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From Vice-President’s Lane by Jerry Clark

From The Registrar's Lane by George Simon

From The Secretary’s Lane by Jeannie Mitchell

NC Masters Swimming T-Shirts

Swimmer Profile - Marie Heikkinen by Ceil Blackwell

Performance Aptitudes and Attitudes by CJ Lockman Hall

NC Masters Short Course Yards Championships

Team Spotlight: Raleigh Area Masters

Relays for YMCA Nationals

Correct Meet Results Critical

1997 USMS Short Course Meters Top Ten from Ceil Blackwell

NC Swimmers Earn 3rd Place at 1998 Short Course Nationals

Working Out

Upcoming 1998 Swim Meets

NC Masters Relay Teams for the USMS Long Course Championships

From The Vice-President’s Lane by Jerry Clark


Maybe one sensation about being at the Short Course National Championship stands out just a little bit more than others over the four day period. It is the feeling I had when I first got in the water on Wednesday after flying up, renting a car, getting in the hotel, etc.

I'd planned a loosening up swim in the afternoon, and when I got to the pool, there weren't many people there, and there were several empty lanes to choose from. Feet First is the rule, so I jumped in, got the goggles on, and pushed off for my first of many lengths in what turned out to be the most user friendly pool I ever have been in or ever expect to be in.

The first thing I noticed was, of course, the bottom of the pool - uncomplicated, deep and, well, just easy to read. I came up to the surface well past the flags. Wow!, I thought, and in a few seemingly effortless strokes, there on the bottom was the perpendicular line indicating the upcoming bulkhead. Again, just neat, simple, and properly spaced out from the bulkhead.

My reaction - honest - was that the pool seemed to be maybe 23 yards long. Next thought: this bodes well for the upcoming days, so try to capture this feeling right now and hold it for at least tomorrow (when I was to swim the 1,000). An easy 500, then maybe 8 x 50 easy drills, then 2 x 25 easy builds, and I was out. The feeling was still there!

And lo, the next few days were great for me. What a wonderful place to be in a meet. Sally Newell said the same thing several times. Great starting blocks, great gutters, two great scoreboards, great bottom, great walls, great warm-up/down pools (check out the dark blue tiles on the bottom of the diving well), lots of bathrooms, hot water all day in the showers. Just go there when in Indy, or sign up for the next Masters meet there.

Guess what? The long course pools and facilities in Ft. Lauderdale are just about as good. Come on and sign up for that one, fill out the enclosed relay form (now), and send it to me. Lets see if we can't win first place as an NCMS team.

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From The Registrar’s Lane

by George Simon

SWIM Magazine’s May/June issue should be delivered to all of you having a registration number of 138-00514 or less. If you haven’t received your copy by the time you read this newsletter, please inform me, either via phone or e-mail. NC’s web site is , my e-mail address is , and my swimming phone number is (919)846-2423.

The Consolidated Entry Card for all swim meets (except open water) will be used in the future. The State Meet used the form but had already filled out the event number and the meet name. The generic entry form will require you to fill out the form, indicating the meet name, the number for the event you plan to swim, and personal information. Beginning with the 1999 renewals, several Consolidated Entry Card will be mailed to you along with your registration card. Please keep these blank entry forms, even if you don't plan to swim in a meet, because they will not be mailed separately or printed in the newsletter (hope-fully you will change your mind and swim in a meet).

A generic form is included in this Newsletter (it is on the website, as Entry Card and not reproduced in the on-line version of the newsletter). Please reproduce a few copies and use them when entering the described Raleigh and Hendersonville meets.

The North Carolina Masters Swimming web site is getting a lot of attention. Approximately 1500 people have viewed the site since October 1997. However, since my article in the last issue of Across the Lanes, only two teams have requested changes to add information to their specific web page. A good opportunity to sell your team's programs, keep your members informed, and boost membership in Masters Swimming is being missed. The NC web site has information about each NC team, swim meet information, including entry forms for all NC meets, neighboring state swim meets, a list of all team members in the state, the stroke and turns rules, Across the Lanes articles dating back to 1996, NC swimmer's records, and the results of the 1998 State Meet.

