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From the LMSC-NC's Lane - LMSC-NC MEETING SUMMARY, January 30, 1999 by Jeannie Mitchell
Dixie Zone Top Ten List
From The Registrar's Lane by George Simon
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Swimmer Profile - Bruce Mallette
Ode to the Butterfly and Bruce Mallette doing the butterfly
Performance Aptitudes and Attitudes by CJ Lockman Hall, MA
NC Masters Swimming T-Shirts
Upcoming 1999/2000 Masters Swimming Events
USMS 1998 National Long Course Meters Top Ten - by Ceil Blackwell
LMSC for NC Officers

From The LMSC-NC's Lane- by Jeannie Mitchell


JANUARY 30, 1999

The LMSC-NC Board met on 30 January 99 following the events of the Charlotte Invitational Swim Meet. All the officers met with representatives of the state swim clubs. Ten of the twenty NC swim clubs were represented.

The Treasurer, Chuck Irwin, presented the annual financial report. Total Income for 1998 was $5652.56. Total Expenses were $4377.24. Net Income for 1998 is $1275.32. The closing balance of the checking is $4062.90. The present value of the CD is $3659.71. Total balance of all sources for LMSC-NC is $7722.61. George Simon, Registrar, reported a total of 465 registered NC Masters swimmers thus far for 1999. This figure is 40 more than at this time last year. North State Masters is a newly formed team in Burlington. There are now twenty club teams registered in NC.

Don Gilchrist opened the floor for local team reports. Heather Hageman stated that Charlotte Swimmasters has 91 members. She coaches during morning and lunch hour workout times. Jerry Clark reported that Huntersville is planning to build a 50 meter natatorium. He wants us to encourage the Mayor and building committee to construct a state-of-the-art facility, one which would draw National Championships and other high caliber meets. Jerry urged the officers and team representatives to write a letter. Jerry will supply the name and address to those interested. PEAK Masters are training in several locations: Asheville Y, Warren Wilson College, and UNC-A. "Mitch" Mitchell publishes a monthly newsletter for that membership. Jim Enyart told of the monthly mini-meets being held by the Wilmington Y. The events are 50 yards of each stroke, 100 yards freestyle and 100 yards IM. These mini-meets are scheduled from Nov 98 through April 99. The participants are able to see their times improve as the months pass. At Chapel Hill Masters, lots of people come to the workouts at the community center, but many of them are not USMS registered. The board suggested that CHM and NCAM unite. They can continue to train separately but be one team for meets. This union would mean more members to draw from for relays and greater accumulation of team points at in-state swim meets. Alan Godfrey stated that RAM has training groups at Optimist and Pullen Pools. They have six coached training sessions per week and have recently added a Sunday afternoon session. Don Gilchrist reported that aquatics-related groups in Wilmington have initiated an effort for a $5-8 million complex. It will be a high quality facility with an indoor 50 meter pool.

