LMSC for North Carolina's Newsletter

In this November, 1999 Issue

LMSC Officers Elect
The Chairman's Goals - by Jerry Clark
The 1999 Annual Meeting - From the Secretary's Lane - by Jeannie Mitchell
Convention Proceedings - From the Chairman-Elect's Lane - by Jerry Clark
From The Registrar's Lane - Convention - by George Simon
Masters - Swimming for Life - by June Krauser, Dixie Zone Chairperson
Dixie Zone Committee Minutes - by Lisa Watson, Georgia LMSC
Performance Aptitudes and Attitudes, My Excellent Adventure - At The USOTC / USMS CampWin The Workout - by Sally Newell
Musings About The Meet In Minneapolis - by Jerry Clark
NC Masters Results at USMS Long Course National Championships

(or Hard Times in San Diego)


Following the October 9 Fall Invitational Masters Meet in Hillsborough, our LMSC’s leadership into the new millennium was elected. The officers for the term January 2000-December 2001 were presented and unanimously elected. The officers are: Jerry Clark, Chairman; Mitch Mitchell, Vice Chairman; Alice Jones, Treasurer; Sally Newell, Secretary.

LMSC for North Carolina - Officers Elect and Staff
Jerry Clark, CSM
3107 Cloverfield Rd
Charlotte, NC 28211
(704) 366-2045
Vice Chairman
Clarke Mitchell, PEAK
PO Box 19768
Asheville, NC 28805
(828) 299-1410
Past Chairman
Don Gilchrist, WYM
PO Box 3955
Wilmington, NC 28406
(910) 313-0541
Sally Newell, RAM
1812 Swannanoa Dr
Greensboro, NC 27410
(336) 299-1456
Alice Jones, RAM
4716 Royal Troon Dr
Raleigh, NC 27604
(919) 231-7638
George Simon
10229 Boxelder Dr
Raleigh, NC 27613
(919) 846-2423
Top Ten Chairperson
Ceil Blackwell, RAM
4305 John Rencher Wynd
Raleigh, NC 27612
(919) 787-8324
Newsletter Editor
Jim Enyart, WYM
2840 Marsh Point Rd
Southport, NC 28461
(910) 253-3333
Melisa Norman, CHM
39 Rogerson Dr
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
(919) 942-8631

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The Chairman’s Goals:

As your new chairman for the next two years I'm excited about the opportunity to further our sport next year. I have several goals:

1. To increase our number of registered swimmers to 1,000;

2. To initiate an interstate challenge series with West vs East being the format. Masters in Greensboro and west will comprise the West team, while swimmers east of Greensboro will comprise the East team. Team totals will be taken at the Sunbelt meet in Charlotte and the Raleigh meet in April. The prize will be announced. Scoring of these meets will also take place just as usual for club competition, high point awards, etc.

3. To increase interest in racing at national meets; and

4. To recognize with awards the Most Outstanding Female and Male Swimmers of the Year as well as those Masters making Top 10, setting new state, national or world records during the year.

I welcome any suggestions and comments, Contact me via email or at home in the evenings (before 9:00 please).

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From The Secretary‘s Lane - by Jeannie Mitchell

The LMSC-NC Board met October 9, 1999 following the Fall Invitational SCM meet at the Triangle Sportsplex pool in Hillsborough. All the officers were present as were five of the NC swim clubs. Two clubs sent in proxy notices. The minutes of the last meeting (April 1999) were approved as written.

Acting Treasurer Alice Jones presented the financial report for the third quarter of 1999. Income for the third quarter 1999 was $1185.23. Total expenses were $1470.83. Net loss for the quarter was $285.60. The current checking account balance is $2917.96. The present value of the CD is $3792.07. Total balance of all sources for LMSC-NC is $6710.03. Alice reported that so far the bills for two delegates to the USMS National Convention totaled $776.00 with one motel bill forthcoming. These expenditures seem to be comparable to those of 1997 ($1500) and 1998 ($1100). Jerry Clark suggested that the officers clarify the policy concerning convention delegate reimbursements. The current policy is that all expenses for two delegates be reimbursed. Other LMSC-NC representatives may be reimbursed up to $200.00. The committee will consist of Ceil, Jerry, Alice, and George.

George Simon, Registrar, reported a total of 614 registered NC Masters for 1999. This figure represents the highest number of members ever. His April challenge to us to exceed 610 for the year has been met! Renewals for the year 2000 will be going out next week. George asked the team reps to remit the team registrations by Oct. 16. Individuals can register as of Nov. 1, 1999. The individual rate is $25.00. Team reps will be reminded to discard 1999 forms and use 2000 forms. George also requested that members send change of address notices to him so he can maintain accurate membership records. Jim Enyart will add "address correction requested" to the newsletter's address.


