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From The Vice-President's Lane, ASSULT ON SANTA CLARA - by Jerry Clark
From The Registrar's Lane - by George Simon
From The Secretary's Lane - by Jeannie Mitchell
NC Masters Swimming T-Shirts
Performance Aptitudes and Attitudes, The Spirit of NCMS on the East Coast - by Bev Amick, Jeannie Mitchell, and Rolffs Pinkerton
Dixie Zone 1999 Short Course Championships
North Carolina Masters Win in Atlanta - by Don Gilchrist
North Carolina -- Virginia Masters Challenge - by Milton Gee
1998 Masters All-Americans - by Ceil Blackwell
1998 Relay All-Americans - by Ceil Blackwell
LMSC - NC Officers and Staff


From The Vice-President‘s Lane - by Jerry Clark


Short Course National Championships

Led by our state swim committee president Don Gilchrist, 8 women and 6 men arrived in the sun drenched Silicon Valley fit and ready (and nervous too) to do battle with the nation’s best Masters swimmers in mid-May. We emerged four days later with many medals, a number of state records, one national record, a third place finish for the men’s team in the small team division (15 or fewer swimmers) and lots of warm feelings about being together at this great meet. The results are elsewhere in this letter. It was great having teammates exhorting each other to stronger efforts, celebrating the good swims and empathizing with the disappointing ones. We really had an esprit de corps.

We have many things to be proud of, and here are a few of them:


These meets are fun (except maybe in the hour before one’s event), and I hope many of you will consider entering the national long course meet in August. Info is in the current issue of SWIM magazine. There is time to undertake a vigorous training program to enhance your performance. It’s sort of a bonding thing to know other teammates are training hard at the same time. We sorely needed more people for relays in Santa Clara; lets do something about that for the meet in Minnesota. The pool there is considered by many to be one of the top three in the USA, so it should be fun to get in it and see how we can do. Lets bring home some more hardware!

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From The Registrar‘s Lane

by George Simon

A reminder to all North Carolina Masters: Effective with the year 2000 renewals, the LMSC - NC annual registration fee will increase from $23 to $25 for each individual's membership. Please do not use 1999 registration forms marked up for the year 2000. Each registered member will be invoiced for his or her individual renewal by the first week of November. Each team will be mailed year 2000 registration forms for new members in October.

Registration for 1999 is ahead of 1998 registrations with 562 members as of May 16th; approximately 30 swimmers ahead of last year’s registrations. Hopefully NC will exceed 1998's 597 registrations. With new teams starting this year, such as the successful North State Masters Swimming team in Burlington and the new Rocky Mount Y Masters, North Carolina Masters Swimming should easily exceed 600 members.

Thanks to all who have donated to the International Swimmers Hall of Fame Foundation and the USMS Foundation. NC collected $81 and $109 respectively for each of the organizations. Your donation is sent directly to the USMS for deposit into these foundations.

Our new website,, is experiencing steady growth. Many search engines now have pointers to our site, and web traffic is increasing monthly. Approximately 100 pages are requested daily. The most frequented pages are the meet descriptions and results, records, as well as information about each of North Carolina's teams. Team representatives can have additional information placed on their web page to announce special events or promote their team's activities. Only a few teams take advantage of having their web page provide more than minimum information. A short e-mail to with additional information is all that is required to update your team web page.


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From The Secretary‘s Lane

by Jeannie Mitchell

The LMSC-NC Board met April 17, 1999 at the Dixie Zone Short Course Championships in Raleigh, NC. The officers met with nine chapter representatives. Three chapters provided proxies.

The January 30, 1999 meeting minutes were amended as follows:

1. Kernersville, not Huntersville, is planning to build a 50 meter natatorium;

2. The LMSC-NC registration fee increase to $25 for the year 2000 will be effective Nov. 1, 1999, not Jan. 1, 2000; and

3. The new web site has a $35 yearly fee. We will pay $9.95/month for the web hosting service. This is $58 more than the previous web site fee and will be well worth it.