Old Business

  1. The topic of meet cancellations has been discussed in previous meetings. Don led a discussion about how to prevent a cancellation. Ceil Blackwell made the motion that two days prior to a vote for any meetís cancellation, the host team must notify the LMSC-NC Chairman of their intent. During the discussion, Don suggested that financial support may be offered to the host team to prevent cancellation. Jerry made a motion that the meet deadline for entries needs to be changed to 10 days before the date of the meet, thus giving the host a better idea of the numbers of swimmers interested in participating. Both motions passed.
  2. Jerry Clark initiated a discussion promoting an increase of LMSC-NC annual fees. George provided a breakdown of the current fee ($23.) as: $8. USMS National Membership, $7. SWIM Magazine, $6.50 LMSC-NC, and $1.50 Registrar. Jerry made a motion to raise the fee to $25. to be effective 1 January 2000. The primary reasons include several years of deficits, and increased postage costs as well as necessary convention expenses (see OB #5). The motion passed.
  3. The blue Consolidated Entry Forms issued to each swimmer with the NC membership registration were to have been used for this Charlotte meet. Apparently there was confusion whether to use the cards or the printed entry form that came with the meet information. Some swimmers submitted both forms, most just used the meet information form. Another observation was the consolidated form needed some spaces marked "other" in the "Total" column. This would allow room for additional fees as described in the meet information: tickets for the social, t-shirts, etc. The RAM team will use the consolidated form for their April meet. They will report at our next meeting and the board will evaluate its use. As swimmers become familiar with using the consolidated form, it will become easier to complete.
  4. Melissa Norman (CHM) volunteered to assume the duties of State Records keeper. The records are currently in EXCEL. She will update the SCY, SCM, and LC records for NC swimmers, gleaning the information from NC meet results supplied to her. For meets outside of NC, it is the swimmerís responsibility to see that she receives official meet results.
  5. Don provided a brief review of the 1998 National Aquatics Convention. All aquatic sports were represented. He gained significant insights on the workings of the national committees. NC is one of the leading states in Internet usage. The convention noted that a lot of good new ideas are coming out of NC. Don wants to encourage more NC representatives to attend the Convention. He suggested that part of that encouragement could be in the form of financial aid. The current policy is full payment for two delegates for air fare, registration, and Ĺ room cost. Further discussion of delegates and reimbursements will be taken under consideration at the April meeting.
  6. A Group Relay Coordinator for National Championships is needed. A good candidate for the position would be a swimmerís spouse. During the discussion, several commented on how stressful it is to be the relay coordinator as well as a focused athlete. The coordinator would organize the relays and group meals. Since each swimmer knows his travel and swimming schedule several months ahead of the meet, perhaps a relay sign-up sheet could be distributed via this newsletter. Heather made the motion that the LMSC-NC pay the relay fees and not require reimbursement by the participating swimmers. The motion passed.

New Business

  1. Charlotte Swimmasters is going to bid for the Long Course National Championships to be held in 2002 or 2003.
  2. Ceil made the motion to update the HY-Tec software that we use at the meets. Motion passed.
  3. George led a discussion on changing the Website host. The new Domain name is "". The web hostís site is in Pittsburgh, PA. LMSC-NC will reimburse George for costs incurred for setting up the new web site and our own domain name.

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SWIMMERS: If you have competed in a meet outside the Dixie Zone and would like your times from that meet considered for the Dixie Zone Top Ten list, you must notify the Dixie Zone Top Ten Recorder. The Dixie Zone consists of the states of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana. You may send the Top Ten Recorder a printed copy of the official meet results with your times highlighted, or you may ask the meet director to mail or e-mail the results directly to her. Electronically submitted meet results must come from the meet director. They will not be accepted from individual swimmers.

The current Dixie Zone Top Ten Recorder is Karen Crossen, 533 Towne Lake Drive, Montgomery, AL 36117, voice phone: (334) 215-3109, fax: (334) 215-1300, e-mail:

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From The Registrarís Lane by George Simon

Thanks to those of you receiving this newsletter, registration for 1999 is strong, and hopefully we will end the 1999 year with more than the 597 members who registered last year. It was especially nice to see that the new Gaston Gatorís swim team turned out in force to swim in the Charlotte SwimMasters Sunbelt Championships, and that the new North State Masters Swimming team from Burlington plans on doing the same at the Dixie Zone Championships in Raleigh this April. New teams are the lifeblood of an organization, and please join me in welcoming them as new chapters of the North Carolina Masters Swimming Club.

The big news is that our organization now has our own domain name for our internet web site. It is Ė most of you can access the site by typing just on your browserís address line. The old site, is still active, but is not being updated, and will go away in July of this year. From the e-mail address information provided on the 1999 registration forms, over 60% of our membership has access to the internet. The web site provides information on our organization, from its bylaws to NC and neighboring state swim meet information. Individual team information including practice times and team members; current and past Across the Lanes newsletters; registration, transfer, and meet entry forms; and even a manual on how to conduct a swim meet are also included. If teams want to add more information about their activities, please provide me with the text or html code, and I will gladly place it on our web site. The web siteís name is easily remembered, so if someone asks about Masters Swimming in North Carolina, and if they have access to the internet, just tell them to browse

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If you have ideas or topics that you would like this / your newsletter to address or if you have an article or news to contribute, please contact Jim Enyart, newsletter editor at Phone number and address are in the Officers and Staff section at the bottom of this newsletter. Thanks.