George Simon made the motion to discontinue the use of the Consolidated Entry Form. The motion was passed unanimously. Krista Phillips had six dozen t-shirts printed as our inventory was running low. They will continue to be sold for $10.00 with XXL sizes priced at $11.50. A postage fee of $3.00 will be charged to orders that are mailed. The shirts also will be available at swim meets.

Upcoming meets: Jan. 29-30, Charlotte; Feb: Richmond and Charleston; Mar. 18-19, Atlanta; April 1-2, Raleigh; April 27-30, SCY Nationals, Indianapolis. Jennifer Rock, Triad Masters Swimming, requested that the Board propose a date for their Frank Clark Invitational Swim Meet. Feb. 26th and Mar. 4th were suggested. The proposal of a national championship meet located in Charlotte is tabled indefinitely. Dan Forrester of Wilmington is formulating a national championship ocean meet for the near future.

Jerry Clark has reserved 20 rooms in Indianapolis for April 26 through May 1; ten rooms each at the Courtyard and Hampton Inns. He informed the group that early reservations would be prudent since there are other events scheduled in Indianapolis that same week. If you need a room, call Jerry for a confirmation number, then contact the motel directly and change that number from his name to yours. Hampton Inn is around $104.00 per night and the Courtyard (closer to the pool) is $119.00 per night.

George and Jerry reported on two of the National Convention topics. In order for USMS insurance to cover any swimmers, everyone in the pool must be a registered member of USMS. There is a thirty-day grace period for potential members. Coach insurance coverage will apply if the coach is a USMS member or if there is a USA Swimming coach on deck. USA swimmers cannot swim with a USMS team. USMS swimmers can swim with USA swimmers under the direction of a USA Swimming coach. Jerry Clark informed the group that USMS will employ the new start rules as accepted by USA Swimming. These rules entail a series of whistle blows to assemble the swimmers of each heat and have them mount the blocks. The new procedure was demonstrated and used at the Hillsborough USMS meet, Oct. 9, 1999.


Jerry reiterated the desire of several of the "NC National Team" members for some sort of team uniform. After attending both the short course and long course national championships this year and seeing many other teams regaled in "National Team" outfits, the NC Masters’ sentiment to be similarly attired is growing. This uniform could be as simple as commemorative t-shirts or as elaborate as warm-up suits or parkas. Joe Rhyne has expressed a desire to coordinate such an undertaking and may have an interested sponsor. The Board encouraged Joe to pursue the project. Anyone competing in a national championship is eligible for the uniform of that meet. Ceil Blackwell was authorized to purchase the upgrade version of the Hytek "Meet Manager for Windows" program.


Krista Phillips, the Fall Invitational Meet manager, presented an approximate financial report for the Hillsborough meet. From the total revenue received of $1310, less expenses for pool use, ribbons, and meet director remuneration, the meet netted an estimated $250.00. This money will be earmarked for an LMSC-NC activity to be named at a later date.

The officers for the term Jan. 2000-Dec. 2001 were presented and unanimously elected. (See Page One.) Jerry commended Don Gilchrist and Jeannie Mitchell for their dedicated service as officers of the LMSC.

The next LMSC-NC meeting will be on Jan. 29, 2000 following the events of the Charlotte meet.

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(or Which Way To Tijuana)

From The Chairman-Elect’s Lane - by Jerry Clark

I am writing this from a vacation spot just north of San Diego on Monday September 20th, the day following the close of the XXth United States Aquatic Sports convention. George Simon, our Registrar, and I attended as delegates to the USMS portion of this outstanding affair (USA [formerly USS] Swimming, US Water Polo, US Diving and Synchronized Swimming had their meetings there at the same time). Rhea Wilkins from Apex also attended as a non-voting delegate. I will condense the vast amount of information disseminated during the four-day convention as best I can.

We attended meetings every day from 9:00am to 6:00pm except for a lunch break. The format allowed time for delegates to sit in committee discussions regarding issues pertinent to its members, and we were invited to contribute our experiences. Each committee prepared written recommendations, and those were discussed yet again in "break out" sessions. The various committees then submitted specific recommendations to the entire group of delegates (termed The House of Delegates) for further discussion and a formal vote. There were many committees, to include Championship (which awards national meets to host cities and oversees those meets), Finance, Insurance, Legislation, Officials, Rules, etc. It was fascinating to me, a first timer, to listen to the discussions. The breadth and depth of the whole process impressed me very much. We all are indebted to the many Masters who have worked long hours over the years to make USMS what it is. Everyone at the convention had the common goal of improving our sport in the future.