Treasurer Chuck Irwin presented the first quarter 1999 financial report. Income for the quarter was $900.82. Total expenses were $1139.40. Net change for the quarter was a loss of $238.58. The checking account balance is $3824.32. The present value of the CD is $3718.15. The balance for LMSC-NC is $7542.47.


George Simon identified several problems with the Consolidated Entry Cards (the blue cards you received with you registration): entrants not including the event number, entrants not completing the top section, and no extra lines for miscellaneous information (social tickets, t-shirts, etc). Betsy Durrant (from Virginia) noted that it was difficult for out-of-state swimmers to obtain a copy of the card. She printed hers off of the Internet.

Several representatives noted that it was time consuming going back and forth from the entry information sheet to the entry card. The Meet Director found the mixing of small forms and full sheet copies was cumbersome during the computer entry process. However, the general consensus was to use them one more time, hoping that familiarity and practice will reduce the incidence of errors. The entry cards will be used for the Hendersonville meet in September.

Melisa Norman will continue as the LMSC-NC Records Keeper. George thanked her for providing the updated records information to him so quickly for the web site, and others also expressed their appreciation for her efforts.

Krista Phillips will be asked to organize a much-needed short course meters meet in Hillsborough such as the one in 1997. An early October date was suggested. The LMSC-NC will help support the meet. The motion was made and passed that the LMSC will support any team that would like to host a SCM meet such that the host team will net a profit of at least $300.

National bids: The Wilmington Y Masters are interested in sponsoring the 5K or 1-3 mile Open Water National Championships in 2000 or 2001. Don Gilchrist and Dan Forrester will prepare a bid to present to the National Convention this fall.

Don has been in dialog with Hill Carrow about bidding for the USMS Long Course Championships to be held in Charlotte in two or three years. Discussion followed:

Pro's: Great pool, many motels, town enthusiasm, money to be made, and state Masters' membership will grow.

Con's: Not enough bleacher seating, parking, lockers, nor adequate warm down area (long course) at MAC.

Jerry Clark suggested forming a committee to formulate a bid. That committee will include Ceil Blackwell, Heather Hageman, Hill Carrow, Don Gilchrist, and others pending nominations. Masters interested in serving on this committee should contact Don Gilchrist.


LMSC-NC officers for the next term were nominated: Jerry Clark, President; Don Gilchrist, Vice President; and Alice Jones, Treasurer. The Secretary's position is yet to be nominated. Nominations for the position will be accepted until the fall meeting. Team reps are asked to inquire among their membership for interest in this position. Alice Jones was appointed to the position of Treasurer effective immediately. Chuck Irwin will instruct Alice about the system he has in place.

The 1999 USMS National Convention will be in San Diego September 15-18. George Simon and Jerry Clark will be our official delegates. Any other NC Masters who would like to attend may be reimbursed up to $200 for his/her expenses. Masters may contact George and Jerry if they have any special issues that they would like our delegates to take to Convention. Don Gilchrist or Dan Forrester may go to present their bid for the Open Water Nationals, as described above.

The next LMSC-NC meeting will be on Sept. 11, 1999 at the Smoky Mountain LC meet in Hendersonville.

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Orders for the ash gray T-shirts should now be placed with Chuck Irwin. Please make your check payable to LMSC for NC and mail to Chuck Irwin; 994 Snow Hill Falls Circle; Franklin, NC 28734-9436. Prices include shipping/handling charges: L-XL $11.00, XXL $13.00 (remember to include your size along with your name/address/zip code and phone number).

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By Bev Amick, Jeannie Mitchell, and Rolffs Pinkerton

Two weeks after our Dixie Zone Championships and two weeks before the Nationals, four NC Masters braved the Washington DC area traffic to compete in the Colonies Zone Championships. Upon their return home, three of the four, Beverly Amick, Jeannie Mitchell, and Rolffs Pinkerton (RAM's Ed White was the fourth) exclaimed their experiences to Jerry Clark. Their expressions capture the team spirit and camaraderie that epitomize Masters Swimming competition.


