacceptable for educational institutions accorded non-profit tax status.

Reprinted with permission from The American Swimming Coaches Association Newsletter, Volume 2001 Issue 8. Their website is www.swimmingcoach.org.

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Federal Way, Washington / August 16-19

North Carolina Masters swam to eleven first place finishes at the LCM National Championships. John Kortheuer, Richard Bober, and Fritz Lehman swam exceptionally well as John and Richard earned three firsts and Fritz earned two. Our swimmers also bettered nine and tied one Dixie Zone records at the meet. Jeannie Mitchell backstroked her way to three records, and Bev Amick established two with her butterfly.










8th / 100 Bk / 1:25.56; 6th / 200 Bk / 3:05.31; 8th / 50 Bk / 40.46;

7th / 50 Br / 44.29; 11th / 50 Fly / 37.76; 8th / 200 IM / 3:09.08



4TH / 100 Fr / 1:07.63; 4th/ 200 Fr / 2:28.24; 3rd/ 400 Fr / 5:18.48;

2nd / 800 Fr /10:51.94; 3rd/ 100 Fly /1:16.11**;

4th/ 200 Fly / 2:56.03**



5th / 200 Fr / 3:03.38; 1st / 100 Bk / 1:27.79**;

3rd / 200 Bk /3:16.88**; 3rd / 50 Bk / 40.30**; 7th / 50 Fly / 42.06; 2nd / 200 IM / 3:22.16



7th /100 Fr /1:36.46; 6th /50 Fr / 40.58; 5th /100 Bk / 1:43.57;

4th /200 Bk / 3:49.23; 6th /50 Bk / 47.25; 6th /200 IM / 3:57.47



3rd / 50 Fr / 38.49; 2nd / 50 Bk / 45.54; 4th / 100 Br / 1:45.82;

5th / 200 Br / 3:50.09; 3rd / 50 Br / 47.66; 5th / 200 IM / 3:43.34





12th / 100 Fr / 1:04.68; 8th / 50 Bk / 36.21; 10th / 100 Fly / 1:09.99;

10th / 50 Fly / 29.63



1st / 100 Bk / 1:02.61; 3rd / 200 Bk / 2:23.06;

1st / 50 Bk / 29.11; 7th / 50 Fly / 28.18



12th / 50 Fr / 28.53; 7th / 100 Fly / 1:09.3;94th / 200 Fly / 2:46.6;2;

11th / 50 Fly / 31.61



7th / 200 Fr / 2:14.61; 5th / 400 Fr / 4:50.27; 3rd / 800 Fr / 10:18.57;

5th / 200 Fly / 2:48.08; 5th / 50 Fly / 29.61; 6th / 400 IM / 5:43.29



4th /50 Fr / 27.13; 1st / 100 Bk / 1:08.21; 1st / 200 Bk / 2:28.85**;

1st / 50 Bk / 31.22



3rd / 100 Fr / 1:05.10; 3rd / 200 Fr / 2:30.37; 2nd / 400 Fr / 5:29.40;

7th / 50 Fr / 29.28; 1st / 800 Fr / 11:19.87**; 9th / 50 Br / 40.94



10th / 200 Fr / 3:26.43; 9th / 200 Fly / 5:16.02; 8th / 400 IM / 8:40.23



2nd / 50 Fr / 31.94++; 1st / 100 Br / >1:29.59; 1st / 200 Br / 3:32.46;

1st / 50 Br / 38.87



5th / 100 Fr / 1:17.40; 5th / 200 Fr / 3:09.26; 4th / 50 Fr / 32.25;

6th / 50 Bk / 46.60; 5th / 50 Fly / 40.46; 5th / 200 IM / 3:43.39





Women 200 Medley

1st / 2:35.68

Mitchell, Newell, Stott, Amick

Women 200 Free

4th / 2:21.04

Amick, Mitchell, Newell, Stott

Mixed 200 Medley

3rd / 2:37.87

Mitchell, Newell, Webber, Bober

Mixed 200 Medley

4th / 2:15.30

Lehman, Kortheuer, Stott, Amick

Mixed 200 Free

4th / 2:22.60

Kortheuer, Blackwell, Newell, Bober

Mixed 200 Free

7th / 2:03.45

Amick, Stott, Webber, Lehman

Men 200 Free

6th / 2:07.95

Clark, Macartney, Webber, Bober

Men 200 Free

5th / 1:53.31

Facchine, Kortheuer, Carrow, Lehman

Men 200 Medley

4th / 2:18.48

Bober, Kortheuer, Webber, Clark

Men 200 Medley

4th / 2:02.89

Lehman, Facchine, Kucharski, Carrow

** Dixie Zone Record

++ Tied Dixie Zone Record

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By Ceil Blackwell, Top Ten Chair for NC

Congratulations to the North Carolina Masters who ranked in Top Ten in the nation for the 2001 short course yards season. Special recognition goes to John Kortheuer who set new national records in the 50, 100 and 200 breast for the menís 70-74 age group. Note also that Boyd Campbell grabbed three first place times for the menís 90-94 age group.

If your name or an event is missing from the list below, please contact Ceil at (919) 787-8324, ceilb@aol.com or mail to 4305 John Rencher Wynd, Raleigh, NC 27612.

