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Swimmer Profile: Thomas William Davis, NCAM - by Mary Craddock Hoffman
USMS 1996 National Long Course Meters Top Ten - by Ceil Blackwell
National Records and First in Nation - by Ceil Blackwell
1997 Meet Schedule and Swim Around Key West '97
NCMS 200m mixed Medley Relay Sets World record
Slogan Needed for New T-Shirt
From the Desk of the President - by Ceil Blackwell
From the Desk of the Registrar - by George Simon
Stroke Workout - by Cherie Benz

Note: Updated articles were inadvertently omitted from being published in April 1997 on the web site.

Swimmer Profile: Thomas William Davis, NCAM

by Mary Craddock Hoffman

Thomas William Davis, who goes by Bill, learned to swim when he was about two years old. During his grade school years he took swimming lessons at the YMCA, but is wasn't until he was 13 that he began to swim competitively. At this time he also began to play waterpolo, a game he became interested in after watching it during the 1972 Olympics in Munich. Bill's father worked for Sears and as a result the family moved around a lot. Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Atlanta and Los Angeles were among the many places Davis lived while he was growing up. By the time he reached high school he found himself in the Los Angeles area where he attended Foothill High School in Santa Ana, CA. Under Coach Tom DeLong he played waterpolo and competed on a swim team that boasted three Olympians (Bruce Furniss, Rod Strachan and Steve Furniss). Bill made All-American in the 50 free, the 400 free relay and the 200 medley relay teams but he narrowly missed the '76 Olympic qualifying times in the 200m free. This highly competitive environment motivated Bill throughout his high school career, eliminating his early interest in other sports such as basketball. (It was the basketball team's loss when Bill shot up to 6'4" and 160 pounds by his junior year and he was the only one at the school who could dunk.)

Many schools with highly reputable swimming and waterpolo programs recruited him, but he preferred to concentrate on selecting a school to satisfy his academic needs while placing his athletic interests second. Davis settled on Occidental College, a small Division III school in Los Angeles, where he majored in English. The swim team was coached by Bob Hopper (developer of the Sea Breeze--a device now known as the power rack). Regardless of the change in priorities, his success in swimming and waterpolo was inevitable.

In high school Davis was often put into freestyle events where he was most needed. But the Occidental team really needed backstrokers and Bill was all too happy to oblige. Although he excelled in freestyle, backstroke was the stroke for which he had the "best feel" for the water. He qualified for the NCAA Division III championships in the 500 free, the 200 back, the 100 back, the 400 medley relay and the 800 free relay. The Occidental Waterpolo team also consistently won the Division III title each year Bill played. However, the need to excel and challenge himself was not limited to the pool. He went on to UC Berkley for a Masters in Journalism and later added a degree from the Kenan-Flagler Executive MBA program at UNC-Chapel Hill.

After college, Bill coached a masters team in Portland, Oregon from 1981-82. His 12 swimmers used two lanes at a run down YWCA pool for their workouts. It was here that one of his swimmers, an 82 year old woman, broke her age group record. This inspired him to start competing again in 1983, initially for Berkley Aquatic Masters. From 1985-88 he swam for Strawberry Canyon Aquatic Masters (also in Berkley) and then competed for Chapel Hill Masters from 1990-93. Four years ago Davis joined the newly formed North Carolina Aquatic Masters team at UNC's Koury Natatorium.

Davis rises at 5:15am every morning so he can fit in his workouts before he goes to work as the General Manager for WUNC (91.5 FM), the National Public Radio station for Central North Carolina. He's at work by 8:00 am and sometimes doesn't leave till 6:00 pm. He is so exhausted at the end of the day that trying to work out in the evening would be counter productive. Swimming is enjoyable but it can be monotonous, so his other workouts consist of running stadium steps, playing basketball, and lifting weights. Davis is also quite imaginative in using unconventional methods to vary his workouts and keep the intensity high. As an example, to avoid the tedium of long straight sets, Bill will convert them into what he calls "hypoxic breathing sets". This might include swimming every other length without breathing during a 300 yard swim.

The power rack has also proved to be an effective machine for Davis to increase stroke resistance. But the most fascinating technique he has developed, is swimming with a brick. As a college senior he hyperextended his elbow playing ultimate Frisbee during the off season between waterpolo and swimming. As a result, he was limited to kicking for about a month. One day as he was passing a construction site at the college, he grabbed a brick on the way to practice and started using that to kick with. He did his best to make his 100 back times with the brick in his hands. Since then he has added flippers to the equation and now uses a rubber brick that is normally used in Scuba and life guard training. He has adapted the brick technique for all his stroke kicking. With arms extended above his head, hands crossed as they clasp the brick, he swims the dolphin kick both on his back and stomach. He will typically kick an entire 25 yards on his back, under water.