Look out Yanks, here come the Tarheels! That's how we four NCMS swimmers felt on the third day of competition at the Colony Zone Short Course Championships. With only four swimmers representing North Carolina, we were ranked 16th out of 32 teams prior to Sunday's competition! We all had an exhilarating meet.

The meet was held April 30-May 2, 1999 at the University of Maryland, College Park campus. The pool is cold, deep and fast! It is a beautiful, large, state of the art facility with plenty of room for the 514 athletes. The staff was friendly, helpful, and efficient. They were even still smiling Sunday afternoon during the crunch at the awards table (beautiful medals for 1st through 3rd, ribbons for 4th through 8th). Whenever they put on another meet, we want to go! Let's assemble a bigger group next year so we can put together some relays.

Rolffs and I dominated the backstroke events, winning gold in the 50 and 100-yard races. Rolffs also won the 50-yard freestyle, and I won the 100 yard I.M. Beverly won the 200 yard individual medley by 1/100th of a second! The rest of Beverly's swims were personal best times. Edward also tallied some great personal swims.

The first day I won the 50 back easily, the first event. I guess I got a little overconfident (and a little tired) as I was beaten in the last event of the day, the 200 back. Bev and I analyzed my race and decided that the woman beat me on the turns. So my game plan for Sunday, the 100 back, was primarily to speed up my turns. That's what I practiced in warm ups that morning -- to gain confidence in the wall/flag placement so I could swim aggressively into the walls and remember to throw my heels to make a faster spinning flip. My mental setting was strong; I had beaten her in the 50 back and had led her in 125 of the 200 back. Luckily she was seeded right next to me so we knew exactly who was where. Final result: GOLD!! I swam a 1:15.75 . I haven't swum that fast since Short Course Nationals in 1997!

The rest of the day I was so pumped I swam great times. My 50 breast was another two-year best. The 100 IM (last event of meet) was a toss up according to seed times. I could have placed anywhere from 1st to 4th. Luckily two of the women were in my heat so as I won the heat I knew I had 1st or 2nd. My backstroke nemesis swam in the next heat. As soon as I finished (1:19.86), Bev and I watched the score board for Andrea's time. At the beginning of the last lap it looked like she had won, but in those last few strokes the clock flipped over to 1:20, and we were ecstatic!! I earned another first! That was a sweet bonus. Sort of made up for the 200 back since it was the same competition.

You all have a fabulous Nationals -- we have had ours! I pray you will swim your very best, and do great times.


Jeannie and I made it home last night at 9 PM. What a meet! There were 540 entries and the pool was the fastest pool I have ever been in. I did personal best times in everything I swam. I won the 200 IM (2:37.32), got 3rd in 100 free (1:02.01), 4th in 50 fly (31.01), 4th in 100 fly (1:09.31), 4th in 200 free (2:18.53), and 5th in 500 free (6:14.75). I also placed 4th in the 100 back (1:13.42). Both Jeannie and Rolffs had great meets. I will definitely go to any meet that is held in this pool as the facilities were unbelievable. Rolffs said this is probably a better pool than Minneapolis. Well, I'm sure you are getting anxious about Santa Clara. Joe and Bob are really training seriously for this. I wish I could be going, but I'm not sure I would have done any better than I did in College Park.


First order of business: the U. of MD. pool is superb. Easily in the league with Indianapolis - deep, very fast, and no turbulence. Extremely well run, national-level competition with well over 500 swimmers. Jeannie and Bev had outstanding meets with, I believe, some personal bests.

Now for the most important part of this message - GIVE 'EM HELL Jerry (Clark) and Jon (Klein)!!!! You guys have a terrific time in Santa Clara. You're both in fantastic shape; you'll be shaved and tapered. Know you'll do a great job (Jerry: come back with a piece of Jeff Farrell's hide!!!). We will all be cheering for you on this side of the country. All the Best.

