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From Vice-Presidentís Lane - RELAYS UNRAVELED by Jerry Clark

Sunbelt Masters Meet

From The Registrar's Lane by George Simon

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NC Masters Swimming T-Shirts

From the Editor's Lane - CONVENTION CAVEATS by Jim Enyart

Upcoming 1998 Swim Meets

NC Masters Profile - A Ninety-year Old Novice? by Ceil Blackwell

1998 USMS Short Course Yards Top Ten

Still Having a Great Year

South Carolina Short Course Championship Meet

From The Vice-Presidentís Lane by Jerry Clark


As I participated in national meets over the past few years, I often found myself somewhat confused about how relay teams were organized and entered in those meets. So for 1998, I volunteered to be the relay captain for both the short course yards (25 yards) meet and the long course meters (50 meters) meet. I learned a lot and take this opportunity to thank those who have previously undertaken this task. Its my perception that a good many people don't understand the current procedure being used by USMS. I'd like to explain it; then suggest an idea for improvement.

First, the method of establishing age group brackets for short course yards (SCY) meets differs from long course meters (LCM) meets. For SCY meets, the age group brackets are 19+, 25+, 35+, 45+, etc...ten year increments as high as necessary. The bracket in which a particular relay team belongs is governed by the age of its youngest swimmer. The age of anyone in the meet is determined as of the last day of that meet. For LCM meets, brackets have been established by aggregating the combined ages of the four swimmers on a particular relay team. Brackets are 76-99, 100-119, 120-159, 160-199, etc...thirty nine year increments as high as necessary.

Next, there are three primary divisions of relay events: Women's Relays, Men's Relays and Mixed Relays. Each of these divisions has both freestyle and medley events. Thus there are a total of six relay events available for each age bracket. No swimmer can participate on more than one relay team in any event.Remember, relay events award twice as many points as do individual events, so it does matter that we place the best available people on each relay team.

Now the chaotic part. National meets start on a Thursday, and the form for entering all relay teams must be received no later than 6 PM Wednesday. This form does not require any names, only the expected time for each relay team being entered in each and every relay event of the entire meet. Payment for all those events also is due with the form. Because our NC team is comprised of people from different parts of the state, the captain must contact everyone who has entered the national meet to see if they want to be on a relay team, what stroke they prefer to swim, and how fast they expect to swim that stroke. This information allows the captain to select the best combinations for maximizing our point production. In reality this is a pretty poor process because people are hard to reach, are indefinite about what they want to swim, etc.

After this initial form is turned in, the next step is to submit another form before 9 AM each day of the meet. This form lists the names, ages and USMS numbers of the four swimmers on each relay team being entered in that day's relay(s). Whoever is listed as the leadoff swimmer MUST remain in that position. However, --get this!-- any of the other three swimmers may be replaced just as long as the switches don't change the age bracket in which they were originally entered. The team changes can occur right up to the time their event is called to the blocks. The substitute names and ages are simply written on the relay card that the captain receives about noon from the meet relay director's office. This card is handed to the timer at the starting block when the first swimmer gets ready to race. Finally the race is held!

This process must become less complicated!! How about having all USMS registered swimmers be given a plastic card encoded with all the necessary vital information? When we go to a meet, we simply enter that card into a scanning machine when we check in. For relay events, usually held following each day's individual events, team members would have until 11:00am to enter their cards together for each relay race on that day. They would automatically be placed in the correct age and sex groups. The teams also would tell the person working the scanning machine their expected time in order to be seeded into a heat and lane. Additionally, they would pay the official at that time.

This approach would allow us right up until race day to decide who would be on a team, and would avoid the major problem of illegible forms, incorrect addition of ages (in the case of LCM meets), etc. because the scanning machine would enter all this data directly into the meet computer at the time the cards were inserted. Everyone on the team could help decide the best combinations of team members as the meet progressed each day. Lastly, stress on the captain would diminish considerably. I look forward to helping next yearís captain.