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1. You participate in the Dixie Zone SCY Championships at the Pullen Park Pool in Raleigh, NC April 17 /18. The Meet information and order of events are available on this website. An Entry Form is NOT included. You should use a Consolidated Entry Form that you received with your USMS registration. When you check in at the Meet, you will need to sign a City of Raleigh Waiver;

2. You leave a ring around the pool after your workouts;

3. You plan on swimming with one arm tied behind your back at the April 2000 Dixie/Colonies Zones "Shootout" to give the Colonies a chance;

4. You remember to bring your sea cage and jelly fish repellent to the Dixie Zone Open Water Championship on May 15 at Wrightsville Beach, NC (meet description is available on this website); and

5. You can whistle Dixie underwater.

6. Any others?

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Bruce Mallette began his swimming career by failing his first swimming lesson at the age of five. "I couldnít stay underwater for five seconds," he recalls with a smile.

Born in Asheville and raised in Winston-Salem until he was 13, Bruce has been around NC swimming on and off for almost 38 years. Bruce's first AAU swim meet was in 1961 at Fort Bragg. He won his first gold medal at the Johnston Memorial Y in Charlotte in the 10 & under 100 free (1:12 as he recalls). While attending New Jerseyís Paramus H.S Bruce swam for Ridgewood YMCA winning the 200 IM at Y Nationals in Fort Lauderdale in 1971. He earned All-State honors for his achievements.. Bruce returned south to attend Wake Forest where he swam with fellow NC Masters swimmers Don Gilchrist and Allen Lydick. One of Bruce's roommates was Chris Schubert, younger brother of Mark Schubert, the 2000 Olympics swim coach.

Now Assistant Provost at NC State University he is often reminded that it was in Stateís old pool that he first broke 30 seconds for a 50 free when he was 11. This pool was also the site of several meets during his years as a Wake Forest swimmer. Coincidentally, it was there, in 1982 when he swam at a Mastersí meet as an unattached swimmer from Georgia (where he lived 1980-82) that RAM asked him to swim on a relay because they didn't have enough swimmers. Bruce moved to Raleigh in January 1983. Heck of a recruiting job, yes?

Bruce asserts his seemingly here-now and gone-tomorrow appearances at Mastersí meets over the years really fit a pattern. His swimming is a continuum of energy and focus. There is the "couch-potato mode" where you go to meets for the relays and socials, and the "fitness mode" where you swim as well as run 10K races. Then there is the "competition mode" where you keep in ok shape but donít shave for a meet, and then the "gung-ho, let's go to Nationals and win mode" that is a focused campaign to be all you can be. He is usually "gung ho" during the first 2 years of an age group and then floats amid the other modes for the next three years. See, it really does make sense.

Bruceís most gratifying race was his 100-meter fly World Record at the 1994 World Masters in Montreal. The reason is simple. In 1989 at UCLA Bruce was a bone marrow donor for his older brother. As the result of three additional "white cell replacement with CD8 depletion" procedures between 1993-95 his older brother is now disease free. Bruce's health and swimming accomplishments were messages of hope to his brother, who Bruce kiddingly says now looks more like him due to the marrow transfer. At Montreal, for deck wear, Bruce wore a faded pink volleyball cap his brother gave him and a #99 Wayne Gretzky shirt he received while visiting his brother in LA. They were reminders that Bruce's health would also be his brother's.

And who is that woman who videos all his races? Wife Julie, whom he met in 1992 and married in 1995, is usually at the meets with the watchful video eye that has become invaluable in reviewing stroke counts, breathing patterns, and technique.

Bruceís advice to new Masters swimmers: 1) Who leads the lane is not as important as who in the lane makes every lap have purpose, focus, and meaning. 2) You only have to go fast once a year. The spectacular swim you seek is in an extremely rare zone that balances eating right, enough rest, positive self attitude, and most of all, a complete and total focus of your mental and physical energies. Anything short of that simply yields a great swim. If you are going to spend an entire year preparing for Nationals, then "great" is too low a goal, "spectacular" is your destination.

Best advice ever received? From his father who played 6 years of professional baseball, including time with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Bruce's Dad observed that during spring training he would look around the locker room and see future Hall of Famers like Jackie Robinson, and then he realized he was there, too. Message learned -- stand in awe of no one, but respect them for their talents, then go play ball.

To see a picture of Bruce doing the fly, click here, it may take a few seconds to download the picture.

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A Little Spring Cleaning

by CJ Lockman Hall, MA.