Vital to the above personal and team achievements were the camaraderie, spirit and mutual support of the NCMS team. While a swimmer’s physical and mental capabilities are crucial to his/her accomplishments, the real success multiplier can be the energy given to and received from others. So, at your next meet, local, regional, or national, swim the best you can, not only by focusing on your events, but by encouraging and supporting your teammates. When you energize them, you energize yourself.

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Dixie Zone 1999 Short Course Championships

This year's Dixie Zone Short Course Championships were held at the Pullen Aquatic Center in Raleigh. Close to 200 people participated with Zone members from as far away Florida. The meet also included USMS swimmers from Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. On an international scale we had one AUSSI swimmer from Nhulunbuy, Australia. We believe that Don was here to check out the competition for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, but he claims that he wanted to see what its like to swim in a "yard" pool.

First place was awarded to the host, RAM, with second place going to NCAM and third was awarded to CSM. The high point women were Whitney Drake 19, Lauren Lindblad 25, Sian Hunter 32, Sue Haugh 37, Beverly Amick 44, Margaret Chesson 45, Pamela Wingerter 54, Sally Newell 61, Suzanne Robbins-Bonitz 65, Helen Newbold 75, Roberta Sugden 82 and Marie Heikkinen 87. The high point men included Doug Shanks 23, Scott Allen 27, Tom Northcutt 33, Bruce Kowalski 35, Thomas Davis 41, Don Gilchrist 45, Hugh Wilder 51, Warner Brundage 56, Jerry Clark 61, David Alkire 65, Richard Avery 76 and Roy Morse 82. Thanks to George Simon complete results are available at our website http:\\ .

As with every swim meet there were various Lost and Found Items. Most of the found items were towels and a few items of clothing including some swim suits. One lost item of note is a pair of glasses. If you found anything or are looking for something that is lost please contact Tim Sexauer at (919) 266-6315 or

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Twenty-four NCMS swimmers journeyed to the St. Patrick's Day Invitational to bring home the gold. NCMS captured the out-of-state team high point trophy scoring 703 points, fourth overall behind the Georgia Masters Killer Whales, Atlanta Rainbow Trout, and Dynamo Masters. The trophy now resides at Sally Newell's (someone had to take the trophy home since we do not yet have a "Hall of Fame" location). The St. Patrick's Day Invitational has always been a well run meet. Thirty-seven teams with 260 swimmers from all over the southeast participated. Individual performances were outstanding with many NC Masters winning their age groups' high point awards. They included Jeannie Mitchell, Beverly Amick, Sally Newell, Don Gilchrist, and Jerry Clark. Two Olympic gold medalists, Jon Olsen and Angel Martinez added a lot of excitement. I believe they won their events!! Olsen's freestyle was perfect and a sight to behold, long and easy with seven to eight strokes per length. All should plan to participate next year in order to topple the Georgia Killer Whales on their home turf.

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North Carolina -- Virginia Masters Challenge By Milton Gee

Last November, for the first time, North Carolina and Virginia Masters swimmers competed against each other in the NC - VA Challenge. The meet was a two-day affair with relays on Sunday. There were 42 swimmers: 22 from NC and 20 from VA. The meet was held in the Roanoke Rapids, NC Aquatic Center, a two-year-old six-lane 25-yard pool.

The format was a handicap meet consisting of a 50 yard swim of each of the four strokes and a 100 IM. Each swimmer's time was adjusted by their handicap. The handicap was figured by adding .01 for each year over 25 (25 being 1.00). For example, if you were 50 you would subtract 25 from 50 which is 25. Your handicap would 1.25. You would then divide your actual swim time by 1.25 to yield your handicap time.

To determine the winner, the handicapped times were added and then divided by the number of swimmers on the team. The low score wins. NC won by a hair. The VA team said they would return and take the trophy back to Virginia.

The Roanoke Rapids Aquatic Center Staff and Chamber Of Commerce did an outstanding job hosting the meet and putting on a pasta feast with plenty of beer and soft drinks. Swimmers from both teams had a great time and look forward to this year's rematch on October 23 and 24. Watch for the meet announcement.