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From The Secretary’s Lane

by Jeannie Mitchell


APRIL 18, 1998

The spring meeting of the LMSC-NC was called to order by Don Gilchrist, president, following the last event of the meet on Saturday, April 18. Other officers present were Jerry Clark, Chuck Irwin, Jeannie Mitchell, and George Simon. Eight teams were represented in person. Two teams were represented by proxy. Eight other teams were not represented. The minutes of the January 1998 meeting were reviewed and approved as written.

The treasurer's report showed a net increase of $1017.11 for the first quarter of 1998. A budget review committee was established to look at the proposed 1999 budget. The committee will examine the proposed revenue from fees versus the estimated costs. Their conclusions will determine if the LMSC fees for 1999 can remain the same or if they need to be increased.

The registrar reported a total of 527 registered NC swimmers. This figure is only five less than at this same time last year.

As each team rep perused their team's updated membership list, the discussion turned to membership activity. Most reps commented that only about half of those registered show up regularly for workouts. Other members work out on their own or with USS teams. Many registrants are triathletes who are interested in meet information gleaned from the available newsletters. (On the subject of team newsletters, George volunteered his services to provide team address labels for any team needing them. RAM uses these labels for mailings of the RAM newsletter, notices of upcoming clinics, practice changes, etc.)

A bevy of swim clinics are in the planning stage for the summer and fall. Krista Phillips will host one at a new YMCA sometime after July 15th. A seminar in Wilmington is being planned. Scott Rabalais is planning a mid-September clinic in Virginia. Don Easterling, the former NC State swim coach, is available to teach clinics at a very reasonable price. Don and Ceil will be contacting him for a session in Raleigh. USMS will provide $500 in grant money for qualifying clinics. So contact your pool, apply for the grant money, and call Don Easterling. Let's get YOUR community interested in Masters Swimming!

George Simon, registrar, is using a new program that incorporates e-mail addresses. Corresponding with LMSC members by e-mail rather than regular mail is faster and more cost effective. Those of you with e-mail addresses. please notify George. (His e-mail address is listed with the officers in this publication.)

The LMSC-NC delegates to the USMS National Convention will be (tentatively) George Simon and Don Gilchrist with Jerry Clark as an alternate. The Convention will be held in Cincinnati Sept. 30 - Oct. 4. Anyone else who would like to go, please contact Ceil Blackwell for the details.

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Orders for the ash gray T-shirts may be placed with Krista Phillips. Please make your check out to LMSC for NC and mail to Krista Phillips, 9408 Hester Rd., Hurdle Mills, NC 27541. Prices include shipping/handling charges: L-XL $11.00, XXL $13.00 (remember to include your size along with your name/address/zip code and phone number).

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Swimmer Profile: MARIE HEIKKINEN by Ceil Blackwell

Amazing! At age 86, Marie Heikkinen was 12 years older than the next youngest competitor at the North Carolina Masters Short Course Championships held in Raleigh April 18 & 19. People find it hard to believe her age because Marie looks and acts at least 20 years younger than her actual age. Marie points out that there are swimmers in the 95 to 100 year-old range at some of the national meets, so she think she has many years yet to be a competitive swimmer.

Marie is 4 feet 11 inches tall and has never weighed more than 100 pounds in her entire life. She started swimming when she was in high school in Virginia, MN. She stopped swimming when she graduated from high school in 1930. In 1939 she married Sulo Heikkinen and became an Army wife. While stationed in Europe, the Heikkinens adopted their daughter, Barbara. For over 30 years, Marie was just too busy to go swimming. She began swimming after moving to Fayetteville in 1962 when she started going to the YMCA. However, at that time she swam mainly to relax. One day the coach for the YMCA junior team asked Marie to swim with his team. The oldest swimmer on the team was 12 years old! This was the first time since high school that Marie had gotten any coaching.

Marie and her husband, Sulo, later joined United States Master swimming as members of a team in Fayetteville. She swam her first official meet in 1975 at the age of 63. Later the Fayetteville team folded, and the Heikkinens became members of the Raleigh Area Masters team.

Marie doesn't have a set workout. She just swims until she feels she has had enough. She says she loves swimming because when she's in the water she is without thoughts, worries and problems.

In that past few years, Marie has been unable to participate in as many meets as she would like due to her husband's health problems. With the exception of some problems with cataracts and with her hearing, Marie herself enjoys very good health.

Having ranked among the national Top Ten of Masters every year since 1981, Marie also holds numerous North Carolina Masters state records. She has earned so many trophies and ribbons that she doesn't know what to do with them. She keeps them in a shoebox and has given some of her medals to her two grandchildren.

