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From The Presidentís Lane by Don Gilchrist


Some NC Masters swimmers have expressed concern about the USMSí response for those 180 NC swimmers who did not receive two issues of their 1997 SWIM Magazine. This inadvertent USMS omission was a result of the USMS registrar missing a large number of our 1997 registrations. Our LMSC registrar, board and representatives were unaware of the problem until the issues were not sent to our members. USMS was notified, corrected the oversight, and subsequent issues were sent to all registered NC members.

During this time, none of these members were denied the right to participate or enjoy the benefits of USMS, which is the primary reason for registration. Both our LMSC-NC Chairperson and Registrar requested compensation for those members not receiving the two issues. The USMS agree to provide a $2.50 phone card.

As the new President of LMSC of North Carolina and "heir" to last yearís situation, I have written a letter to the USMS. As I express our concern to the new USMS leadership about the handling of the situation, I request that the Masters swimmers of NC maintain their positive focus in order that we can continue working out, getting fit, competing, and building membership and camaraderie. Consider the following:

Lets get back in the pool and focus on making NCMS successful! Masters swimmers love participating in events provided by USMS, local committees and teams. Hell would freeze over (though very cold water may slow participation) before most Masters would give up their right to participate and enjoy the numerous benefits associated with USMS and North Carolina Masters Swimming membership. Just listen to Master swimmers talk as they did in Charlotte during the January meet. This is a great organization that has gotten better over the years. Participation is growing and more events are planned. North Carolina is finally starting to encourage distance and open water swimming. We are working to set up a swim clinic series put on by college coaches. At the Charlotte meet, it was great to see new, younger swimmers participating, and senior ranks growing.

One thing I have discovered over the years is that there are not many grouchy Masters swimmers! As a whole, Masters are positive, active, friendly and understanding. Have a grievance? Ask your coach for a harder work out; then notice how it improves your disposition! In the words of the devoted Jerry Clark, "I am scared to stop. There is too much to lose by not being involved with Masters Swimming." Now letís get on with it! Swim, laugh and have fun. DG

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From The Registrarís Lane by George Simon

As Registrar, I can see the daily activity and interest growing in our Masters Swimming program here in North Carolina. NC has 102 newly registered swimmers out of a total of 470 registrations. Welcome all 102 of you. Wilson has started a small chapter, and they intend to participate in the meet in Raleigh in April to specifically swim in a relay. I have talked to Shawn Columbia in Asheboro, and he has 17 swimmers at the Y that plan on joining USMS and attending the Greensboro meet. Swim meets and goals are great ways to create interest and keep swimmers actively participating in Masters.

I get daily phone calls and e-mails asking about our programs. Each of our teams has a page on NCís web site. The NC web pages are provided for each team to use. Information such as practice location, costs, and contact names can be placed on your teamís web page, as well as social information, special events like the Winston-Salem Postal event for their team, etc. Not all coaches or team chairpersons have Internet access, but as your registrar and webmaster, I am happy to add information about your team. Just notify me a couple of days in advance for any new or special information for your web page.

SWIM Magazineís March/April issue should be delivered to all of you having a registration number of 138-00470 or less. If you havenít received your copy by March 15th, please inform me, either via phone or e-mail. NCís web site is , my e-mail address is NCregistrar , and my swimming phone number is (919)846-2423.

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North Carolina Masters Swimming is adopting a new entry form and meet information format. The forms will evolve to be similar to those being used by the California Masters. The standard entry form will be used for meets throughout the year. The State Championships in Raleigh will be the first meet to use the new form (enclosed). The form will be modified for long course meets, since some events will change. It is our intent to provide meet information on the short course and long course seasons formatted to include multiple meet information on one page. Thus fewer pages and mailings will be needed. You will receive meet information in the newsletter in a concise, standardized presentation. We hope to convince other LMSCs to adopt this same method, thereby allowing easier dissemination of meet information and simpler sign up. We welcome your comments. DG

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LMSC - NC Officers and Staff



Don Gilchrist, WYM
P.O. Box 3955
Wilmington, NC 28406
(910) 313-0541          

Registrar / Webmaster

George Simon, RAM
10229 Boxelder Drive
Raleigh, NC 27613
(919) 846-2423


Vice President

Jerry Clark, CSM
3107 Cloverfield Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28211
(704) 366-2405