Fortunately there were organized swim workouts at 6:00am on three days. A bus transported those of us who participated to the Univ. of San Diego’s outdoor 12 lane pool, and each day a different head coach was in charge. They really socked it to us. What a great way to get to know delegates from other parts of the US.

Here are some interesting facts to share:

The USMS budget report reveals the following:




















*1999 incomplete and 2000 budgeted; the others are actual

There are two very important rule changes you must know about.  First, with regard to the forward start procedure, here is the new rule: "The forward start may be taken from the starting block, the pool deck, or a push from the wall. At the commencement of each heat, the referee shall signal to the swimmers by a short series of whistles to remove all clothing except for swimwear. One long whistle shall follow indicating that the swimmers should take their positions with at least one foot at the front of the starting platform, the edge of the deck, or on the wall before the command "Take your mark." Those starting in the water must have at least one hand in contact with the wall or starting block."

For the backstroke start procedure, here is the addition to the existing rule: "At the commencement of each heat, the referee shall signal to the swimmers by a short series of whistles to remove all clothing except for swim wear. At the referee’s first long whistle the swimmers shall immediately enter the water and at the second long whistle shall return without undue delay to the starting position."

Second, with regard to false starts, here is the new rule: "Any swimmer starting before the starting signal has been given shall be disqualified. If the starting signal sounds before the disqualification is declared, the race shall continue, and the swimmer or swimmers shall be disqualified upon completion of the race. If the disqualification is declared before the starting signal, the signal shall not be given, but the remaining swimmers shall be called back, be reminded by the starter of the penalties, and start again."

Be sure to check these in the new rule book when it is issued. These rules are used in international competition as well as in USA Swimming events. Both brought on lots of discussion, one point of which is worth mentioning here. It will be the referee’s judgement call as to whether someone is DQ’ed if he/she is "drawn off" at the start by someone else who false starts. From my perspective, it’s a simple matter: just keep on trucking when you hear the beep.

A company has been engaged to film the Short Course National Championship in Indianapolis April 27-30, 2000. It will be edited and produced into a one-hour television show by Fox network. I’m sure we’ll learn the details at that meet. This could be a significant event for Masters Swimming as far as publicity is concerned. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could field a large team with all of us in outfits with NORTH CAROLINA MASTERS SWIMMING on them!

The Long Course National Championship will be in Baltimore August 17-20, 2000. It was disturbing to learn that no city bid for the 2001 short course meet. But just before our convention, the USMS Board contacted Santa Clara, California, and they have agreed to host that meet in May, 2001. Only one city, Federal Way, Washington, bid for the 2001 long course meet. Both of these cities are virtually suburbs of major cities (San Francisco and Seattle) and are great spots to think about having a vacation after the meet. It was disturbing to learn that the host club in Minneapolis expects a loss from hosting the 1999 long course meet.

I asked for a committee assignment on either of the Championship or Coaches committees, but don’t know when I’ll find out anything. I look forward to working with some of these people who have contributed so much to our sport.

PS: See you in Charlotte January 29 & 30, 2000.

United Airlines is the Official Airline for the 2000 USMS SC National Championships in Indiana, IN April 27-30.

United Airlines is offering discounted airfare to Indianapolis. Call (800) 521-4041 and refer to our meet ID# 583BP for your discount.

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From The Registrar‘s Lane- by George Simon

I have attended the USMS conventions since 1994 after becoming your Registrar. The USMS National convention is part of the greater United States Aquatic Sports convention, which totals 1300 delegates, with USMS having about 250 in attendance. The sports are USA Swimming, USA Diving, USA Synchro Swimming, US Water Polo, and US Masters Swimming. Some of the other organizations started earlier in the week, but USMS starts on a Wednesday, with registration and an evening session to welcome new delegates and provide the agenda for the convention. There are also some brain storming sessions for ideas to improve USMS and the LMSCs.

Every morning a swim workout is scheduled for those wanting to get up and leave the convention facilities at 6 to 6:30 AM, and around 8:30 the House of Delegates meets for business reports. On Thursday afternoon various committees meet to discuss results of the previous year's business and plan for the next convention. Elsewhere in this newsletter you will learn of some of the actions taken by the committees. Thursday evening the company that insures the USAS hosted a gala finger food feast for all of the USAS groups.