Marie is such an inspiration to younger swimmers. Her fellow Masters swimmers hope that she continues to swim and to provide that inspiration for many years to come.

In order to save down load time (it takes a minute to download), Marie's photograph was not included in the text, click here to view, then use your browsers "back" button to return.

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Got a Case of the Nerves? Great!

By CJ Lockman Hall

Nervousness. Even the word can hasten heartbeats, dampen palms, shorten breaths, and set aflutter butterflies in stomachs. Olympic swimmers and first-timers alike experience nervousness. Many successful athletes consider nervousness desirable, expressing concern if they don’t feel nervous!

Feelings of nervousness are actually signals telling us that we care about an upcoming event, and that our bodies are busy with preparations for a good performance. It’s not the nervousness that overpowers us, but what we mentally attach to the physical feelings that can have an adverse affect on our performance. Read on to find out how to welcome nervousness and use it to your advantage for a positive performance.

You can say ...

Carry on a conversation with yourself, or with your nervousness: "Hey, great, nervousness has arrived! This means that all systems are aware of this special occasion and are now testing for blast-off. Nothing could be finer!"

Create your own script. Accepting what is there and reshaping it into a positive can be a marvelously relaxing and energizing strategy.

You can picture ...

A great example of using imagery with nervousness occurred at the recent World Championships in Perth, Australia. Newcomer (an eventual 100 breaststroke champion) Kristy Kowal credited teammate Sheila Taormina with helping her quell a jumpy stomach by suggesting that she picture the feelings as birds in a "V". Besides being a soothing image (and something to take your mind off of your negative focus on your nervousness), the "V" pattern is a tremendously useful design; it reduces the workload and increases speed for each bird: when the head bird tires, it can find relief flying in the midst of the pack; the birds in the back cheer on the head birds to main tain speed; and if one bird falters, others stick by it, no questions asked. Now isn’t that an encouraging picture to keep on your mental videotape?

You can feel ...

Imagine that the locations of your shakes and quakes are powerful centers of energy, waiting to unleash strength and speed in just the right amounts at just the right times. With this perception, you might actually welcome big-time nervousness!

You can do ...

Deep, controlled breaths do wonders for regulating the mind and body. Take your time with some relaxed, measured breaths to clear out your mental and physical pathways.

So next time you feel nervousness knocking on your door, pick a plan and then answer the door, fully prepared for your wonderful company!

CJ Lockman Hall, M.A. is president of Positive Performance, a sport performance consulting company. She swims with the Montgomery Ancient Mariners, in Bethesda, MD and has had many dates with nervousness. (301) 309-3688 or

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Over 125 Masters swimmers from five states participated in the 1998 Raleigh Area Masters-hosted meet. In this "tune-up" for the May 98 USMS SCY Nationals, the swimmers represented twenty teams as well as the unattached category.


Raleigh Area Masters
Team Greenville
North Carolina Aquatic Masters
Durham Aquatic Masters
Charlotte Swim Masters
Wilson Masters Swim Club
Virtinia Masters
Sports Center Morehead Masters
NC Masters Swim Team
Wilmington YMCA Masters
Pinehurst Aquatic Club
Gamecock Aquatic Masters
Gold Coast Mastes
Maryland Masters
Hilton Head Aquatic Club
Triad Masters Swimming
Plantation Masters
Rowan Aquatic Club Y Masters
PEAK Masters

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TEAM SPOTLIGHT ON: Raleigh Area Masters

The Raleigh Area Masters will be hosting a long course meet this summer at the Pullen Aquatic Center, on August 8, 1998. This will only be a one-day meet this year. If attendance is good, a two-day meet may be considered for next summer.

RAM's coaches have held several stroke clinics this winter, covering each of the four strokes, starts, turns and finishes. The clinics have been held during the Saturday morning practice time with a normal workout offered as well as the clinic. Attendance at these clinics has been good and our head coach Sue Haugh is in the process of scheduling more clinics for this spring and summer.

RAM added a group of Y Masters swimmers to its ranks this past January. The Capital Area Y.M.C.A. began a masters swimming program last fall. An added benefit offered to the Y swimmers was membership in RAM. Swimmers from this group have participated in the Greensboro and Raleigh meets this spring.