Past President / Top Ten Chairperson

Ceil Blackwell, RAM
4305 John Rencher Wynd
Raleigh, NC 27612
(919) 787-8324



Jeannie Mitchell, MMM
Rt. 1, Box 338
Banner Elk, NC 28604
(704) 963-4202

Newsletter Editor

Jim Enyart, WYM
2840 Marsh Point Rd #199
Southport, NC 28461
(910) 253-3333



Chuck Irwin, FSM
994 Snow Hill Falls Circle
Franklin, NC 28734-9436
(704) 524-7720


Rick Fenton
Mecklenburg Aquatic Center
9850 Providence Road
Charlotte, NC 28277
(704) 846-5335
FAX: (704) 846-5835


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From The Secretaryís Lane by Jeannie Mitchell



JANUARY 31, 1998


Nine of the nineteen NC teams were represented. The treasurer, Chuck Irwin, presented the annual financial report for 1997 and a proposed budget for 1998. The members will review the budget and vote on it at the next meeting (April, 1998). Jim Enyart relayed George Simonís report. in which George reminded us that One Event swimmers must register with USMS within 30 days if they want to use the $9.00 credit from the OEVT registration. George reminded meet directors that he needs to receive the OEVT registrations within two days following the meet.

Several local teams reported on their activities. Ceil Blackwell informed the group that RAM will be conducting clinics this year. Jim stated that Wilmington now has coached workouts on Tuesday and Thursday. Jerry Clark reported that Charlotte SwimMasters has a new coach, Heather Hageman, and they workout four times a week. Krista Phillips is the coach for eighteen swimmers at the Durham Y. Norman Macartney stated that Masters swimming is being promoted by a high visibility bulletin board in the lobby of the Morehead pool.

Missing SWIM issues: Krista asked about the status of a letter to USMS that was to be written on behalf of the many NC swimmers who did not receive two issues of SWIM last year. Don previously thought that this letter was to be a request for action and remuneration for the missed magazine issues. Krista said that the letter was to express concern for the way the situation was handled. Don said he would write such a letter. Jerry Clark suggested a paragraph be added to ask for provisions if this subscription omission ever happens again.

Standardized meet entry forms: Don asked that these forms and cards be implemented for the NC State Championships in Raleigh this April. He is also trying to enlist the Georgia and South Carolina teams to use this format. Their use of the cards will help the registrars of our meets process the out of state entries.

Swim Clinics: Don is trying to get more college coaches to put on clinics like the one recently held at Davidson College. NCMS can benefit by using the knowledge and experience of these coaches in their fine facilities.

Directors for NCMS team at Nationals and YMCA Championships: Jerry Clark has volunteered to be the director for Short Course Nationals in Indianapolis this May. The meet registrar will send him a list of all the NC swimmers that have entered the meet. Jerry will then mail an inquiry to all those swimmers to determine who would be interested in swimming relays as well as other pertinent scheduling information.

Beverly Amick offered to be the coordinator for YMCA Nationals to be held in Fort Lauderdale April 23-26. Please let Bev know if you will attend so she may coordinate relays and accommodations, if needed.

Bevís Phone is (336) 659-8735.

The Roanoke Rapids (VA) Masters has informally proposed a "Virginia vs. N. Carolina " meet. No date has been determined.

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Krista Phillips has placed an order with the Duke Shirtmakers for more T-shirts. They will be ash gray. Please make your check out to LMSC for NC and mail to Krista Phillips, 9408 Hester Rd., Hurdle Mills, NC 27541. Prices include shipping/handling charges: S-XL $10.00, XXL $12.00 (remember to include your size along with your name/address/zip code). The T-shirts should be available at the Greensboro and Raleigh meets.


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Swimmer Profile: Sally Newell

One of the advantages of starting to swim later in life is that you get better, not older. Greensboroís Sally Newell personifies this adage better than most. Although this 60-year young athlete has been swimming since only 1991, she has already established herself as one of the nationís premier breaststrokers. Just having aged up, Sally is naturally looking forward to this yearís competition.

Born in Montclair, NJ, and having resided in Delaware, Sally, her husband Sam, now retired, and four children moved to Greensboro 26 years ago. Sally started swimming (in addition to her jogging) in the summer of 1991 while undergoing chemotherapy after breast cancer surgery. Also swimming at the pool and looking for someone to swim with was Nancy Clark. Nancy, as well as her husband Frank (from the Greensboro Meet of the same name), were instrumental getting Sally hooked on swimming.