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Sunbelt Masters Meet

The annual Sunbelt Masters Meet will be held at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Aquatic Center Saturday and Sunday, January 30 &31, 1999. Entry forms will be mailed to all USMS registered swimmers in North Carolina, plus swimmers who participated last year. The "awesome" T-shirt that was so popular in past years has been resurrected, and special prizes will be awarded throughout the meet. The veggie pasta dinner that everyone seemed to like last year will be held again. If you haven't received an entry form, or would like to have one sent to someone, contact Rick Fenton in Charlotte at (704) 846-5335. Because of a significant increase in cost for the facility, we hope to have a big turnout. Please send your entry in as soon as possible. Thanks.

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From The Registrarís Lane by George Simon

By the time you receive this Newsletter, about a third of our membership will have registered for 1999. If you have not read previous Across the Lanes newsletter articles, you may be wondering why there are three blue "Local Masters Swimming Committee (LMSC) CONSOLIDATED ENTRY CARDs" included with your new 1999 registration card. Your LMSC-NC decided not to publish the meet entry forms with our Across the Lanes newsletter due to increasing publishing and mailing costs. Our LMSC is trying to hold down expenses to avoid an increase in the yearly membership fees for as long as possible. It is less expensive to print and mail the forms along with the registration card. However, this means that you need to keep them for meet entries. If you donít plan on swimming at a NC swim meet, give them to a friend or your swim coach. Better yet, keep them and swim at a meet.

As usual this time of the year, I urge you to renew your membership. You penalize yourself by not renewing before the December 31st deadline. After the deadline, your membership expires, your January issue of SWIM Magazine will be your last issue, and you cannot participate in any USMS organized activity, including swim team practices. For your team and its members to be insured by the USMS, everyone on the team that practices must be currently registered. If your team allows unregistered swimmers to practice with you, USMS insurance coverage is not in effect. At swim practices, there must also be a registered USMS member (or USS coach) on deck to supervise the swim practice.

I look forward to receiving your renewal form.

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Are you buying books for presents or for yourself during the rest of the year? The USMS has an arrangement with AMAZON Books that provides the USMS with a small share of the bookís cost if you order through the USMS website. Just access the USMS website ( and link to "" to place your order.

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Orders for the ash gray T-shirts may be placed with Krista Phillips. Please make your check payable to LMSC for NC and mail to Krista Phillips, 9408 Hester Rd., Hurdle Mills, NC 27541. Prices include shipping/handling charges: L-XL $11.00, XXL $13.00 (remember to include your size along with your name/address/zip code and phone number).


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From The Editorís Lane by Jim Enyart


Attending the September 30 - October 4, 1998 USMS Convention in Cincinnati, OH from North Carolina were Don Gilchrist, George Simon, Rhea Wilkens from Apex, Hill Carrow via Colorado and me. George, a veteran convention attendee, a member of two committees (Registration and Computer Online) and co-presenter, along with Hill, of the Raleigh Area Masters award to "Meet Director of the Year", Stu Marvin for the National LCM, seemed to know everyone, and vice versa. That was a plus for someone who is participating in an event for the first time. I wanted to hang out with Don and George for two reasons: (1) As the rookie LMSC-NC Newsletter editor I needed to know about the USMS "big picture" context in order to better compose and present the USMS activities of our LMSC; and (2) as a person interested in advancing the vitality of my life through swimming, I know that I need to help those who are helping me. As a start I wanted to gain a better appreciation of the USMS organization.

Since SWIM magazine has previously only identified the USMS' award recipients, the following highlights many of the proceedings and outcomes of the convention. This is probably more administrivia than you ever wanted to know, but you can't say you weren't informed. The 'big picture' is actually even bigger than I was aware. The USMS convention is held in conjunction with the United States Aquatic Sports (USAS) annual convention. The rules of the Federation Internationale de Natation Amateur (FINA), the international federation responsible for the sports of swimming, diving, synchronized swimming and water polo, require there to be only one recognized member federation of FINA in each country throughout the world. That member federation is the USAS. Until this convention, USMS was just a stepchild of the official aquatics world. Through the multi-year efforts of the Executive Committee and others Masters, USAS officially added USMS to their Articles of Incorporation at this convention. USMS is now a National Governing Body of United States Aquatics Sports.