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If you swam in the Y Nationals in April, your individual swim times have been submitted directly to the USMS Top Ten chairperson. However, if you swam on a relay, those times have not been submitted. Please contact Ceil Blackwell immediately to give her information about your relays at Y Nationals if you wish for the relay times to be sent in for Top Ten consideration. Ceil's address is 4305 John Rencher Wynd, Raleigh, NC 27612 (919) 787-8324 e-mail

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By Ceil Blackwell, Top Ten Chair

When you participate in a meet and notice any type of error in someone’s time – your own or someone else’s, please notify the meet director immediately. Records and Top Ten ranking for the nation, our zone and our state are based on meet results. Last fall, an error in meet results from the Hillsborough meet incorrectly placed a swimmer 1st in the nation in an event. The error was not discovered until after the USMS Top Ten results had been printed. Your help will be greatly appreciated.



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-from Ceil Blackwell, NC Top Ten Chairperson

Listed below are North Carolina swimmers who were ranked among the USMS TOP TEN for the 1997 short course meters season. If your name or an event has been omitted from the following list, please contact Ceil Blackwell (919) 787-8324; 4305 John Rencher Wynd, Raleigh NC 27612 or e-mail Also, please note that copies of USMS Top Ten and Records are available from the USMS National Office, 261 High Range Road, Londonderry, NH 03053. A year's subscription is $15 for 3 issues (sc yards, sc meters and lc meters). Back issues are also available for $7 each.

Special congratulations to NC swimmers Heather Hageman, Sally Newell, John Kortheuer and Boyd Campbell who placed 1st in the nation for their respective age groups in one or more events.

25-29 Heather Hageman 1st 50m free (26.63); 1st 100m free (1:00.35); 4th 50m back & 50m fly
Patricia Hogan 9th 200m back
45-49 Sandra Cathey 6th-200m fly; 10th 400m IM

Joan Magat 10th 800m free
50-54 Jeannie Mitchell 2nd 100m back; 3rd 50m back; 4th 100m IM; 5th 200m back, 7th 400m free, 8th 50m fly
55-59 Ceil Blackwell 4th100m IM; 5th 50m free; 5th 50m back 5th 100m back; 7th 100m free

Alice Jones 8th 50m fly; 9th 50m breast; 9th 100m IM

Barbara Seaton 8th 50m free
60-64 Sally Newell 1st 50m breast (45.43), 1st 100m breast (1:41.02), 1st 200m breast (3:39.73)

7th-50m free; 8th 100m free; 8th 100m IM
19-24 Craig Roberts 8th 200m IM; 9th 200m free
25-29 Andrew Farrell 8th 200m free; 8th 50m back; 9th 50m fly;
35-39 Doug Asbury 5th 400m free

Jonathan Klein 10th 100m back

Russell Kretz 8th 50m breast; 9th 100m breast

Jim McFarland 10th 400m free
45-49 Terrence Lee 8th 800m free; 8th 400m IM
50-54 John Lawrance 2nd 400m free; 5th 200mback
55-59 Rolffs Pinkerton 9th 200m back; 10th 50m free

Lou Gadol 7th 100m breast; 9th 100m IM
60-64 Jerry Clark 2nd 100m free; 2nd 100m free; 2nd200m free; 3rd 50m free

Milton Gee 3rd 50m breast; 7th 100m breast
65-69 John Kortheuer 1st 50m breast; 1st 100m breast; 3rd 100m fly; 4th 50m fly; 9th 50m free

Dick Webber 9th 50m fly; 10th 50m free
70-74 Vester Boone 8th 800m free; 8th 1500m free

Arnie Formo 3rd 100m breast; 6th 50m breast
85-89 Boyd Campbell 1st 400m free; 3rd 50m free; 3rd 100m free; 3rd 200m free 4th 100m back;5th 50m back

Harold Hoffman 5th 100m free; 6th 50m free

North Carolina Masters Top Ten Relays


160+ 200m Medley

6th (Sharon Barrell, Alice Jones, Lorraine Woods, Ceil Blackwell)


280+ 200m Free

6th (Harold Hoffman, Boyd Campbell, Milton Gee, Dick Webber)


120+ 200m Free

6th (Heather Hagemen, Mary Sansbury, Andrew Kurtzman, Edward Saurez)


Congratulations to Jerry Clark, John Kortheuer, Jeannie Mitchell, Sally Newell, Rolffs Pinkerton, and Dick Webber for being named Relay All Americans for 1997. This honor is achieved by being on a relay that places 1st in the nation for short course yards, short course meters or long course meters.