Just a few months later, in January 1992, encouraged by the Clarks, Sally participated in the Charlotte Meet where among other events Sally swam the backstroke using the classic double arm pull. Sally also recalls a friend saying that she should be DQed in the breaststroke event since she had only one. None-the-less, it was not too long before Sally found her best event to be the breaststroke.

Of course, discovering what you are good at is easy compared to becoming the best at it. Sally accepted the challenge by starting with a Total Immersion swim camp and then, being an early riser, began working-out at the Greensboro Central Y in the morning with the kids instead of at night with the Masters. Sally joined the Raleigh Area Masters (RAM) in 1993 since the Y Mastersí members generally do not compete and RAM does. Competing in the 1993 Long Course Nationals in Minneapolis, Sally silvered in four events.

After several years at the Y, Sally switched to the Greensboro Swim Association (GSA) and then to the Phoenix team where the early-morning tutelage of John McCormick elevated her out of her "comfort zone". Swim sessions at 6 in the mornings can be pure drudgery for even the heartiest of athletes. But with Sally around, practice became a different experience because her boundless enthusiasm overtakes her practice partners and coaches. "Having her around creates a fun atmosphere, and that is a must for a productive environment," said Coach McCormick. The results for Sally were significantly improved times and several first places at the 1995 short course nationals. Nineteen ninety-six was another banner year for Sally as she contributed to two state relays that placed first nationally and the medley relay that set a new world record.

Last November at the Dixie Zone SCM in Anderson, SC Sally teamed with Dick Webber, John Kortheur and Jeanne Mitchell to set a new world short-course record in the 200M mixed medley relay. "The adrenaline was flowing, it was great, "says Sally. "We think the record will stand for a while." To summarize Sallyís 1997 accomplishments, while placing first at the nationals in the 55 Ė 59 age group breaststroke and being ranked second overall nationally at the 50, 100, and 200 distances, Sally established the NC records in these events.

For the last fifteen years she has been involved in her summer swim league's Swim For Cancer. Over the past two years Sally raised $10,000 and was honored by the American Cancer Society for her efforts. Sally also volunteers at Reach to Recovery, a program sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Women who have had breast surgery visit recently diagnosed women to provide very important and needed encouragement, reading material and a temporary prosthesis if they have had a mastectomy.

Sally Newellís in-the-water credentials are enough to make people take notice. Yet it is her outgoing personality that has been critical to her athletic and community service successes. "Having gone through breast surgery and chemotherapy," says Sally, "gives a person a different spin on what life is all about." "When you have experienced a life-threatening situation like I have, you can look at the bright side of a rainy day. I donít let those little irritations get to me anymore." It has been seven years since her surgery, but it is never far from her mind as it is the first thing she thinks of when she is not feeling quite right.

Sally loves the sport, but more importantly, she has a passion for competition Ė not so much against her counterparts, but against herself, "I just want to keep getting better, that is what motivates me," Sally explains. "But it is also the camaraderie with the other swimmers. We all have that common link of being committed to competing". Accordingly, Sally returned to GSA last fall and Coach Brett Drinkard, a breaststroker from Florida State. Under Coach Drinkardís guidance, Sally is refining her technique and working-out four times-a-week, swimming 5000 yards a day. Soon she will go five days a week in preparation for this yearís nationals.

To paraphrase a Tina Turner song title, Sally Newellís swimming career might be called "Whatís age have to do with it?"

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The Sunbelt Meet was swum in Charlotte on January 31 and February 1 with 115 swimmers representing 20 clubs at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Aquatic Center. Although a computation of any new records that may have been set is not possible until our records are updated, several outstanding swimmers were present as evidenced by fast times in their respective age groups. Melanie Morgan (unattached) and Jeff Murray (Charlotte SwimMasters) showed excellent early season form.