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1998 MASTERS ALL-AMERICANS By Ceil Blackwell

In the May/June issue of Swim magazine, the following North Carolina Masters were named 1998 USMS All Americans: Heather Hageman (25-29), Harold Hoffman (90-94), John Kortheuer (65-69), Bruce Mallette (45-49), Clarke Mitchell (65-69), Jeannie Mitchell (50-55), Jeff Murray (25-29) and Sally Newell (60-64). A swimmer attains All-American status by finishing first in his/her age group in at least one event in the USMS Top Ten for short course yards, short course meters or long course meters. North Carolina salutes all of you!

These swimmers may order an All-American patch by sending a check for $5 to USMS and mail to USMS National Office, PO Box 185, Londonderry, NH 03053-0185.

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1998 RELAY ALL AMERICANS By Ceil Blackwell

The following NC Masters have qualified as USMS RELAY ALL AMERICANS for 1998. To achieve this honor, the swimmers were members of a relay team that ranked first in the nation for their respective age group in SCY, SCM, LCM as listed in the USMS Top Ten Tabulation. Congratulations to: Lee Ann Britt, Rachel Gunn, Heather Hageman, Grant Johnston, Lauren Lindbald, Jeff Murray, Christine Vess, and Eric Vess.

These swimmers may request a Relay All American patch and certificate from USMS. To receive the patch and certificate, send a check to USMS for $5 along with a note indicating the relay distance and the course (SCY, SCM, LCM) to USMS, PO Box 185, Londonderry, NH 03053.

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Terrapin 800/1500 Meters Swim Meet

College Park, MD

David Diehl (301) 946-0649



USMS National Championship 2-Mile Cable Swim

Charlottesville, VA

Beth Waters (804) 276-5229

J Mullins:



Golden Isles Masters Classic

Brunswick, GA

Carlton DeVooght (912) 638-7047



MD Masters Long Course Meet

Catonsville, MD

Katherine Branch (410) 719-7312


30-1 Aug

Dixie Zone LCM Championships

Baton Rouge, LA

Scott Rabalais (504) 766-5937



DC Masters Long Course Meet

George Mason Univ, Northern VA

Joann Leilich (703) 354-2130



Long Course Meet (Tentative)

Atlanta, GA

Lisa Watson (770) 718-3646




University of Minn




Smoky Mt. LCM Meet

Hendersonville, NC

Sandra Kremer (828) 891-5053



NC Senior Games

Raleigh, NC



Short Course Meters Meet

Hillsborough, NC

Krista Phillips (919) 732-3818



NC-VA Challenge

Roanoke Rapids, NC

Milton Gee




Orlando FL




Dixie Zone SCM Championships

Coral Springs, FL

Jonathan Coyle (954) 340-5508

Apr 2000


The "Shootout" Colonies/Dixie Zones SCY Champs

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Stu Marvin (954) 468-1580

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Emily Cathey

5th/1000 Free (13:50.64); 11th/400 IM (6:10.53)


Heather Hageman

5th/50 Back (29.21); 8th/200 Free (2:02.81); 2nd/50 Fly (29.29); 2nd/50 Free (24.22); 10th/50 Breast (35.72); 2nd/100 Free (53.50)


Karin Deck

16th/400 IM (5:39.18); 33rd/50 Fly (31.66); 34th/100 IM (1:11.98); 33rd/100 Free (1:02.70)


Mary Sansbury

15th/200 Free (2:36); 10th/100 Breast (1:26.93); 14th/50 Free (30.21);13th/200 IM (2:50.98); 13th/50 Breast (39.46); 13th/100 Free (1:09.24)


Sandra Cathey

7th/1000 Free (14:54.81)*; 5th/400 IM (6:21.73)*; 8th/200 Fly (3:21.57)*;

10th/200 Breast (3:14.76)*; 14th/100 Fly (1:32.25)*; 8th/200 Back (3:08.10)