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The twenty of us who attended the Short Course National Championships in Indianapolis May 7-10 finished third in the small teams (less than 22 people) division, just slightly behind St. Pete Masters. Everyone swam well, with many personal records being attained, and undoubtedly many state records were broken as well. Congratulations to our first place winners Bruce Mallette (5), Sally Newell (3), John Kortheuer (3), Clarke Mitchell (3), and Heather Hageman (1). Getting to know each other better was certainly one of the highlights of the trip; we all pulled for each other, and we mixed and matched as best we could for the relay events (we sure could have used one more male 65 or over). We're all enthusiastic about the upcoming long course nationals in Ft. Lauderdale -- lets make a run at the team championship by training hard (and smart), getting some friends to go, committing to a relay each day and focusing on Aug 20 -23 to go fast! It’s fun. Jerry Clark

Age Group


Place / Events

25 - 29 Heather Hageman 1st 50 Free (23.81); 2nd100 Free; 2nd Fly; 16th 50 Breast
35 – 39 Karin Deck 21st 50 Fly; 21st 500 Free; 21st 100 IM
45 – 49 Mary Sansbury 12th 50 Breast; 18th 200 Free; 20th 50 Free; 18th 100 Breast; 26th 100 IM; 21st 100 Free
50 – 54 Jeannie Mitchell 8th 50 Breast; 3rd 100 Back; 3rd 200 Back; 8th 50 Free; 4th 100 IM; 2nd 50 Back
60 – 64 Sandra Kremer 5th 50 Breast; 6th 200 Free; 5th 100 Breast; 3rd 500 Free; 5th 200 Breast
  Sally Newell 1st 50 Breast (39.37); 1st 100 Breast(1:27.68); 1st 200 Breast (3:20.38); 4th 200 Free; 3rd 50 Free; 3rd 100 Free
  Barbara Seaton 6th 50 Breast; 9th 100 Back; 8th 50 Free; 7th 100 Breast; 5th 100 Free; 5th 50 Back
25 - 29 Grant Johnston 17th 100 Fly; 11th 100 Back; 14th 200 IM; 13th 50 Fly; 14th 100 IM
40 – 45 Thomas Davis 3rd 100 Back; 13th 200 Free; 3rd 200 Back; 16th 100 Free; 6th 50 Back
  Alan Godfrey 18th 100 Fly; 8th 100 Back; 12th 200 Free; 6th 200 Back; 10th 200 IM; 12th 100 IM
  Johnathan Klein 6th 100 Back; 11th 200 Free; 7th 200 Back; 20th 50 Free; 15th 100 Free; 9th 50 Back
45 – 49 Terrence Lee 4th 1650 Free; 5th 50 Breast; 12th 400 IM; 7th 100 Breast; 12th 100 IM; 10th 200 Breast
  Bruce Mallette 1st 400 IM (4:32.35); 1st 200 IM (2:03.53); 1st 50 Fly(24.37); 1st 100 IM (56.93); 1st 200 Breast (2:21.27); 3rd 100 Fly
  Charles Van Der Horst 25th 100 Fly; 35th 200 Free; 34th 50 Free; 30th 50 Fly; 28th 100 Free; 17th 500 Free
55 – 59 Rolffs Pinkerton 4th 100 Back; 6th 200 Back; 14th 50 Free; 14th 100 Free; 4th 50 Back
60 – 64 Jerry Clark 2nd 1000 Free; 7th 50 Breast; 4th 200 Free; 3rd 50 Free; 2nd 100 Free; 4th 500 Free
  Milton Gee 2nd 50 Breast; 16th 50 Free; 5th 100 Breast; 6th 100 IM; 7th 200 Breast
65 – 69 John Kortheuer 1st 50 Breast (33.31); 1st 100 Breast (1:14.88); 1st 200 Breast(2:50.98); 4th 5o Free; 2nd 50 Fly; 2nd 100 IM
  Clarke Mitchell 1st 50 Back (32.54); 1st 200 Back (2:44.22); 3rd 100 Fly; 2nd 100 Back; 3rd 50 Fly; 4th 100 IM
70 – 74 John Murphy 5th 100 Back; 7th 50 Free; 5th 100 Free; 4th 50 Back