Forty eight people joined together for a great meal and fun socializing at the Southend Brewery & Smokehouse Saturday night. Six packs of Carolina Blond were awarded to four lucky ticketholders by brewmeister Pat Johnston and his wife Kristin, both of whom were in the swim meet and both of whom successfully completed the 1997 Ironman in Hawaii. Everyone should have their results by now; if there are any questions about anything on the results sheets, please call Rick Fenton at (704) 846-5335. We hope to see everyone back next year, and hope you'll bring some of your teammates as well. Jerry Clark



While attending the social after Charlotteís Saturday events, the devoted and venerable Milton Gee announced he was leaving early to attend a sports banquet in memory of a prominent Charlotte runner. Evidently, an award for athletic excellence through physical adversity is given out annually in memory of this athlete, who managed to excel even though he was suffering from cancer ( I hope I have the story right!). Milton told us that he was one of only three nominees selected from throughout the Charlotte metro area for this award. Wow! We congratulated him, but his response was " I do not think I have a chance at winning. I only have two replaced hips, a pacemaker, and two hearing aids. Thatís not enough to win". Hey, donít let NCMS down, either get faster or add more parts! Congratulations, its great to have a Masters swimmer nominated for such an award. DG

To see a picture from the Charlottte Meet, click "Show me the 200 FLY" and be sure to use your browser "back" button to return to this page. It takes about 30 seconds to download.

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TEAM SPOTLIGHT ON: Charlotte SwimMasters

The Charlotte SwimMasters Team was established in October 1997 The CSM coach is Heather Hageman who conducts practices at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Aquatic Center M-W-F at both 6:00-7:30 am, and noon-1:15pm. Saturday practices are at 8:00-9:30 am. There are about 50 people being coached at the present time, some of whom are triathletes and therefore not members of Charlotte SwimMasters. The cost is $25.00 per month for coaching for people who are cardholders at the Aquatic Center; $45.00 per month for non-cardholders. Many state, national and world recordholders practice with CSM as well as many noncompetitive swimmers. CSMís emphasis is on fun and camaraderie.

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from Ceil Blackwell, NC Top Ten Chairperson

Listed below are North Carolina swimmers who were ranked among the USMS TOP TEN for the 1997 long course meters season. Please contact Ceil Blackwell (919) 787-8324; e-mail if your name or an event has been omitted from the following list. Also, please note that copies of USMS Top Ten and Records are available from the USMS National Office, P.O. Box 185, Londonderry, NH 03053-0185. A year's subscription is $15 for 3 issues(sc yards, sc meters and lc meters). Back issues are also available for $7 each.

Special congratulations to our swimmers who ranked 1st in the nation for their age group Ė Heather Hageman, Jeannie Mitchell, Richard Bober, and John Kortheuer. Recognition for outstanding relay performances go to the 1st place menís 200+ medley relay with swimmers Rolffs Pinkerton, John Kortheuer, Dick Webber and Jerry Clark and the national record-breaking 240+ medley relay consisting of Jeannie Mitchell, Sally Newell, John Kortheuer and Dick Webber.


25-29Heather Hageman1st 50m free (26.82); 1st 100m free (1:00.36); 2nd 50m fly; 3rd 50m back
50-54Jeannie Mitchell1st 50m back (39.04); 1st 100m back (1:26.08); 3rd 200m back; 5th 100m free
55-59Ceil Blackwell6th 100m back; 6th 200m back; 7th 50m back; 10th- 50m free; 10th 200m IM
Sally Newell2nd 50m breast; 2nd 100m breast; 2nd 200m breast; 5th-50m free; 9th-100m free
60-64Sandra Kremer9th 200m breast
80-84Buz Catlin5th 200m IM; 5th 50m fly; 10th 100m back



19-24Craig Roberts8th 100m breast
25-29Andrew Farrell6th 200m free; 7th 50m back; 9th 100m free; 9th 50m fly; 9th 100m fly
45-49Richard Bober1st 100m back (1:08.82); 4th 200m back
55-59Jerry Clark4th 50m free; 5th 100m free; 5th 200m free; 7th 400m free
Rolffs Pinkerton   8th 50m free; 10th 200m back
60-64Jerry Clark4th 50m free; 6th 100m free; 6th-200m free; 8th 400m free
Milton Gee4th 50m breast
65-69John Kortheuer1st 50m breast (37:32); 1st 100m breast 1:26.44); 1st 200m breast (3:19:86)
Dick Webber4th 50m free; 6th 50m fly; 8th 100m free
70-74John Murphy5th 100m free; 7th 50m back; 8th 50m free; 8th 100m back
Arnie Formo5th 50m breast; 6th 100m breast
75-79Cliff Eastwood9th 1500m free
85-89Harold Hoffman8th 50m free; 8th 100m free