Although spring is still a speck on the horizon, it's never too early to start spring cleaning. Ah, spring cleaning: images of a glorious day wrapped in a warm crisp breeze; the scents of spring dancing in the air, windows upraised and doors open wide; a sweeping of the dust from sunbathed rooms. A time that we look back on with satisfaction.

Sound good? Well, why not get started with a little mental spring cleaning? By tending to your "inner house", you might be amazed at the clutter and the layers of dust covering priceless treasures!

Dust away the cobwebs.

Do you find that you have adapted quite well to "not being a breaststroker" or "not being a morning person"? Do you assume that you canít do the butterfly, without having given it a chance lately? Do you really know that you "canít" breathe on both the right side and left side? Dust away mental cobwebs and marvel at the jewels you uncover!

Shine a light into nooks and crannies.

Review habits, routine, and items that have been on your "to-do" list for an eternity. Are they serving a positive purpose, or have they transformed into semi-conscious uses of your time?

Do you find that you defeat yourself with subconscious, or out loud, statements like "This set is too hard for me!" or "I'll be glad if I make one of these!"? Do you say "yeah, yeah" to stroke corrections because last time you tried, it didnít quite happen? Shine a light in your nooks and crannies and then scrub away the gunk!

Move the furniture around.

Do you find yourself expecting to do the same times in practice week in, week out, comfortable with the pecking order in your lane, short-changing certain stroke drills because you donít like them? Does your slightly flawed stroke technique stay that way because it is easier than changing it? Although it takes mental effort to try new things, "moving the furniture around" will ensure that your rooms are filled only with useful, positive things.

Let in fresh air.

Swim in a different lane, or go to a practice you donít normally go to. Talk to teammates who seem to have mastered (no pun intended) aspects of swimming that you are still grasping at and see what you can learn. If you've never swum in a meet, or tried an open water swim, sign up and tailor practices around your new goal. A little fresh air can revive, reenergize, and invigorate!

A nice polish.

Even those at the top of their sports focus efforts and energies on improvement. Challenge yourself to find out how much you can polish your skills and abilities.

A bonus: by doing a little regular spring cleaning, you will enjoy that sense of freshness and liveliness year-round.

CJ Hall is a member of the Montgomery Ancient Mariners in Bethesda, MD, and President of Positive Performances. For a free issue of the Positive Performer, contact CJ at or 301-309-3688.

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Orders for the ash gray T-shirts should now be placed with Chuck Irwin. Please make your check payable to LMSC for NC and mail to Chuck Irwin; 994 Snow Hill Falls Circle; Franklin, NC 28734-9436. Prices include shipping/handling charges: L-XL $11.00, XXL $13.00 (remember to include your size along with your name/address/zip code and phone number).

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St. Patricks Day Masters Meet

Atlanta, GA

Lisa Watson (770) 718-3646



Dixie Zone SCY Championships

Raleigh, NC

Tim Sexauer (919) 266-6315



YMCA Masters Nationals

Brown Deer, WI





Santa Clara, CA



Dixie Zone Open Water Championship

Wrightsville Beach, NC

Dan Forrester (910) 799-2845


30-1 Aug

Dixie Zone LCM Championships

Baton Rouge, LA

Scott Rabalais (504) 766-5937



Long Course Meet (Tentative)

Atlanta, GA

Lisa Watson (770) 718-3646




University of Minnesota




Smoky Mt. LCM Meet

Hendersonville, NC

Sandra Kremer (828) 891-5053




Walt Disney Resort Orlando FL




Dixie Zone SCM Championships

Coral Springs, FL

Jonathan Coyle (954) 340-5508

Apr 2000


The "Shootout" Colonies/Dixie Zones SCY Champs

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Stu Marvin (954) 468-1580

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-from Ceil Blackwell, NC Top Ten Chairperson

Listed below are North Carolina swimmers who were ranked among the USMS TOP TEN for the 1998 long course meters season. Please contact Ceil Blackwell (919) 787-8324 or e-mail if your name or an event has been omitted from the following list. Also, please note that copies of USMS Top Ten and Records are available from the USMS National Office, PO Box 185, Londonderry, NH 03053. A year's subscription is $15 (SC Yards, SC Meters and LC Meters). Individual issues, as well as back issues, are available for $7 each.