"2000 And Beyond. Mastering Our Destiny", the convention's theme, was immediately applied the first morning as the House of Delegates separated into six groups to brainstorm the key cornerstones underlying the future of Masters Swimming. The USMS long-term planning strategy is to incorporate the concepts identified by the six groups. These goals are to be considered for implementation by the twenty-one USMS standing committees as each envisions their future. The six groups and their conclusions are:

The COMPETITION group concluded that the coach has a huge influence as to whether a swimmer is competitive. Those swimmers without coaches need to be spurred on by the LMSC. The WELLNESS group defined Wellness as 1. Absence of disease or disability; 2. Quality of life; 3. Energy and enthusiasm; 4. Optimal functioning - being the most you can be; and 5. Balance - physical, mental, and spiritual. The MONEY IN / MONEY OUT group concluded that USMS, after years of fiscally conservative and responsible financial management is very healthy. All agreed that more money is better than less! The MEMBERSHIP group concluded that the key is to increase the availability of pool time and coaching. This will help to increase membership and retain members. Become politically active in your community, recreation department or YMCA. The COMMUNICATIONS group's general consensus was that USMS should explore the creation of a Communications Committee (to include the Online Computer Committee). The most important message for USMS to convey is the intangible benefit that all of us receive through Masters Swimming: a sense of belonging through family, fun, and friendship. Not to be overlooked are the significant health benefits. The group believed that if we "build quality Masters programs, they will come".

Two aspects of the convention became obvious during the course of the meetings. One, the format of the convention really facilitated the committees' reports, open discussions, and decision-making; and two, the convention is a culminating event presenting the accomplishments of the twenty-one committees that have labored for the past year, if not longer, to advance the benefits of Masters Swimming,. Also noteworthy was the delegates' commitment to achieving the best for the USMS membership. The following summarizes the deliberations of several selected committee meetings that pertain to NC Masters: (Many thanks to Dixie Zone Chair June Krauser for distilling the voluminous proceedings).

CHAMPIONSHIP COMMITTEE - The committee brought four bids to the House for the year 2000. SCY was awarded to Phoenix, AZ for May 11-14; and LCM was awarded to Baltimore, MD for Aug 18-21. They endorsed the use of Internet entries for future Nationals; to have results and splits available on the Internet; and to conduct a random survey of Top Ten swimmers regarding Nationals.

COACHES COMMITTEE - Ed Nessel was selected as Coach of the Year. A list of 420 coaches is now on a National Data Base. They all receive a Quarterly report. Three successful Mentor Coaches and two Nike Clinics were held last year. Next year there will be six Mentor Coaches Clinics, two Open water Clinics, and eight Nike Champion Stroke Clinics.

COMPUTER ONLINE COMMITTEE - The committee agreed to develop a brief set of guidelines for when LMSC's create their own web sites. For the USMS website, the committee will create a separate page for our sponsors and create a "Join USMS" page where all LMSC registration forms can be accessed. Changes to the "on-line places to swim" database will be taken over by Tracy Grilli. Since many workout databases already exist, including the one at, the committee will continue to provide links to those sites.

LONG DISTANCE COMMITTEE - Included in the LD Championship Contract will be the wording - "that unofficial swimmers (e.g. those in wet suits) shall start and finish separately from official swimmers". Guidelines for putting on a cable swim have been added to the manual. The LD web site is planning to have workouts, entry forms and results from Championships.

MARKETING COMMITTEE - Because of USMS' recognition of the importance of coaches, USMS should be represented at the ASCA convention. VICTOR is the newest national sponsor. The Public Service Announcements are completed and available. Teams can acquire a copy for $75 each. The USMS web site is a key USMS marketing tool.