Bill extols the benefits of brick training: "It does give my stomach a real good workout and when you are swimming the 200 backstroke, that's probably the most demanding race in terms of taxing your stomach muscles. You're also not breathing very much because you are undulating so much off the turns. Kicking with a brick is real good way to prepare yourself for the agony of a hard 200 back....I don't have great flexibility dorsally on my backstroke, I can't extend my hips down towards the bottom of the strengthening my stomach muscles I can at least generate some decent power even though I don't have the strength and flexibility in my hips that other good backstrokers do." Bill Davis's achievements prove that his use of these techniques is effective in both building strength and keeping his interest.

Davis's Top Ten Achievements
35-39 1993 50 scy free 0:26.65 10th
35-39 1993 100 scy back 0:55.75 4th
35-39 1993 200 scy back 2:01.18 4th
35-39 1995 100 scy back 0:56.45 9th
35-39 1995 200 scy back 2:00.64 5th
35-39 1996 100 scy back 0:56.45 9th
35-39 1996 200 scy back 2:01.78 6th

State Records held by Bill Davis
30-34 50 scy free 0:21.88 CHM
30-34 200 scy back 1:58.24 CHM
35-39 200 scy back 2:00.64 NCAM

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USMS 1996 National Long Course Meters Top Ten

by Ceil Blackwell

25-29 Patricia Hogan     9th-1500 free
      Melinda Yelton     5th-1500 free, 7th-800 free
45-49 Sandra Cathey      9th-200 back, 10th-400 IM
      Jeannie Mitchell   2nd-100 back, 2nd-200 back, 4th-50 back
      Frances Shepherd   8th-200 fly
55-59 Ceil Blackwell     3rd-200 back, 4th-50 back, 6th-50 free, 6th-100 back,
                         6th-200 IM, 7th-50 fly, 10th-50 breast
      Sally Newell       2nd-50 free, 2nd-50 breast, 2nd-100 breast,  3rd-200
                         breast,5th-100 free
60-64 Sandra Kremer      8th-100 breast, 9th-400 free, 9th-200 breast, 10th-50
70-74 Judy Kelly         9th-200 breast
80-84 Buz Catlin         5th-200 IM, 5th-50 breast, 6th-50 free, 6th-50 back,
                         7th-50 fly, 8th-100 free, 8th-100 back, 8th-200 back
19-24 Grant Johnston     1st-50 back (30.27),1st-100 fly (102.40), 2nd-100 back,
                         3rd-1500 free, 6th-50 fly, 7th-50 free, 9th-50 breast
      Dan Read           9th-50 breast
35-39 Rich DeSelm        7th-1500 free
      Joe Rhyne          3rd-200 back,  5th-200 fly, 6th-800 free
45-49 Richard Bober      1st-50 back (30.30*), 1st-100 back (1:07.16), 3rd-50
                         free, 9th-200 back
55-59 Jerry Clark        2nd-50 free, 2nd-100 free, 5th-400free, 6th-200 free,
                         6th-800 free
      Milton Gee         8th-100 breast, 10th-50 breast, 10th-200 breast
      Rolffs Pinkerton   8th-50 back, 10th-100 back
65-69 John Kortheuer     1st-50 breast (38.21*), 1st-100 breast (1:26.19*),
                         1st-200 breast (3:17.13*), 2nd-50 fly, 10th-50 free
      Dick Webber        6th-50 free, 8th-50 fly, 10th-100 free
70-74 John Murphy        4th-50 back, 5th-100 back, 5th-200 back
75-70 Joseph Brignolo    8th-50 back
85-89 Boyd Campbell      6th-200 free, 6th-100 back, 9th-50 back, 10th-100 free