All day Friday committees meet. My interests are Registration and the Computer On-line of which I am a voting member. The Insurance committee I find interesting as it relates to registration and the requirements for each LMSC Chapter work-out group's insurance coverage. On Friday evening there is the House of Delegates meeting. The delegates vote for the USMS National officers or on rules in alternating years. They also accept cities’ bids and choose the winner for the two National Championship meets that will be held two years later. Late Friday evening, the host LMSC sponsors a gathering with more finger foods.

At the Friday evening House of Delegates meeting, Raleigh Area Masters annually presents the "USMS National Championships Meets" Award. This year I was happy to present it to Jim Matysek, who is the USMS webmaster and responsible for designing and implementing the on-line National Meets Entry Forms. Over 30% of the entrants used this procedure which also provided timely heat sheets and results of the meets on the USMS web site.

Saturday morning the Zone committee meetings are held, Zone meet bids are accepted, and other Zone level business transpires. Saturday afternoon the House of Delegates meets again to approve, challenge, or modify rule changes and budget line items. Saturday evening is a formal banquet for all of the USAS groups, where each group presents awards to their outstanding members.

Sunday morning there are a few wrap up sessions. However, since most delegates must catch early plane flights home, the attendance is light.

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MASTERS Swimming For Life

Compiled by June Krauser

Dixie Zone Chairman

USMS CONVENTION - MASTERS Swimming for life was the theme of the XX Convention held in San Diego, CA September 15-19, 1999. The Convention is held in conjunction with United States Aquatic Sports and there were over 1300 in attendance - 182 were Masters delegates. We all needed to carry a Property Map of the Town and Country Resort Hotel to help find our meeting rooms, and it was a little tough.

BREAKOUT GROUPS - At the first House of Delegates meeting we separated into five groups - Fun, Leadership, Communications, Public Relations and LMSC Events. Many interesting suggestions came out of these groups.

CHAMPIONSHIP COMMITTEE - Surcharge is increased to $30.00. All swimmers will be required to sign a safety waiver form upon check-in. No copy of USMS card will be required with entry. Meet hosts may eliminate phone call check-in but allow check-in up to the morning of the event. 2001 SCY at Santa Clara, May 17-20 and 2001 LCM at Federal Way, Aug. 16-19. A survey will be made of Top Ten swimmers to help identify possible areas of improvement for Nationals. New designs for the National Championship Patch will be solicited.

COACHES - The Coaches Manual will be available as a PDF file in the USMS website. Will develop a method of registering and identifying coaches and develop a group of LMSC Coach Reps. Still have USMS Mentor Clinics, NIKE Champions Clinics and beginning to offer Open Water clinics. The Victor Olympic Training Center Camp was a huge success and the goal is to run two or three a year. There is a Video Library and a Book Library for rental. The MACA News comes out bi-monthly as an e-mail PDF file. Ron Johnson was the 1999 recipient of Speedo’s Coach of the Year award. The committee is going to subsidize three to four coaches to the Munich World Championships and next year study and develop a proposal for a National Coaching Director.

COMPUTER ON LINE - Technology is moving so fast that everyone should at least have e-mail. Requesting the Executive Committee to draft a privacy statement to place on our web site. Recommend changing the Webmaster position to a contract position. Schedule a web site demonstration for next year. Discontinue offering new personal aliases unless a replacement volunteer can be found. On line database thru Hy-Tek can now be shown on the web site. Missing data on 70% of 3000 All Americans (please help). A registration area is under test that refers the swimmer directly to the LMSC registration web page and a PDF registration form for the LMSC.

CONVENTION - All new delegates should be assigned to the committee. (We need help!) Closing the Hospitality suite during meeting hours next year will depend on the availability of local volunteers.

FITNESS - Currently there are two USMS Fitness events: The Postal Pentathlon and the Check Off Challenge. New events proposed are the Y2K Triathlon and the USMS 500 Swim. The Fitness Committee Quarterly was renamed Fitness Tips. The goal is to send out four a year to the LMSC Newsletter editors.

INTERNATIONAL - The USMS Executive Secretary to send letters to venues that might be interested in bidding for the 2002 or 2004 World Masters Championships. We have compiled a list of USMS International Contacts and eventually it will be on our web site. We need an article in Swim Magazine on the starting command procedure and false start rule for International meets. The entry book for Munich is available from Tracy Grilli for $3.

LONG DISTANCE - The One Hour Postal Swim set a new record with 1838 swimmers. LMSC’s have the option of recognizing events when a sanction is inappropriate. Championship bids selected for 2001:

One Hour Postal PNA January

5/10 K Postal Central Oregon May 15-Sept

3000/6000 Postal O*H*I*O* Sept/Oct

One Mile OW Empire State July 14

Two Mile Cable Greater Ind. June 23

1-3 Mile OW Central Oregon Aug 4

3-6 Mile OW FGC April 29

6+ Mile OW Greater Ind. Tba

If USMS recognizes an OW event, the USMS swimmers will be fully covered with liability and medical insurance. A non-USMS host would not be covered. The 3000/6000 postal swim is restricted to a 25 yard pool.