PLANNING COMMITTEE - The Masters Altitude Training Camp to be held in Colorado Springs is scheduled for Feb. 1999. The price is $1300 plus transportation. Participants will be selected by the Coaches Committee from applicants who have met the National Championship Qualifying Standards. The USMS Foundation is now operational with funds of approximately $3,800. USMS should establish a Sports Drug Policy with the Sports Medicine committee developing the policy. The On Line Computer Committee should study the issue of changing technology and how it will effect USMS business, particularly in the area of member privacy. The Executive Secretary is to be a repository for any and all information pertaining to the construction and expected operating costs of new aquatic facilities.

RECORDS & TABULATION COMMITTEE - A proposal has been submitted to Registration Committee to come up with a permanent swimmer ID number. Individual Top Tens are on the web site and soon Relay Top Tens will appear. There is a Top Ten page on the USMS web site (Mindspring) that has a link to the Top Ten web site (Swimgold). Because the submission of record applications do not necessarily arrive in chronological order, the times published annually in the Rule Book for SCY will be used to issue certificates to any swimmer who betters that time.

REGISTRATION COMMITTEE - Individuals who request that their name be removed for the purpose of not receiving mailings, can contact their local Registrar. A standard input format for registration submittals will be adopted and required to be used by Nov. 1, 1999. The USMS/ISHOF Foundation donations raised $2,700 for ISHOF and $3,800 for USMS. All USMS registration forms will soon be on line.

RULES COMMITTEE - Any rule changes approved become effective Jan. 1, 1999. Major changes include: (1) LMSC Top Ten Times must be submitted by: SCY - Jun 30, LCM - Oct 20 and SCM - Jan 26. (2) We now have three different seeding methods - Deck seeding - events are seeded at the time of the event with entries received prior to or at the meet; Confirmed seeding - events are seeded after a confirmation (check-in) time; and Pre-seeding - events are seeded prior to the day of competition. (3) The age determination date was changed: For SCY, the eligibility of a participant for a particular age group shall be determined by their age as of the last day of the meet; For SCM & LCM, the eligibility of a participant shall be determined by their age as of December 31st of the year of competition. (4) To record a split time, a written request must be brought to the attention of the meet referee prior to the swim. (5) Allow relays at National Championships to be entered up to the day before the relay with no other changes, and the relay entry fee for all relays will be $12.

SPORTS MEDICINE COMMITTEE - The committee will forward a statement to FINA's Sports Medicine Committee opposing drug testing in Masters swimming. The committee will decide what medical information it wants to obtain from the athletes at the Altitude Training Camp.

PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT AD HOC COMMITTEE - The Board of Directors comprise this committee. During the past year there were many deliberations, pro and con, on the subject. After much discussion at the convention, the following was voted favorably by the House of Delegates:

The USMS House of Delegates authorizes the USMS Executive Committee to expand the current USMS national staff by January 1, 2000.

    1. The national staff shall be hired by and report to the Executive Committee and shall not be allowed to make USMS policy.
    2. The initial annual budget for the combined national staff shall not exceed $200,000 (subject to budget approval).
    3. The national staff shall perform such functions that are deemed necessary by the Executive Committee, including that of National Executive Secretary, National Registrar, and Controller.
    4. Additionally, the national staff will provide improved services to USMS members and LMSC's by:
    1. Soliciting and providing liaison support to national sponsors;
    2. Providing assistance to national committees as requested by committee chair or Executive Committee;
    3. Providing assistance to LMSCs as requested by LMSC Chair or Executive Committee; and
    4. Performing tasks assigned by the USMS Executive Committee.

Of course, there was substantial wheeling and dealing, as well as acquaintance renewal at the breaks, in the hospitality suite, and at the USAS banquet. The banquet award presentations, I was forewarned, were exceptionally pro-forma and dry with many deserving individuals recognized for their exceptional contributions to their respective sports. The exception to this rule and the highlight of the ceremonies is our USMS presentation. The solemn USMS Ransom Arthur Award presentation becomes a skit-based "roast" as well as the well-deserved recognition of the honoree. I was not the only one to excuse myself right after the USMS presentation which skewered and honored Bill Tingley.