Special congratulations to our swimmers who ranked 1st in the nation for their age group Ė Heather Hageman, Sally Newell, Jeff Murray and Harold Hoffman. Recognition for an outstanding relay performance goes to the 1st place North Carolina 100+ mixed free relay team with swimmers Rachel Gunn, Heather Hageman, Jeff Murray and Grant Johnston. North Carolina is proud of all these swimmers!




Rachel Gunn

5th 50m breast; 8th 50m free; 8th 100m breast


Heather Hageman

1st 50m free (27.65); 3rd 100m free; 3rd 50m fly; 5th 50m back


Beverly Amick

10th 100m fly


Jeannie Mitchell

2nd 50m back; 3rd 100m back; 8th 200m back


Sandra Kremer

10th 400m free; 10th 1500m free


Sally Newell

1st 100m breast (1:41.68); 1st 200m breast (3:43.27); 2nd 50m breast;

3rd 50m free; 8th 100m free


Pat Dockendorf

10th 200m breast


Buz Catlin

8th 50m fly




Jeff Murray

1st 100m free (52.62); 1st 200m free (1:58.55); 2nd 50m fly; 3rd 50m free;

3rd 50m back; 5th 100m fly


Grant Johnston

4th 200m back


Fritz Lehman

7th 50m back; 8th 100m back


Joseph Rhyne

2nd 800m free; 2nd 1500m free; 3rd 200m fly; 5th 400m free; 9th 200m back


Jonathan Klein

9th 100m back; 10th 50m back


Doug Lee

8th 200m breast


Richard Bober

2nd 50m back; 3rd 100m back; 3rd 200m back


Jerry Clark

3rd 50m free; 3rd 100m free; 6th 200m free; 4th 400m free; 4th 800m free; 7th 50m breast


Milton Gee

3rd 50m breast; 3rd 100m breast; 6th 200m breast


John Kortheuer

3rd 100m breast; 3rd 50m fly; 5th 50m breast (37:32)


Clarke Mitchell

3rd 50m back; 3rd 100m back; 3rd 200m back; 4th 100m fly; 5th 50m fly;

6th 200m IM; 7th 200m free; 9th 400m free


Dick Webber

7th 50m free


John Murphy

7th 100m back


Boyd Campbell

5th 200m free; 5th 400m free; 5th 100m back; 6th 50m free; 7th 50m back; 8th 100m free


Harold Hoffman

1st 50m free; 2nd 100m free

North Carolina Masters Top Ten Relays




200m Free

7th (Heather Hageman, Mary Sansbury, Karen Tallmage, Rachel Gunn)


400m Medley

3rd (Peggy Speight, Ruth McNair, Jennifer Meunch, Patti Adams)


200m Medley

10th (Sandra Cathey, Sally Newell, Beverly Amick, Heather Hageman)


400m Free

5th (Debbie Wilson, Patti Adaams, Ingrid Friesen, Peggy Speight)




200m Medley

7th (Richard Bober, Doug Lee, Hill Carrow, Jeff Murray)


200m Medley

4th (Rolffs Pinkerton, Milton Gee, Clarke Mitchell, Jerry Clark)




200m free

1st (Rachel Gunn, Heather Hageman, Jeff Murray, Grant Johnston)


200m Medley

6th (Heather Hageman, Rachel Gunn, Jeff Murray, Hill Carrow)

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LMSC Officers and Staff

Don Gilchrist, WYM
P.O. Box 3955
Wilmington, NC 28406
(910) 313-0541
Vice President
Jerry Clark, CSM
3107 Cloverfield Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28211
(704) 366-2045
Jeannie Mitchell, MMM
Rt. 1, Box 338
Banner Elk, NC 28604
(828) 963-4202
Chuck Irwin, FSM
994 Snow Hill Falls Circle
Franklin, NC 28734-9436
(828) 524-7720
Registrar / Webmaster
George Simon, RAM
10229 Boxelder Drive
Raleigh, NC 27613
(919) 846-2423
Past President /
Top Ten Chairperson

Ceil Blackwell, RAM
4305 John Rencher Wynd
Raleigh, NC 27612
(919) 787-8324
Newsletter Editor
Jim Enyart, WYM
2840 Marsh Point Rd
Southport, NC 28461
(910) 253-3333
Melisa Norman, CHM
39 Rogerson Dr.
Chapel Hill, NC 27514-4037
(919) 942-8631

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