LEGISLATION - All recognition’s shall be signed by the LMSC’s authorized representative. Entry forms shall contain the language of the liability release as stated but may be modified by naming the sanctioning LMSC, sponsoring USMS club(s) and/or addition insured(s) following "UNITED STATES MASTERS SWIMMING, INC." The Board of Directors of USMS include: each member of the Executive Committee; Each zone rep; Past presidents; the chairmen of all standing committees; the internal auditor; the controller; and the liaison from USA Swimming. All standing committees have been revised. No final report from this committee as yet.

MARKETING/PUBLICATIONS - The web site has increased our visibility. Please support our sponsors: ALAMO - Rent a Car; Destinations - nations leading hotel discount program; Earthlink - pre-pay phone card; Kast-A-Way Swimwear - swimwear and swimming equipment; MBNA MasterCard - USMS Preferred and Gold affinity credit card; Mindspring - dial up internet service; NIKE - active sportwear; Speedo - innovative swim suits, apparel and accessories; The Victor - swimwear and training accessories; TYR - manufacturer of swimwear and accessories; Ultra Swim - hair and skin care products; and VASA Trainer - versatile sport-specific conditioning equipment for all sports. There is a proposal to be investigated to produce for TV a health program built around swimming and human interest snippets of individuals. It would be used to market USMS as an organization.

OFFICIALS - All certifying bodies rule differences should be added to our Appendix B. Those bodies include: USA, YMCA, CSOA and NFHS. Rule change information should be added to the MACA Newsletter, SWIM Magazine, and sent to LMSC Official’s Chairs. Officials Liaisons are appointed to our Championships.

PLANNING - Suggested that a USMS liaison be appointed to the Senior Games, and that the LMSC’s need to become more involved to make the quality of these games more consistent. It was recommended that USMS have a booth at the Senior Games in Orlando. Also recommended was that the Committee develop a pre-packaged booth and materials display to be used at a wide range of both aquatic and non-aquatic events.

RECORDS AND TABULATION - The "as of November 1, yyyy" date will be placed on the web listed records. There will be written guidelines for Top 10 recorders to generate their Top 10 submissions. The goal is to limit the number of formats used for submission. Lake Erie LMSC will continue with the USMS Top 10 Patches.

RULE BOOK - Full-size rule books will be distributed to the Board of Directors; members of Rules, Long Distance, Legislation, and Rule Book Committees; and all registered USMS clubs. Both full and mini-rule books will be distributed to all LMSC registrars. Mini-rule books will be sent to the LMSC Officials Chairmen. Let clubs know about the mini-rule book.

RULES - Adopted the USA Relay Take-Off Judges rule. Referees may prohibit the use of any device that disrupts or interferes. I am not quite sure about the final outcome of the whistle start rule and the new false start rule but if you are swimming in a meet outside of the USA you should be aware of them. They are being used widely around the world.

SAFETY EDUCATION - The committee is going to produce a Club Safety Handbook that should be ready by 2000 convention. Articles are written for SWIM magazine.

SPORTS MEDICINE - The committee’s goal is to have articles widely disseminated in national publication. The committee has a strict observance of the editorial process. Many articles are in that process.

ZONE - The guidelines and procedures used for next year’s election of the Zone Committee chairman will be the same as those used for this year’s election of officers with the exception that there will be a candidates forum at the House of Delegates meeting when championships are voted on.

AD HOC 1999 LEGAL COUNSELORS - While the law is evolving, at this time a hard copy of the liability release will need to be signed by swimmers who seek membership in USMS and swimmers who want to enter our national championships. A "Want Ad" for USMS member-lawyers will be created and distributed nationally. The committee will research the issue of Privacy and pursue the drafting of a privacy policy for the organization.

AD HOC 1999 USMS ENDOWMENT FUND - The fund now has $18,356.35. USMS will increase the matching fund to $20,000 for the year 2000 and make a 1 to 1 match instead of 50 cents to the dollar. Encourage the members to use the check off on the registration form.

AD HOC 1999 ISHOF NOMINATING - A group of individuals were suggested for consideration for 2000 and 2001. We need to collect the criteria data to determine the nominees. A letter will be sent to the LMSC of the individuals suggested to help gather this information.