DIXIE ZONE MEETING There were 23 delegates attending this meeting. The highlights and germane items are:

I. ZONE SPECIFIC TASKS A) FINANCIAL REPORT Chairman June Krauser gave the financial report. Ending balance was $1369.70, compared with a 1997 ending balance of $860.66. Increased balance was due to lower convention expense payments by the zone for the chair and additional money from USMS for newsletters.

B) COMPUTER REPORTS The Dixie Zone authorized the creation of a Dixie Zone web site address. This could provide a means of communication for the Dixie Zone newsletter, meet entry forms, and possibly Dixie Zone Top Ten results. George Simon, Carl House, and Scott Rabalais will form a subcommittee to look into this. George also discussed the possibility of having standardized meet entries: a service the North Carolina LMSC is already implementing.

II. ZONE ACTIVITIES FOR 1999 CHAMPIONSHIP MEET BIDS 1999 Zone bids were awarded to the following sites:

SCY: Raleigh, NC April 17&18

LCM: Baton Rouge, LA *July 30-Aug 1

SCM: Coral Springs, FL Dec 3-5

*tentative date

III. COACHES MENTOR PROGRAM Scott Rabalais, chair of the Coaches Committee, announced several coaching programs that could be made available to LMSCS. This included the Coaches Mentor Clinics, Nike Olympic Clinics, Open Water clinics, and Olympic Training Center Swim Cainp. LMSCs should contact Scott if they are interested in pursuing one of these services for use in their area.

IV. FUTURE DIRECTION OF ZONES Future direction goals of the zone and zone chair were discussed. These goals included: maintaining zone policies, handling disputes within LMSCs and zones, educating LMSCs about the need to comply with USMS rules and LMSC by-laws, and serving as a source of communication for the LMSCs.

V. NEW BUSINESS: Lisa Watson suggested having Dixie Zone Top Ten patches made available to all Top Ten finishers who desire them, for a nominal fee. The committee voted to create a design for a patch. Lisa will look into creating a design for the patch.

Scott Rabalais encouraged involvement of LMSC coaches in MACA. The committee nominated representatives from the different LMSCs in the Dixie Zone to serve as representatives. These representatives included: Pat Frank, Jonathan Coyle, Heather Hageman, Steven Fair, Dotty Whittcomb, and Scott Rabalais.

And finally, the last Convention session was a "lessons learned" that critiqued the convention's process and methodology for the purpose of improving future meetings. Next year's gathering of Masters Swimming will be held in San Diego, which is no Cincinnati, but somebody has to attend. As for me, my reasons for going were satisfied. I finally am able to contribute an article to this Newsletter.

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Sunbelt Championships

Charlotte, NC

Jerry Clark (704) 366-2045



Palmetto Championships

Charleston, SC

Gretchen Woods-Sief (843) 886-5326



Frank Clark Masters

Greensboro, NC

Ed Stevens (336) 286-1007



St. Patricks Day Masters Meet

Atlanta, GA

Lisa Watson (770) 718-3646



Dixie Zone SCY Championships

Raleigh, NC

Steve Weatherman (919) 844-3673



YMCA Masters Nationals

Brown Deer, WI





Santa Clara, CA



Dixie Zone Open Water Championship

Wrightsville Beach, NC

Dan Forrester (910) 799-2845


30-1 Aug

Dixie Zone LCM Championships

Baton Rouge, LA

Scott Rabalais (504) 766-5937



Long Course Meet (Tentative)

Atlanta, GA

Lisa Watson (770) 497-1901, (770) 718-3646




University of Minnesota





Walt Disney Resort Orlando FL




Dixie Zone SCM Championships

Coral Springs, FL

Jonathan Coyle (954) 340-5508

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A Ninety-year Old Novice?