North Carolina Masters Relays
200+ Women's 200m Medley   4th (Sandra Cathey, Sally Newell, Beverly Amick,
                           Sandra Kremer)
240+ Women's 200m Medley   9th (Sandra Kremer, Gerry Speaker, Judy Kelly, Buz
160+ Women's 400m Medley   1st (Sandra Cathey, Sally Newell, Beverly Amick,
                           Frances Shepard)
160+ Men's 200m Free       5th (Jerry Clark, Joseph Rhyne, Grant Johnston,
                           Richard Bober)
240+ Men's 200m Free       2nd (Rolffs Pinkerton, John Kortheuer, Dick Webber,
                           Jerry Clark)
160+ Men's 200m Medley     3rd (Richard Bober, Grant Johnston, Hill Carrow,
                           Jerry Clark)
240+ Men's 200m Medley     2nd (Rolffs Pinkerton, John Kortheuer, Dick
                           Webber, Jerry Clark)
160+ Men's 400m Free       10th (Chris Mullen  Ernic Glass, Rick Rensink,
                           Bernie White)
240+ Men's 400m Free       5th (John Kortheuer, Jerry Clark, Milton Gee,
                           Bill Applebaum)
100+ Men's 400m Medley     3rd (Mark Canterbury, Rick Fenton, Gary
                           Myerscough, Andrew Farrell)
240+ Mixed 200m Free       3rd (Sandra Kremer, Sally Newell, Dick Webber,
                           Jerry Clark)
320+ Mixed 200m Free       5th (Harold Hoffman, Buz Catlin, Bette Hoffman,
                           Boyd Campbell)
200+ Mixed 200m Medley     4th (Richard Bober, Sally Newell, Beverly
                           Amick, Jerry Clark)
240+ Mixed 200m Medley     1st (Rolffs Pinkerton, Sally Newell, John
                           Kortheuer, Sandra Kremer)
320+ Mixed 200m Medley     3rd (Boyd Campbell, Judy Kelly, Buz
                           Catlin, Harold Hoffman)
*USMS National Record

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National Records

by Ceil Blackwell

John Kortheuer placed 1st and set new national records in the following three events: 50m breaststroke with a time of 38.21 , 100m breaststroke with a time of 1:26.19 and 200m breaststroke with at time of 3:17.13. Richard Bober placed 1st and set a new national record in the 50 back with a time of 30.30.

First in the Nation

by Ceil Blackwell

A number of North Carolina swimmers listed below deserve special recognition for placing 1st in the nation in their events. Grant Johnston placed 1st in 50 m back and 100m fly and Richard Bober placed 1st in 100m back. The mixed 200 medley relay (Rolffs Pinkerton, Sally Newell, John Kortheuer, and Sandra Kremer) placed 1st for the 240+ age group and the women's 400 medley relay (Sandra Cathey, Sally Newell, Beverly Amick and Frances Shepard) placed 1st for the 160+ age group. Please note that an individual first place or a relay first place gives a swimmer the rank of USMS All American.

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1997 Meet Schedule

1997 Short Course

5/1-4/97 YMCA Nationals,Indianapolis, IN
Contact: Your local YMCA Aquatic Director

5/15-18/97 1997 USMS Nationals, Federal Way, WA
Contact: Hugh Moore 206-925-85621997

1997 Long Course

6/24-29/97 Pan Pacific Championships, Maui, Hawaii
Contact: Hawaii Sports, Inc. 1-800-690-8055 phone/FAX home page:

7/25-27/97 Dixie Zone LC Championships, Baton Rouge, LA
Contact: Scott Rabalais 504-766-5937

7/14-18/97 USMS LC Championships, Orlando, Fl.
Contact: Larry Peck, *PO Box 2051, Winter Park, Fl 32790

1997 Open Water

5/31/97 Wrightsville Beach Challenge, Wrightsville Beach, NC
Contact: Dan Forrester 910 xxx xxxx or click (no longer on web site) for entry.

6/7/97 Swim Around Key, Key West, FL
Contact: West Tom & Elizabeth Blount 1-888-817-0841

Swim Clinics

4/19-20/97 Total Immersion, Atlanta, GA
info & reservations 1-800-609-swim

Swim Around Key West '97

The race is being held on June 7, Saturday, at 8:00am. The pre-race Pasta Dinner (5:30-7:00pm, Friday) is $14.00 and the Sunday Breakfast (8:00am) is $7.00.

Both are being held at the Holiday Inn Beachfront hotel. A mandatory meeting discussing the rules and events will directly follow the Pasta dinner. The kayaks are $50 for a single and $75 for a double. Add a $10 fee for delivery to the beach and pick up after the race ends. Local guides are also available for $100 (that amount has not yet been verified) to advise you on the tides and other navigational obstacles. There is a $500 deposit on all the boats (an imprint of your credit card and signature) that is refunded when you return your boat. Competitors must stop by the Adventure Charters office on Friday (preferably before 4:00pm) to fill out the paperwork. (For information on escort boats call 305-296-0362.)