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1999 DIXIE ZONE Committee Minutes

By Lisa Watson

Georgia LMSC Chairman


Action Items

***The Dixie Zone voted to send the following mandate to it's LMSCS: if a meet is managed electronically, results shall be sent on disk or via email for submission to Dixie Zone Top Ten. All meet directors are encouraged to use meet management software to report results.

***The Dixie Zone unanimously re-elected June Krauser as Dixie Zone Chair for the next 2-year term.

***The Dixie Zone voted to order Dixie Zone Top Ten patches to be made available for swimmers who qualify.


Number of committee members present: 22

Number of committee members absent: 1

Total number of delegates attending the meeting: 22


I. Financial Report

June Krauser distributed the financial report. $260.24 of the Dixie Zone budget will be used to cover June's expenses at this year's convention. As of September 18, 1999, the Dixie Zone treasury has a balance of $1550.34.

II. Top Ten

Dick Brewer suggested that instead of mailing Dixie Zone Top Ten results, we could save money by having Dick scan the results and put them on the Internet. Then, each LMSC can be responsible for downloading the results and distributing to its members. The Dixie Zone voted to do this and thanked Dick for his help. Rick Harris reported that current Dixie Zone Top Ten Recorder Karen Crossen is having difficulty compiling Top Ten results, because many of the meet results are not sent to her in disk form. The Dixie Zone voted to issue the following mandate to its LMSCs: if a meet is managed electronically, results shall be sent on disk or via email for submission to Dixie Zone Top Ten. All meet directors are encouraged to use meet management software to report results. A suggestion was also made that LMSCs should include the above information in instructions to meet directors when applying for sanctions.

III. Dixie Zone Championships for 2000

The following sites were designated for 2000:

SCY- Atlanta, Georgia March 18-19 or 11-12

LCM- Brunswick, Georgia July 7-9 or 14-16

SCM- Anderson, SC November 4-5 or 11-12

IV. Coaches Mentor Program

Scott Rabalais, Coaches Committee Chair, discussed the USMS Coaches Mentor program. This program provides for 4 clinics throughout the country, which can be in varied format. USMS will give $500, which should cover the coach's expenses. This program has proved very valuable for coaches and swimmers. There is also a similar program being offered with Open Water clinics, which can be held in conjunction with a scheduled Open Water event. Interested groups should contact Scott.

V. Coaches On Deck Program

This program has been implemented at Nationals and proven very successful and helpful to swimmers during warm-up. Scott hopes that this program can also be expanded to be used at the regional and local level.

VI. Convention Topics

Lisa Watson encouraged all Dixie Zone members to vote in favor of the Emergency Rule Proposal from the Championship Committee, which would increase the $20 surcharge at Nationals to $30. Lisa stressed that this rule proposal would be a crucial element in attracting quality bids for Nationals in the future. Carl House encouraged the use of e-mail among LMSCs whenever possible as a means of communication.

VII. Dixie Zone Chair Elections

The Dixie Zone unanimously re-elected June Krauser as Dixie Zone Chair for the next 2-year term.

VIII. New Business

June reported that Paul Hutinger and Bill Specht have been nominated to the International Swimming Hall of Fame. Mary Lee Watson encouraged LMSC to use vendors listed in the rulebook. Meets can also be advertised in the rulebook.

IX. Old Business

The Dixie Zone voted to order Dixie Zone Top Ten patches to be made available to swimmers who qualify. Deb Cavanaugh volunteered to-take care of ordering the patches.

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My Excellent Adventure

At The USOTC / USMS Camp

By Sally Newell

Jerry Clark and I, along with ten other competitive swimmers, just completed the USMS Swim Camp held at the Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, CO. We all learned a lot about both our swimming techniques and ourselves. We were there four days, completed six workouts, two flume swims (one for digitization of our stroke and the other to measure lactate production), the 200m IM for filming, the Jonty Skinner bottom of the pool float test, and the fast harness swims (4 x 50m).

We reported to the camp on Sunday, October 31st. We were outfitted with the classic royal blue USMS backpacks containing all sorts of swim "goodies" that included lots of reading material and two shirts from "the Center". One read "I survived the flume", the other had the OTC logo on the front and on the back the dates of the camp. After settling into our dorm rooms (the resident athletes had much more elaborate accommodations) we reported for our flexibility assessment. This consisted of simple turns, bends and reaches, after which, we were told of exercises to strengthen certain areas. Our first pool workout was challenging, considering the altitude. It was followed by 15 minutes of stretches. We learned how important it is to always stretch following a swim or weights session.