By Ceil Blackwell

"Iím such a novice," Harold Hoffman told me when I called him to get information for this article. At 90 years of age, he is competing in Masters swimming for North Carolina, but he claims to be a swimming novice. However, he holds many North Carolina Masters records for his age group and has consistently placed in USMS Top Ten since he began swimming Masters a number of years ago. You will note elsewhere in this newsletter that Harold placed in the 1998 USMS Short Course Yards Top Ten in two events. When I commented about all these honors, Harold said, "I am not a very good swimmer, Iím just lucky."

Harold was born December 15, 1907, in Patterson, New Jersey. Haroldís wife, Bette, reports that as a young boy, Harold was told that he shouldnít go near the water unless he took lessons. He finally taught himself to swim wearing "water wings." In high school and college, he did not participate in interscholastic sports. However, he enjoyed all sports- even ice hockey- playing on "sand lot" teams. In his adult life, while employed as an electrical engineer with Curtiss Aircraft, he played golf in a league and practiced sports with his three sons and his daughter.

A fellow Masters swimmer, Dick Webber was instrumental in getting Harold to start swimming with Masters. Currently residents of Hendersonville, both Harold and his wife, Bette, regularly compete at local, state and national levels in Masters swim meets and Senior Games competitions. Harold has participated in and won gold, silver and bronze medals at every National Senior Games since 1989. At Senior Games competitions, Harold participates in swimming events as well as events in shot put, discus, high jump, 100 meter runs, and 1500 meter racewalks.

Harold reports that he and Bette have their swimming workouts several times a week at the Hendersonville YMCA. Harold swims about 16 laps, but usually rests after each lap. They have no coach, but get swimming tips from teammates, Dick Webber and Sandra Kremer. Harold and Bette also regularly do a 5K walk on a local track, play table tennis, square dance and do aerobics. They cook most of their own meals at home, because they are particular about what they like to eat. They say there is just not enough time for them to do all they want to do. I became tired just listening to all their activities.

Harold is training for the October, 1999 National Senior Games, which will be at the Disney Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando. Our hats are off to you, Harold! What an inspiration you are to all Masters swimmers!

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The following swimmers from LMSC-NC were ranked in the USMS TOP TEN for their respective age groups for the 1998 short course yards season. Congratulations to Bruce Mallette for setting a new national record for his age group in the 200 IM with a time of 2:03.53. Bruce made Top Ten in 9 events, placing first in the nation for his age group in 5 of those events. Way to go, Bruce!! Other North Carolina swimmers who placed first in the nation in their age groups in one or more events were Heather Hageman, Sally Newell, Jeff Murray, John Kortheuer, and Clarke Mitchell. For the first time in the history of Masters swimming for North Carolina, we had a swimmer in the 90-94 age group Ė Harold Hoffman. The Top Ten Chairperson for NC, Ceil Blackwell, has attempted to locate names of all Top Ten swimmers from our LMSC. If your name or an event is missing from the list below, please contact Ceil. at (919) 787-8324, e-mail or write her at the address listed in this newsletter.

Congratulations to the following TOP TEN swimmers!