Sally Newell

3rd/50 Back (42.35); 2nd/100 Breast (1:32.63); 2nd/200 Breast (3:19.82); 3rd/50 Free (32.53); 1st/50 Breast (40.47); 4th/100 Free (1:15.91)


Nancy McPhee

6th/ 400 IM (9:03.28)*; 6th/200 Fly (4:53.66)*; 6th/50 Fly (56.64);

3rd/100 IM (2:00.06); 5th/100 Fly (2:05.54)*

Suzanne Robbins-Bonitz

2nd/50 Back (43.46); 8th/100 Breast (1:59.71); 2nd/100 Back (1:37.87); 8th/50 Free (41.07); 7th/50 Breast (53.59); 4th/200 Back (3:44.76)



Bob Jennings

4th/100 Breast (1:00.85); 3rd/200 Breast (2:11.55)*; 7th/200 IM (2:00.72)*;8th/100 IM (55.68); 4th/50 Breast (27.81)


Jonathan Klein

6th/50 Back (26.52); 13th/200 Free (1:53.55); 8th/50 Fly (25.16);5th/100 Back (57.32); 5th/200 Back (2:04.63); 11th/100 Free (51.12)

Joseph Rhyne

1st/1000 Free (9:56.27)*; 2nd/200 Free (1:46.30)*; 2nd/200 Fly (1:56.99)*;1st/500 Free (4:41.83)**; 2nd/100 Fly (53.23)*; 2nd/200 Back (1:58.74)*


Don Gilchrist

2nd/400 IM (4:32.98); 8th/200 Free (1:54.13)*; 3rd/200 Fly (2:09.77)*;2nd/200 Breast (2:23.71); 2nd/200 IM (2:06.63); 4th/50 Breast (30.12)


Jerry Clark

2nd/1000 Free (12:30.95)*; 2nd/200 Free (2:08.54); 1st/500 Free (5:58.75)*;

2nd/50 Free (25.33); 10th/50 Breast (36.34); 2nd/100 Free (54.62)*

Milton Gee

6th/100 Breast (1:17.89); 8th/200 Breast (2:58.65); 13th/50 Free (30.85);7th/100 IM (1:17.96); 5th/50 Breast (34.32)





45+ 200 Medley

10th / 2:37.03

45+ 200 Free

9th / 2:19.54


25+ 200 Medley

12th / 1:42.31

25+ 200 Free

19th / 1:34.33


25+ 200 Medley

16th / 1:51.33

55+ 200 Medley

7th / 2:20.18

25+ 200 Free

11th / 1:40.68

55+ 200 Free

7th / 2:09.08



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The following swimmers from LMSC-NC were ranked in the USMS TOP TEN for their respective age groups for the 1998 SCM season. North Carolina swimmers who placed first in the nation in their age groups in one of their events were Heather Hageman, Jeannie Mitchell and Sally Newell. Two North Carolina relays placed first in the nation. They were the 100 + relay consisting of Lee Ann Britt, Lauren Lindbald, Heather Hageman and Christine Vess and the 100+ 200 medley relay with Christine Vess, Eric Vess, Jeff Murray and Heather Hageman. Congratulations to all these swimmers.

The Top Ten Chairperson for NC, Ceil Blackwell, has attempted to locate names of all swimmers from our LMSC. If your name or an event is missing from the list below, please contact Ceil.



Lee Anne Britt

4th 200M Free; 6th 400M Free; 7th 50M Back; 7th 100M Back;

6th 200M IM; 9th 100M IM


Heather Hageman

1st 50M Free (26.85); 2nd 50M; 10th 100M IM


Christine Vess

6th 200M Back; 8th 100M Back


Peggy Speight

7th 1500M Free


Beverly Amick

9th 400M IM


Mary Sansbury

9th 100M Breast


Jeannie Mitchell

1st 50M Back(:39.61); 5th 100M Back


Ceil Blackwell

5th 100M Back


Sally Newell

1st 50M Breast (45.75); 3rd 100M Breast; 3rd 200M Breast;