For applications and information send a stamped self-addressed envelope to JPC, P.O. box 8086, Coral Springs, FL 33065. For kayak and boat information contact Tom or Elizabeth Blount at Adventure Charters and Tours 1-888-817-0841. Teams interested in renting power boats should arm themselves with knowledge of pontoons, Boston whalers and skiffs before calling US 1 Marine Inc. at 305-296-0075. web site: E-Mail:

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Relay Team Sets World Record

The NCMS 200m mixed Medley Relay team of Jeannie Mitchell (49) - backstroke 38:04, Sally Newall (59) - breaststroke 43.66, John Kortheur (65) - butterfly 33:69, and Dick Webber (67) - free 30.71, set a new World SC Record with a time of 2:26.10 at the Annual Electric City Masters Swim Meet in Anderson, SC held in November.

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Slogan Needed for New T-Shirt

Do you have a catchy slogan for the new NCMS t-shirts? We need to add a slogan to the back of our new NCMS t-shirts. Please send your favorite catch phrase to: Ceil Blackwell, President, 4305 John Rencher Wynd, Raleigh, NC 27612. FAX: 919-781-3799 E-Mail:
Example: Masters Swimming - Punishment for life (this one was used many years ago)

Circle 1 or 2 or make up your own slogan
1) No Comparison
Notable Champions
Notorius Conquerors

2) gotta sleep
gotta eat
gotta breathe
gotta SWIM

Directory Of Products and Services

The LMSC-NC committee voted to add an advertising section listing the products and services of your fellow swimmers. By sponsoring a place in this directory you will be helping to support the printing and mailing fees that are incurred by publishing Across The Lanes. For a fee of $10.00 your listing will appear for a full year starting with the Fall 1997 issue (year = 4 issues). If you would like to participate please fill out the form below and send it to: Chuck Irwin, Treasurer, 994 Snow Hill Falls Circle, Franklin, NC 28734-9436. Please make checks payable to LMSC-NC.


Please print your information below the example as you would like it to appear.

Across The Lanes Directory

title or type of buisness-------Name----------Company---------Phone #----------City/Town

example: Accountant--John Doe--John Doe Inc.--123-456-7890--Raleigh

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From The Desk of The President

by Ceil Blackwell

USMS Short Course Nationals

If you are planning to go to the USMS Short Course Nationals in Federal Way, Washington, May 15-18 and would like to participate in some relays, please contact me. My address, and phone number are:
Ceil Blackwell
4305 John Rencher Way
Raleigh, NC 27612
919 787-8324
If you need to FAX me, the number is 919-781-3799.

Two Fund Raising Projects

Beginning February 1st, when a North Carolina swimmer signs up for the USMS MasterCard our Local Masters Swimming Committee - North Carolina (LMSC-NC) and the North Carolina Masters Swimming (NCMS) club will receive money. USMS receives money each time a swimmer signs up for the card, even if the swimmer does not use the card. USMS will then share the money with the local club. When the swimmer signs up, the correct code (priority code FBGA) and the name of the club must be given. Please check your registration card for your correct club. For most NC swimmers, the club is NCMS. (Don't forget teams such as RAM, DAMA, TMS, CHM, WYM etc... are chapters of NCMS.) Also, LMSC-NC and NCMS will receive money when our swimmers sign up for the USMS PrePay Calling Card.

The LMSC-NC officers will determine ways to also share this money among the chapters in our state. Please consider helping USMS and LMSC-NC by signing up for the USMS MasterCard and/or the USMS Prepay Calling Card. Detailed information about these projects may be found in the Jan/Feb '97 SWIM magazine.

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From The Desk of The Registrar

by George Simon

North Carolina Membership

I would like to thank all of you for registering. North Carolina's membership is one month ahead of where it was last year, based on the registrations I received by February 14th. Last year NC's membership did not grow. Fortunately, the national organization grew to 32,000. Please encourage others to join USMS.

National Officials Committee

This year's registration form asked if would you be interested in becoming a certified official and 5% (23) answered positively. The National Officials committee wants to start a program, and this survey will help in determining if it would be feasible.

Of those responding, 30% (126) have e-Mail addresses. This fact will be used for statistical information and to contact you regarding your registration. Please be assured that it will not be given out to anyone else, nor will any USMS or LMSC notices be sent to those e-mail addresses.

US Post Office Regulations

Many of you may have noticed that your mailing address was modified from the one you sent with your application. Addresses such as 100-B Swimfast Avenue were changed to 100 Swimfast Ave. Apt B, and the zip+4 zip code was used. In order to use the bulk mail rate, addresses must be compatible with the US Post Office regulations and include the zip+4 on each mailing label.