North Carolina Masters Top Ten Relays

200+ 200m Medley    3rd (Jeannie Mitchell, Sally Newell, Barbara Braswell, Ceil Blackwell)
240+ 200m Free 2nd (Rolffs Pinkerton, John Kortheuer, Dick Webber, Jerry Clark)
240+ 200m Medley 1st (Rolffs Pinkerton, John Kortheuer, Dick Webber, Jerry Clark)
240+ 200m Free 2nd (Mary Sansbury, Sally Newell, John Murphy, Dick Webber)
240+ 200m Medley 1st (2:28.04*) (Jeannie Mitchell, Sally Newell, John Kortheuer, Dick Webber)
* National Record

Correction To The Records Listed In The Fall Newsletter

Rolffs Pinkerton reports that the 50m free and 200m backstroke records attributed to him in the last newsletter arenít the eventsí fastest. These records still belong to Jerry Clark and Ed Hall, respectively.

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WINTER WORK-OUT by Heather Hageman

Charlotte SwimMasters Coach Heather Hageman, 27, graduated from Louisiana State University with two All American awards. She competed as a member of the USA team in the Pan American games in Cuba in 1991 and earned a silver medal. Heather started Masters swimming in 1995 and last fall set a new world short course meters record in the 50 freestyle in the 25 - 29 age group at a meet in Hillsborough.

(* Master's Rule: Swimmers may add/deduct yardage and change strokes/intervals as needed/desired to make their work-outs more fun/challenging.)

WARM-UP:6 x 100swim / 50kick choice
MAIN SET: 12 x 50 kick IM order 1:00, 1:10, 1:20.....
5 x 100 pull 75 free / 25 stroke :10 rest
100 free for time (strong, 90-95% effort)
50 easy
6 x 100 free to determine your interval, add :10 to your 100 time
50 free taken above. For example, if you did 1:15 above,
your interval here would be 1:25; use this interval
or the 100's and the 50's as well. The 100's are
hard effort, and the 50's are easy.
WARM-DOWN:   8 x 75 swim/drill/swim by 25's. 1:20, 1:30.....
TOTAL: 3,500 yards.

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March 14/15AtlantaDixie Zone SCY Championships  Contact: Lisa Watson (770) 497-1901
April 11Roanoke, VAStar City Meet Contact Howard Butts (540) 992-1736
April 18/19 Raleigh, NC NC Masters SCY ChampsContact: Sharon Barrell (919) 834-6518
April 23/26Ft. Lauderdale 1998 YMCA Masters NationalsContact: Bev Amick (336) 659-8735
May 7-10Indianapolis USMS SC Nationals Contact: Judy Goldstein (317) 253-8289
June 13AtlantaOpen Water 2-Mile Cable Swim Contact: Bill Black 770 698-8280
June 27/28Greenville, SCDixie Zone LC Champs
August 20-23Ft. Lauderdale    Long Course NationalsContact: Stu Marvin (954) 468-1582

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1998 United States Masters Swimming Coach of the Year Award

The United States Masters Swimming Coaches Committee is issuing a nominations call for its 1998 Coach of the Year Award. Since 1986, the award has been presented at the USMS annual convention to a coach who demonstrates excellence in five areas: club and individual accomplishments, publications, contributions to USMS and the LMSC, letters of support and long-term contributions to Masters swimming. This year's convention will be held in Cincinnati, Ohio, from September 30 to October 4. Nominations are due in writing no later than July 15, 1998. For more information and nomination guidelines, contact either of the following.

Bonnie AdairScott Rabalais
USMS Coach of the Year Subcommittee   USMS Coaches Committee Chairman
520 Broadway, Suite 320-A3537 Christina Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90401Baton Rouge, LA 70820
Ph (310) 451-6666Ph/Fax (504) 766-5937
Fax (310) 576-0962 E-mail:

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The rules of competition within USMS have changed due to actions taken by the USS Rules Committee in early February. The actions by USS were in response to changes enacted by FINA at the World Championships in January. USS also made changes to their start rules. However, the changes are not applicable to the USMS start and therefore no action was required. Questions can be directed to Leo Letendre, USMS Rules Chairman, 267 Glandore Dr, Manchester, MO 63021, e-mail: or contact your local Masters team representative.