Monica Blaich

8th 100 fly


Lee Ann Britt

9th 100 back; 10th 200 back


Heather Hageman

1st 50 free; 2nd 100 free; 6th 50 fly


Deborah Lynch

6th 50 breast


Kristen Johnston

7th 1000 free


Christine Vess

9th 50 free


Lindley Fleury

10th 50 back


Ann Sims

8th 200 breast; 9th 100 breast


Jeannie Mitchell

3rd 50 back & 200 back; 4th 100 back


Ceil Blackwell

8th 100 back; 9th 200 back; 10th 50 back and 100 IM


Sandra Kremer

10th 100 breast


Sally Newell

1st 100 breast; 2nd 50 breast; 3rd 200 breast; 4th 50 free; 10th 100 free


Barbara Seaton

9th 50 back


Pat Dockendortf

9th 200 breast


Marie Heikkinen

2nd 50 breast; 4th 100 back & 100 IM; 5th 50 back




Jason Crowder

3rd 100 back; 4th 200 back; 7th 50 back


Aaron Wands

3rd 1000 free; 6th 500 free; 8th 400 IM


Jeff Murray

1st 50 free; 1st 100 free; 1st 200 free; 5th 100 fly


Doug Asbury

9th 1650 free


Fritz Lehman

10th 50 back


Rusty Kretz

8th 100 breast; 9th 50 breast


Joe Rhyne

4th-1000 free


Thomas Davis

3rd 100 & 200 back; 8th 50 back


Alan Godfrey

8th 200 back; 10th 100 back


Jonathan Klein

8th 100 back; 9th 200 back


Jim Mcfarland

7th 1650 free


Bruce Mallette

1st 200 breast; 1st 50 fly; 1st 100 IM; 1st 200 IM (2:03.53**); 1st 400 IM; 2nd 50 back & 100 back; 3rd 100 fly; 7th 100 breast


John Lawrence

8th 200 back


Rolffs Pinkerton

10th 50 back & 100 back


Jerry Clark

2nd 100 free; 3rd 50 free & 1000 free; 4th 200 free & 500 free


Milton Gee

4th 50 breast; 6th 100 breast; 8th 200 breast


Clarke Mitchell

1st 200 back; 2nd 50 back & 100 back; 5th 400 IM; 6th 50 fly; 100 fly; 100 IM & 200 IM


John Kortheuer

1st-50 breast & 100 breast; 2nd 200 breast; 50 fly & 100 IM; 5th 200 IM; 6th 50 free


Dick Webber

7th 50 fly; 10th 50 free


John Murphy

7th 50 back; 8th 100 back


Walter Brawer

10th 1000 free


Don Greetham

8th 100 IM; 9th 50 free


Harold Hoffman

3rd 100 free; 4th 50 free


**= Masters National Record




10th Womenís 400 free

Cheryl Braunstein, Michelle Duval, Christine Biolsi, Leanne Britt


9th Menís 400 free

Jeff Smith, Jeff Murray, John Denison, Phillip Alexander


8th Menís 400 free

Rob Glotzer, James Slaughter, Peter McGrain, Bruce Mallette


2nd Womenís 400 free

Ceil Blackwell, Sally Newell, Dawn Stroupe, Alice Jones


2nd Womenís 200 free

Sally Newell, Dawn Stroupe, Ceil Blackwell, Alice Jones


5th Womenís 200 medley

Ceil Blackwell, Sally Newell, Dawn Stroupe, Alice Jones


4th Menís 200 free

Rolffs Pinkerton, John Kortheuer, Jerry Clark, Clarke Mitchell


4th Menís 200 medley

Rolffs Pinkerton, John Kortheuer, Clarke Mitchell, Jerry Clark


8th Menís 400 free

Milton Gee, John Murphy, John Kortheuer, Jerry Clark


2nd Mixed 200 free

John Murphy, Sally Newell, Barbara Seaton, Rolffs Pinkerton


7th Mixed 200 medley

John Murphy, Sally Newell, John Kortheuer, Barbara Seaton


7th Womenís 200 free

Kathleen Penn, Lynne Goble, Margaret Hagerty, Betty Billings

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Bruce Mallette of Cary, age 45, was the fastest 40 and over swimmer at the 14th Annual Maui Roughwater Swim in Hawaii. Mallette covered the 1.7 mile swim from Keawekapu Beach in Kihei to Polo Beach in Wailea in a time of 46:43. Mallette finished 5th overall among the 80 swimmers competing.

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As Don Gilchrist noted in last Fallís Across The Lanes, the meet is worth the trip, especially if you stay in Old Charleston and make a short vacation of your stay. It is the off season and rooms are reasonably priced. This is a fun, low stress meet open to all levels and ages. Competition is moderate for the seasoned swimmer, and the people are very hospitable

The Meetís Schedule of Events, Entry Form, and Directions to the meet are available on our NC Masters Website ( or from Gretchen A. Woods-Seif 3302 Cameron Blvd. Isle of Palms, SC 29451 (843) 886-5326.

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Date: 11/23/98