Event Place / Time / Team Members
25+ 200 Medley 16th / 2:12.65 / Hageman, Deck, Sansbury, Mitchell
25+ 200 Medley 19th / 1:52.28 / Godfrey, Johnston, Gee, Klein
35+ 200 Medley 12th / 1:45.27 / Klein, Mallette, Godfrey, Davis
55+ 200 Medley 4th / 2:03.08 / Clark, Mitchell, Kortheuer, Pinkerton
45+ 200 Free 15th / 1:50.76 / Gee, Van Der Horst, Murphy, Mallette
55+ 200 Free 3rd / 1:47.34 / Mitchell, Clark, Kortheuer, Pinkerton
35+ 200 Free 16th / 1:45.43 / Sansbury, Deck, Godfrey, Davis
55+ 200 Free 3rd / 2:02.14 / Pinkerton, Newell, Kremer, Clark
25+ 200 Medley 22nd / 1:52.52 / Hageman, Deck, Johnston, Klein
45+ 200 Medley 18th / 2:13.06 / Kremer, Mallette, Newell, Van Der Horst
55+ 200 Medley 3rd / 1:47.34 / Mitchell, Clark, Kortheuer, Pinkerton

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SPRING WORK-OUT by Heather Hageman

Heather’s Spring Workout is really a clarification of her Winter Workout. The change is in the Main Set. Instead of swimming six 100’s on the interval followed by six 50’s on the same interval, each 100 is followed by a 50 on the interval. The difference in the order results in a more challenging workout.

(* Master's Rule: Swimmers may add/deduct yardage and change strokes/intervals as needed/desired to make their work-outs more fun/challenging.)

WARM-UP:      100 swim
      50 kick choice
PRE-MAIN:12 x 50 kick IM order on 1:00 or 1:10 or 1:20
5 x 100 pull (75 free / 25 stroke) with :10 rest
100 free for time (strong, 90-95% effort); remember your time
50 easy
MAIN SET:      100 free on interval time of the 100 time taken above plus 10 seconds
      50 free on same interval as the 100
For example, if you did 1:30 above add 10 seconds to that, making your interval time for the 100’s 1:40. The interval time for the 50’s is also 1:40. The 100's are hard effort, and the 50's are easy.
WARM-DOWN: 8 x 75 swim/drill/swim by 25's. on 1:20 or 1:30 or 1:40
TOTAL:3,500 yards

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June 27/28

Greenville, SC

Dixie Zone LC Champs

Contact: Jim Keogh (864) 220-0209

August 2

Prince Georges County, MD

DC Masters 13th LCM Meet

Jeanne Grillo (301) 983-1064

August 8

Raleigh, NC

RAM LC Invitational

Tim Sexauer (919) 266-6315

Aug. 20-23

Ft. Lauderdale

USMS LC Champs

Stu Marvin (954) 468-1582

Sept. 12/13

Hendersonville, NC

Smoky Mt. Meet

Sandra Kremer (704) 891-5053

Oct. 10/11

Orlando, FL

Dixie Zone SCM Champs

Oct 17

Hillsborough, NC

SCM Meet

Krista Phillips (919) 732-3818 / Entry form available lateJuly

Nov. 7/8

Anderson, SC

SCM Meet

Contact: Steve Wycoff (864)260-5170

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August 20-23, 1998

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

(see May/June 98 issue SWIM MAGAZINE for details)

Circle events you are willing to swim:

Thur-200 Mixed Medley Fri-200 Medley Sat-200 Free Sun-200 Mixed Free

List best time for strokes you are willing to swim - more than one, if possible, as you may be needed in something other than your primary stroke.

50 Back __________ 50 Breast __________ 50 Fly __________ 50 Free ________

Please Print Clearly:

Name: _______________________________________ Age as of 8/23 __________

Address: _______________________________________

City: ______________________________ State __________ Zip ____________

Telephones: Home ____________________ Office _______________________

E-mail: __________________________

Please return to Jerry Clark, 3107 Cloverfield Road, Charlotte, NC 28211 (E-mail: Thank you for returning this form to me at the same time you send your Official Entry Form (from SWIM Magazine into the Nationals. Please feel committed to swim in any event(s) you circle.


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Date: 6/13/98