That first night, following dinner, we fasted in preparation for the blood drawing the next morning. Following breakfast, lactate/heart rate testing was done in the flume. Although most of us lost sleep Sunday night worrying about this test, the flume turned out to be a neat experience. If you tried to swim a time you couldn't hold, you would be pulled back against the flume netting and held until the rate of water flow was reduced. If the 5 X 3 minute swim / 2 minute rest with increased intensity in the flume wasn't enough, the 200M IM filming in the pool was! We were all ready to attack the cafeteria after that day, and the wide range of food covered the gamut. Monday evening Roque Santos captured our attention as he told us of his '92 Olympic experience in a very amusing and enlightening manner.


Tuesday started with a 6:30 swim workout followed, of course, by stretching. The Biomechanics presentation taught us about the dimensions that makes a fast swimmer: propulsion, streamlining and proper body roll. On the other hand, drag causes us to swim slowly. The resident sports psychologist (from N.C.) taught us how important technical, physical and mental training are in order to become an elite athlete. The principles of training and overreaching vs. overtraining were covered by the sports physiologist. Energy systems, aerobic performance, and training zones were explained to us. Weight training and range of motion were other covered training aspects. An assistant coach for the Resident Team explained the various aerobic terms (EN1, 2, 3, SP1, 2, 3) and how environment and technique play a role in our training.

The Jonty Skinner bottom of the pool float test had us swim to the bottom of the pool, holding our breath, arms at our side, and head facing the floor. With the coaches viewing us on the monitor, and depending on when and at what angle we came to the surface of the water, they determined what distances we should consider for races. Jerry was 50-1500, which is just about on target, and I was 50-400.

On our last day we received feedback that was very revealing. The feedback included results of our complete blood work-up. In only one area was it recommended I eat more good red meat. We learned what our max heart rate was and were told the ranges it should be for different intensity sets. I also learned that a 10-15 minute swim down during competition is necessary to get rid of lactic acid. The biomechanics procedure digitized my arm stroke from front and side views. I learned the last phase of my breaststroke pull was not correct. The psychologist suggested more positive self-talk prior to competition. We should carry this attitude into our practice too.

Our last pool workout ended with fast paced 50-meter swims. The harness worn around our torso was attached to a track running above the pool and set at various speeds. This gave us the sensation of REALLY swimming fast (I swam a 50m breast at 38 sec.!). If given the opportunity, we encourage you to take advantage of this once in a lifetime experience.

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By Jerry Clark

While sitting in the airport waiting for the flight back to Charlotte, many thoughts flooded my mind about the past five days. I’ll try to convey some of the experiences we’ve had while here for the National Long Course Championship. As previously reported after other national meets, a tangible sense of bonding with teammates develops quickly. Once again people who’ve not previously known each other quickly come together to commiserate about pre-race jitters, celebrate, bemoan post-race results, and cheer fellow swimmers on during their events. All of us at the meet really wished more of you had been with us to share these feelings.

The 18 NC Masters who entered (12 men and 6 women) placed us in the medium team division; however one man and two women were not able to get there. The four women did great, but just didn’t have the volume of points to be competitive in their division. The men went to work, and when the smoke cleared Monday (the 1,500 free was Monday morning), we finished third. Very proud of that!

There were 84 individual events swum by both men and women, and we had 13 first place finishes, 11 second place finishes, 13 third place finishes and 34 fourth-tenth (points are awarded from 1st through 10th) place finishes; that’s about 86% of our swims that earned points. In the 9 relays we swam, we had 1 first place finish, 2 third place finishes and 4 fourth-tenth place finishes. That’s about 79% of the relays earning points (which are doubled for relay events). Pretty doggoned good statistics, I think. To ice the cake, Joe Rhyne set 3 new world records in the 200, 400 and 800 free events – see the results posted on page 11 in this newsletter. Also check out the times everyone else had; some are really fast. Many of us had personal bests, which is self-satisfying.

An announcement was made during the meet that the Short Course National Championship has had a date and location change. The new dates are April 27-30, 2000, and the new location is Indianapolis. It seems that the organization planning the meet in the Phoenix area was way behind, so the folks in Indy stepped in to save the day. The pool there is just super, and many national USS and USMS events have been held there over the years. The Olympic trials will be held there later in the year. We now have advance notice of this, and it would be really smart to get hotel reservations ASAP, find someone from your area who has been and get some rooms tied up now.

This brings up a topic that we discussed each of the past five days. Why are so few good swimmers going to national meets? Several of us agreed to work up some ideas to attract more NC swimmers to enter. Things such as a team T-shirt, a team cap, etc. might help. Its very common at these meets to see teams with logos on their suits, warm-ups and other such things. One team I know of actually pays the airfare and lodging costs for team members. We’ll keep your area chairpeople informed about this. As Suzanne Robbins-Bonitz said, we need some more FAST WOMEN to show up for these meets. Amen! and FAST MEN too.