5th 50M Free; 8th 100M IM; 10th 100M Free


Buz Catlin

6th 50M Fly; 6th 100M IM; 8th 100M Back; 8th 50M Breast



Jeff Murray

5th 100M IM; 8th 50M FLY


Alan Godfrey

6th200M Back; 7th200M Free; 8th 100M Back; 10th100M Free

Jonathan Klein

2nd 50M Back; 3rd100M Back; 3rd 200M Back; 8th200M Free;

9th 100M Free; 9th 50M Fly;


Milton Gee

3rd 100M Breast; 5th 50M Breast; 6th 200M Breast

Norman Macartney

10th 200M Fly


Clark Mitchell

2nd 50M Back; 2nd100M Back; 2nd 200M Back; 4th 100M IM;

6th 200M Free; 7th 50M Fly; 8th 50M Breast;

Dick Webber

6th 100M IM; 7th 50M Free; 8th 100M Free; 10th 50m Fly


Vester Boone

9th 1500M Free


Harold Hoffman

3rd 100M Free; 4th 50M Free

Women’s Relays

120+ 200 Free

2nd(Heather Hageman, Christine Vess, Beverly Amick, Mary Sansbury)

9th (Lee Anne Britt, Lauren Lindbald, Karen Talmadge, Susan Nestor)

100+ 200 Medley

1st (Lee Ann Britt, Laren Lindbald, Heather Hageman, Christine Vess)

160+ 200 Medley

7th (Beverly Amick, Susan Nestor, Mary Sansbury, Karen Talmadge)

280+ 200 Medley

3rd (Bette Hoffman, Sally Newell, Judy Kelly, Buz Catlin)

Men’s Relays

200+ 200 Medley

5th (Norman Macartney, Milton Gee, James Scherbarth, Harold Hoffman)


120+ 200 Free

9th (Christine Vess, Heather Hageman, Eric Vess, Scott Hinkley)

240+ 200 Free

4th (Jeannie Mitchell, Sally Newell, Dick Webber, Norman Macartney)

100+ 200 Medley

1st (Christine Vess, Eric Vess, Jeff Murray, Heather Hageman)

160+ 200 Medley

9th (Beverly Amick, Steve Weatherman, Jonathan Klein, Karen Talmadge)

240+ 200 Medley

3rd (Ceil Blackwell, Sally Newell, Clarke Mitchell, Dick Webber)

280+ 200 Medley

9th (Buz Catlin, Bette Hoffman, Harold Hoffman,, Norman Macartney)

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LMSC - NC Officers and Staff



Winston-Salem, Contact: John Pence (336) 772-7482


Burlington, Contact: Eric Plenn (336) 570-1161


Chapel Hill, Contact: Melisa Norman (919) 942-8631


Ashville, Contact: Deborah Wilson (828) 452-0321


Charlotte, Contact: Heather Hageman (704) 366-3483


Southern Pines, Contact: Robert Fleury (910) 695-0734


Durham, Contact: Gina Paul (919) 560-4781


Salisbury, Contact: Nicki Rosenbluth (704) 633-2196


Fayetteville, Contact: Shawna Klein (910) 323-0800 x234


Raleigh / Cary, Contact: Ceil Blackwell (919) 787-8324


Franklin, Contact: Chuck Irwin (828) 524-7720


Rocky Mount, Contact: Jennifer Gordon (252) 972-9622


Gastonia, Contact: Michael Dixon (704) 865-3943


Morehead City, Contact: Norman Macartney (252) 504-2319


Banner Elk, Contact: Jeannie Mitchell (828) 963-4202


Greensboro / High Point, Eddie Stephens (336) 286-1007


Contact: Betsy Montgomery (828) 254-1632


Wilmington, Contact: Jim Enyart (910) 253-3333


Chapel Hill - UNC - CH, Contact: Barrett Hahn (919) 933-4905


Wilson, Contact: Bert Davenport (252) 243-6222

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