Change of Address

Of Address Please keep me notified of any change in your address. The USPS will not forward bulk mail, nor will they inform us of address changes. You will lose your SWIM Magazine subscription and the Across the Lanes newsletter if you neglect to make me aware of your new address. (I notify the National Registrars of your new address, thereby continuing your SWIM subscription.) You can send address changes to:
George S. Simon
Registrar, LMSC-NC
10229 Boxelder Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27613-6139

New Masters Teams

Phoenix Masters Swimming is a new Greensboro team that just formed. Two others, one at the Greensboro Community YMCA and the other in Southern Pines, are also trying to organize teams.

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Stroke Workout

Short Course Yards

by Coach Cherie Benz - NCAM

Cherie is a graduate of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, where she was a four year scholarship swimmer. She specialized in backstroke and sprint freestyle, holding the school record in the 100 and 200 backstroke, 400 medley relay, the 200 freestyle relay and the 400 freestyle relay. She also competed at the 1991 NCAA Division I Championships in the 100 backstroke. When she finished her career in 1992, she earned the Mid-American Conference Champion title in the 100 backstroke. Before moving to North Carolina, Cherie ran several national and international swimming competitions including Master's Nationals, US Open, and the National Junior Olympics in her hometown, Buffalo, New York. In addition to coaching NCAM, she teaches with the North Carolina Aquatic Club's swim school.

SET      DESCRIPTION                                                  A   B    C

Warm-up: 500S(every 3rd 25 ST)                                        500  500  500
         200IM D/K by 25                                              200  200  200

Set 1:   A    B    C
         300  300  200  Pbp 3/5      on 4:30..4:45..5:00..5:15..15ri  300  300  200
         3x    3x   2x  100 BK D/S   on 1:45..2:00..2:15..2:30..15ri  300  300  200
         300  200  200  Pbp 5        on 4:20..4:30..4:45..5:00..15ri  300  200  200
         3x    2x   2x  100 BR D/S   on 2:00..2:15..2:30..2:45..15ri  300  200  200
         300  200  100  Pbp 5/7      on 4:10..4:20..4:30..4:40..15ri  300  200  100
         3x    2x  1x   100 FL D/S   on 2:00..2:15..2:30..2:45..15ri  300  200  100

Set 2:   A     B    C
         4x    3x   2x
                     75 K! no board  on 1:30..1:45..2:00..2:15..15ri
                     50 S!!          on 1:10..1:20..1:30..1:40..20ri
                                     rest 30 secs beteween each set  2000 1500 1000
         (set 1=FR, set 2=BK, set 3=BR, set 4=FL)

               B & C stop here

Set 3:   6x             100 IM       on 1:45..2:00..2:15..2:30..15ri  600
              (decend 1-3, 4-6)

Warm-down:  choice                                                    A    B    C
                                                                     5100 3600 2700

 PBp    =  breathing pattern for pulling
  !     =  fast (100% effort)
   S    =  Swim (free)
   K    =  Kick
   D    =  Drill
  BK    =  back
  BR    =  breast
  FL    =  butterfly
  FR    =  free
  ST    =  stroke (no free)
  ri    =  rest interval
   x    =  times

Stay focused no matter how tired you are.


Long and loose. Get the heart pumping.

Set 1 Aerobic Set/Pre-stroke set warm-up

This set is designed for a medium pace to get the muscles warm and the heart rate up.

Tips: On the pulls, focus on long and loose freestyle. Think distance per stroke throughout the set. A bilateral breathing pattern is important to the shoulder roll because you force your shoulders to evenly roll side to side (stroke balance). This prevents you from having a "one-sided" freestyle. Use the stroke drills to focus on special techniques. (ie: overexaggerated shoulder roll on backstroke) Drills are great for helping you concentrate on one part of the stroke at a time.

Set 2 Anaerobic/Lactic Acid Tolerance

Tips: The emphasis of this set is lactic acid tolerance in the legs. You want to feel a "burn" in your thighs. The "real" tolerance comes on the all out swims. This is a "POWER" set designed for sprinting in all strokes. Stay focused on technique.

Set 3 IM Controlled Speed Set

Tips: Holding your strokes together is the main focus of this set. You want to control your speed by descending your times (not your efforts!). This is important in training for longer IMs (ie: 200, 400).


Reduce heart rate and swim out the lactic acid. Approximately 200-400 yrds.

Attention Coaches

For those who are interested, please send in your favorite workout with drill tips to Mary Craddock Hoffman, Editor, Across The Lanes, 12 Dorset Place, Durham, NC 27713. E-Mail: Don't forget to include a short biography.

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