Remember the short course meet in Charlotte; it's scheduled January 29-30, 2000. I’m thinking about swimmers from the west of Greensboro putting out a challenge to swimmers east of Greensboro to see if we can’t get more points than they can at the Charlotte meet. We can come up with some sort of fun prize for the winners. I plan to talk with Kevin Faccine of RAM about this, and will let you know more when we sent out the meet info in next couple of months.

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NC Masters Results at USMS Long Course National Championships
University of Minnesota / Minneapolis, Minnesota
August 19 - 23, 1999







Mandy Shrum

2nd/800 Free; 6th/50 Fly; 6th/400 Free;
3rd/50 Breast; 3rd/200IM; 5th/50 Free


Sandra Cathey

2nd/200 Breast; 7th/100 Fly; 3rd/400 IM;
6th/100 Breast; 7th/200 Back; 3rd/200 Fly


Sally Newell

2nd/200 Breast; 5th/50 Back;
1st/100 Breast (1:42.83); 4th/100 Free;
1st/50 Breast (46.49); 2nd/50 Free


Suzanne Robbins-Bonitz

1st/50 Back (48.69); 2nd/100 Breast; 2nd/200 Back; 2nd/50 Breast; 1st/50 Free (45.91);
1st/100 Back (1:50.11)




Grant Johnson

8th/200 Free; 8th/50 Fly; 5th/400 Free;
5th/200 Back; 7th/50 Free


Jeff Murray

4th/50 Fly; 1st/100 Free (52.77*); 5th/50 Breast;
1st/50 Free (24.05*); 1st/100 Back (1:02.66*)


James Cottam

13th/800 Free; 16th/100 Fly; 28th/200 Free;
19th/400 Free; 13th/200 IM; 11th/1500 Free


Kevin Facchine

15th/800 Free; 15th/100 Fly; 16th/200 Free;
17th/50 Fly; 18th/400 Free; 18th/100 Free


Jonathan Klein

5th/50 Back; 10th/200 Free; 6th/50 Fly;
4th/200 Back; 6th/100 Free(58.94*); 5th/100 Back


Fritz Lehman

4th/50 Back; 10th/100 Breast; 6th/50 Breast;
2nd/200 IM; 2nd/100 Back


Joe Rhyne

1st/800 Free (8:48.69***); 1st/200 Free (2:01.07***)
1st/400 Free (4:15.86***); 3rd/200 Back;
1st/200 Fly (2:12.66); 1st/1500 Free (17:05.53)


Jerry Clark

4th/800 Free; 2nd/200 Free; 3rd/400 Free;
3rd/100 Free; 14th/50 Breast; 2nd/50 Free


Milton Gee

8th/200 Breast; 8th/100 Breast; 6th/50 Breast


Rolffs Pinkerton

3rd/50 Back; 5th/200 Free; 3rd/200 Back;
6th/100 Free; 3rd/100 Back


Dick Webber

4th/50 Back; 6th/200 Free; 3rd/50 Fly; 3rd/100 Free; 8th/200 IM; 3rd/50 Free




Place / Team Members



160+ 200 Medley

10th / S. Robbins-Bonitz, S. Newell, Mandy Shrum, Sandra Cathey



120+ 200 Medley

4th / Jonathan Klein, Fritz Lehman, Grant Johnson, Jeff Murray

240+ 200 Medley

3rd / Rolffs Pinkerton, Milton Gee, Dick Webber, Jerry Clark

120+ 200 Free

1st (1:41.28) / Jeff Murray, Fritz Lehman, G. Johnson, J. Klein

200+ 200 Free

5th / Jerry Clark, James Cottam, Rolffs Pinkerton, Joe Rhyne



160+ 200 Free

19th / J. Klein, S. Robbins-Bonitz, Kevin Facchine Mandy Shrum

240+ 200 Free

3rd / Sandra Cathey, Sally Newell, Dick Webber, Jerry Clark

120+ 200 Medley

14th / Grant Johnson, Sandra Cathey, Mandy Shrum, Jeff Murray

240+ 200 Medley

5th / S. Robbins-Bonitz, Sally Newell, Dick Webber, Jerry Clark

Joe Rhyne was honored in the October 11, 1999 issue of Sports Illustrated in the "Faces in the Crowd" section. His above world record accomplishments at long course nationals were cited.

*** World Record
**   National Record
*     North Carolina Record

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