EFFECTIVE DATE: MARCH 6,1998 (same as FINA and USS effective date)


Breaststroke   To permit the shoulder to drop on turns and during the swim
Butterfly1. To permit the shoulder to drop on turns
2. To limit underwater portion to 15 meters
FreestyleTo limit underwater portion to 15 meters

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North Carolina Masters Swimming will be attempting to create long distance swimming events in all areas of the state. In addition to those below, we are encouraging local chapters to establish either 1650 yd or 1500m one-day meets as well as open water and lake swim meets during the summer.

The NC Open Water Championships has been tentatively scheduled for May 2, 1998, at Wrightsville Beach. The course will be the same as last yearís óbetween the piers. The event has been scheduled earlier to avoid tourism, competing events and difficult weather. 1.6 (2.5k) and 3.2 (5k) races will be offered. There will be awards, and T-shirts will be available to commemorate the event. For information please contact Dan Forrester 910-799-2845; fax 910-799-0840, or

Additionally, the Wilmington Y Masters are organizing the Swim the Length of the Island Challenge. The distance will be the 4.5-mile (approx. 7.5k) length of Wrightsville Beach, from Shell Island to the south end jetty; direction subject to change depending on the current. This Challenge has been tentatively scheduled for late September or early October. Information on this event will be in next Newsletter.

The Wilmington Masters will start its weekend Channel swims (2K) in early- to mid-April and then move to pier-to-pier swims (2.5K) in May. We welcome all to join us, especially triathletes, Marines from Camp Lejuene, and vacationers. Breakfast afterwards.

For North Carolina triathletes, distance and aspiring swimmers, consider the following schedule;

4/18/981650 ydsNorth Carolina State Championships   Raleigh
5/23/982.5k or 5kPier to Pier RaceWrightsville Beach
6/13/982 mile cableNational ChampionshipLake Lanier, GA
6/13/9812.5 mileSwim Around Key WestKey West, FL
6/14/984.4 mileChesapeake Bay Bridge SwimAnnapolis, MD
6/21/981 mileVirginia Beach Ocean SwimVirginia Beach, VA
7/11/982 mile cableCharlottesvilleCharlottesville, VA
9/1-10/3/98 3000 & 6000 yds  National Championship, Postal Meet
Late Sept4.5 mileSwim the Length of the IslandWrightsville Beach

The 1998 Long Distance Calendar of events and contacts is on the Web at: / For an updated calendar, send a SASE to: Lynn Hazlewood, 11714 Decade Ct., Reston VA 20191-2942. Information will also be available for pick up at the April 18 & 19 Raleigh Meet.

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For your review and updating on the following pages are the NC short course yards records for individuals (relay records not included) that are currently on the books.

But first, a well-deserved record number of kudos to Dennis Watson, our Records Chairman for the last five years. Thanks to Dennis the records were computerized and provided annually to the teams. Before Dennis, the records were rarely distributed. With Ceil Blackwellís able assistance, Dennis found and compiled many years of missing information and added team affiliations and dates to the records. Dennis, having e-mail access, was able to also provide an easier means for people to electronically send him results from out-of-state meets.

Succeeding Dennis as the Records Chairman is Rick Fenton of the Mecklenburg Aquatics Center in Charlotte.

As you review the records and perhaps note a discrepancy, please consider the following circumstances as a possible cause:

  • Meet directors don't report team designations and if they are NC based teams.
  • Meet directors donít report if Unattached swimmers are in state or out-of-state.
  • If a swimmer has changed their name or team, the record stands as it was set (i.e., Jane Jones is now Jane Smith, but her early records stand as Jones). That is also why you may see some names with different teams. They have switched teams during some part of their swimming careers.
  • If a swimmer sets a record out-of-state, the team designation is NCMS.
  • Not surprisingly, it is the swimmerís and relay teamís responsibility to keep the records chairman informed. Ensure that the meet director has all the details he/she requires to provide to the NC Records Chairman.

Accordingly, if you have a change to the records, please provide the event, event time, location, team, and date to:

Rick Fenton / Mecklenburg Aquatic Center
9850 Providence Road
Charlotte, NC 28277
Phone: (704) 846-5335
FAX: (704) 846-5835


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