Age Group


Place / Event




Jennifer Mancini

2nd 50 Free, 6th 100 IM, 8th 100 Free


Rebecca Bruch

2nd, 200 Breast, 3rd 50 Breast, 5th 100 Breast, 4th 400 IM


Mary Demilia

10th 200 Fly


Jennifer Mancini

4th 50 Free, 6th 100 Free, 6th 100 IM, 9th 200 Free


Liz Sullivan

2nd 1000 Free, 2nd 200 IM, 6th 100 Back, 6th 200 Back, 7th 200 Free, 7th 500 Free, 7th 100 IM


Beverly Amick

9th 1000 Free, 9th 200 Fly, 10th 100 Fly


Debbie Wilson

6th 1650 Free, 8th 1000Free


Ann Sims

10th 200 Breast


Ceil Blackwell

8th 50 Back, 9th 200 Back, 10th 100 IM


Sally Newell

2nd 50 Breast, 2nd 100 Breast, 3rd 50 Free, 3rd 200 Breast, 5th 100 IM, 7th 50 Back, 8th 200 IM, 10th 100 Free


Nancy McPhee

10th 400 SCY IM


Suzanne Robbins-Bonitz

4th 50 Back, 6th 200 Back, 8th 100 Back


Beverly Tucker

6th 200 Breast, 7th 50 Breast, 9th 1650 Free, 9th 200 Back


Rachel White

10th 50 Fly


Judy Ann Kelly

8th 200 Breast




Matt Vandermeid

6th 50 Free, 8th 200 Fly, 10th 50 Fly


Matt Brunsman

10th 200 Breast


Brian Doan

3rd 50 Breast, 4th 200 Breast, 5th 100 Breast


Doug Asbury

7th 1650 Free


Fritz E Lehman

2nd 50 Back, 2nd 100 Back, 2nd 200 Back, 3rd 100 IM, 7th 400 IM


Tim McGinnis

9th 100 Free


Douglas McIntosh

9th 50 Fly


Richard Bober

5th 100 Back, 6th 200 Back, 7th 50 Back


Jerry Clark

2nd 100 Free, 2nd 500 Free, 3rd 50 Free, 3rd 1000 Free, 4th 200 Free


Richard Kitchell

3rd 200 Fly, 4th 100 Fly, 10th 50 Fly


John Kortheuer

1st 50 Breast (33.16), 2nd 100 Breast, 5th 100 IM, 5th 100 IM, 7th 50 Fly


Clarke Mitchell

4th 50 Back, 4th 200 Back, 5th 100 Back, 7th 100 Fly


John Kortheuer

1st. 50 Breast (33.19*), 1st 100 Breast(1:15.24*),

1st 200 Breast (2:58.39*), 2nd50 Free, 2nd 50 Fly, 2nd 100 IM,

3rd 50 Back


Dick Webber

3rd 50 Free, 5th 50 Fly, 6th 100 Free


Vester Boone

6th 1650 Free


Boyd Campbell

1st 200 Free (5:42.47), 1st 500 Free (16:29.68) 1st

100 Back (2:56.87) 2nd 50 Back, 2nd 200 Back,

3rd 50 Free, 3rd 100 Free

* USMS National Record

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Baton Rouge, LA / July 14 -- 28, 2001

With Boyd Campbellís four first places leading the way, five North Carolinaís Masters competed in the National Senior Games. Their swimming achievements are below.


Age Group


Place / Event / Time


Murphy, Dan

6th / 200 Fr / 2:27.49; 6th / 100 BFly / 1:31.76; 8th / 100 Fr /1:08.98;

4th / 200 Bk / 2:47.38; 3rd / 500 Fr / 6:31.51; 6th / 100 Bk / 1:20.60


White, Bernard

8th / 200 Fr / 2:40.16; 2nd / 50 Bfly / 29.92; 3rd / 50 Fr / 27.75


Marsil, John G

16th / 100 Fr / 1:27.41; 22nd / 50 Fr / 37.14; 9th / 500 Fr / 8:53.40


Shouse, William D

9th / 100 Br / 1:40.64; 12th / 50 Br / 45.65


Campbell, Boyd C

1st / 200 Fr / 5:52.22; 2nd / 50 Bk / 1:20.94; 1st / 100 Fr / 2:35.55;

1st / 50 Fr / 1:07.56; 1st / 500 Fr / 16:05.88; 2nd / 100 Bk / 2:47.79





Lake Lanier Double-Cross 5K Dixie Zone OW Championship

Atlanta, GA

Patrick Kammholz, 770-781-3637



Dixie Zone SCM Championships

Orlando, FL



NC SCM Fall Invitational

Hillsborough, NC

Jerry Clark (704) 374-1807



Electric City SCM Meet

Anderson, SC

Steve Wycoff, 864-260-5170 (w), 864-225-6447 (h)



Terrapin 1000/1650 SCY Meet

College Park, MD

Dave Diehl, 301-946-0649(h), 301-314-5372(w)


8, 9

St Nicholas SCM Invitational

Marietta, GA

Lisa Watson, 770-497-1901(h), 770-718-3646(o)

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LMSC - NC Officers and Staff



Past Chairman



Jerry Clark, CSM

Clarke (Mitch) Mitchell, PEAK

Don Gilchrist

Sally Newell, RAM

Sue Haugh, RAM

3107 Cloverfield Rd.

Box 19768

P.O. Box 3955

1812 Swannanoa Drive

9015 Lansdale Dr.

Charlotte, NC 28211

Asheville, NC 28805

Wilmington, NC 28406

Greensboro, NC 27410

Raleigh, NC 27613

(704) 374-1807

(828) 299-1410

(910) 313-0541

(336) 299-1456







Registrar / Webmaster

Top Ten Chairperson

Newsletter Editor


George Simon, RAM

Ceil Blackwell, RAM

Jim Enyart, WYM

Fritz Lehman, RAM

10229 Boxelder Drive

4305 John Rencher Wynd

2840 Marsh Point Rd

439 Pebble Creed Dr.

Raleigh, NC 27613

Raleigh, NC 27612

Southport, NC 28461

Cary, NC 27511

(919) 846-2423

(919) 787-8324

(910) 253-3333

(919) 481-9767





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September 18, 2001