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The Chairman's Lane, - by Jerry Clark
The Secretary's Lane - by Sally Newell
The Registrar's Lane - by George Simon
Dixie Zone SCM Championships - by Steve Wycoff
LMSC for NC - Swimmers and Service Awards presented at Charlotte Sunbelt Championships
LMSC for NC Officers
Summary of Major Changes to the USMS Rules of Competition Effective 1 January 2001
Performance, Aptitudes and Attitudes - Observations From The 2000 Olympic Games> - by Dennis Pursley, National Team Director
SHORT COURSE METERS TOP TEN FOR 2000 - by Ceil Blackwell
Upcoming Events


When leaving the pool to drive back to Southport after the Sunbelt Championships Meet January 28th, our editor Jim Enyart asked me to write about the highlights of the Sunbelt meet. I went home and got busy cleaning up the last of the fallen leaves in our yard, all the time giving thought to Jim’s suggestion. It occurred to me that many people like Jim take the time to prepare for this meet, drive a considerable distance, spend a night in a motel, attend the LMSC meeting on Saturday, get nervous and tired while racing, and all of this for the love of the sport of Masters Swimming. So with some 68 of the 175 people who entered this meet being from Charlotte, let me convey a heartfelt THANK YOU from the meet committee to the other 107 people who came here that weekend; you were the brightest highlight. We’ll see you on the last weekend of January next year.

Other highlights come to mind. One is that Alis Woodard traveled here from Saudi Arabia (where her husband is working for a couple of years) for the meet. She sent a nice e-mail message after the meet saying that she noted the positive feeling of seeing happy and strong people swimming, and that it gives her a good feeling for the future. She also said that the women in Saudi Arabia can’t exercise or wear swimsuits, but that as an expatriate, she can swim with the kids in the International school pool. I hope she won’t mind my publishing her e-mail address. Some of you might like to drop her a note, maybe passing workouts along to her, etc. It is ALISMARIA@aol.com

Certainly an inspiring highpoint that comes to mind is watching Boyd Campbell, Jr. assisting his dad Boyd Campbell, Sr. to the starting block for the five events he completed in the 90-94 age group. His willingness to come here from Hendersonville and race with us is appreciated so much. Another highlight to mention is that Florence Carr (75-79) journeyed from Sun City Center, Florida, and picked up 10 first place ribbons.

Yet another high point was seeing our Charlotte buddy Eric Yamauchi racing again after working his way back from a serious stroke a few years ago.    He is a real inspiration to those who train with him.   One more was having our teammate and friend Becky Bruch from Highland Park, IL come to participate with us.    She entered late, and you may have noticed her zooming off the front in the first heat of the ten events she entered.    She raced for North Carolina Masters Swimming at both national meets in 2000 and won nine of the ten events (2nd in the other one) she entered.

Twenty-four swimmers and four coaches participated in the first USMS Mentor coaches clinic February 3rd in Charlotte. The mentor coach was Kerry O’Brien from Walnut Creek, CA. He runs a Masters-only program there with just under 400 swimmers, has coached at many clinics, and is an accomplished competitor in his age group as well. This USMS program is designed to have selected coaches travel throughout the US to lecture area coaches in the morning, and then, assisted by the local coaches, conduct a clinic for swimmers in the afternoon.

Kerry’s "chalktalk" sessions for both coaches and swimmers were outstanding. Some of the subject matter included (1) coaching for the long haul, (2) designing sets for workouts, (3) setting up a training cycle, etc. He provided the group with selected drills for each of the four strokes and then demonstrated those drills in the water as people took notes. Five groups were set up in five lanes. Four lanes had a coach at the top of the lane to guide the swimmers through the workout. The fifth lane was used for underwater filming from head on and from the side. The entire group retired to the classroom to hear (and see) Kerry suggest corrective actions for each swimmer. This took too long. We’ll have two cameras next time so people can go right into the review room following their filming. This will allow us time to go back to the pool to practice the suggested changes that Kerry recommends. Based on the e-mails I’ve received following this event, I think word will get out about the quality of this USMS program. There are only 6 of these clinics throughout the country in one calendar year. Let me thank coaches Heather Hageman, Krista Phillips, Scott Hinckley, and Roy Dessloch from Greenville SC for their attendance and contributions to the clinic.

As for NCMS business, I once again ask all of you to encourage swimmers to register with USMS. We ended up year 2000 with just under 700 members. We should have many more throughout the state, but it takes word of mouth to get new people interested. Maybe you can think of a way to make it easy for people to register in your area. One other matter of interest is that Dick Webber has spent some time coming up with suggested criteria for nominations for outstanding swimmer awards for 2001. Our board will be discussing these criteria. If anyone else wants to make suggestions, please e-mail me (my address is shown in the newsletter).

Both national championship meets are on the west coast this year, so we may not have a big crowd going. When the entry deadline passes, we’ll find out who entered from NC to see if we can put some relay teams together. Meanwhile, train smart and hard.


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January 27, 2001

Teams Represented: SMAC-Debbie Wilson, PEAK-Clark Mitchell, WYM-Jim Enyart, RAM-Hill Carrow, RAM & Top Ten, Ceil Blackwell, RAM-Kevin Facchine, CSM-Heather Hageman, AWSM-Beverly Amick, XMEN-David Stutts, TMS-Patty Tiska-Rivers.

Officers Present: Jerry Clark, George Simon, Clark Mitchell, Sally Newell

Teams not represented at this meeting: Chapel Hill Masters, Durham Aquatic Masters, Fayetteville Aquatic Swim Team, Gaston Gators, Montgomery Masters, NC Aquatic Masters, North State Masters, Pinehurst Aquatic Club, Rowan Aquatic Club-YMCA Masters, Sports Center Morehead Masters, Wilson Masters Swim Club.

The meeting was called to order by Jerry Clark. There were no minutes from the October Hillsborough meeting as there were not enough representatives present to justify a meeting.

George Simon, Registrar, reported 534 members, and we are growing. George listed the teams and their numbers. The Pasquotank River Otters and Smoky Mt. Aquatic Club are new teams. There are fourteen paid chapters.

Alice Jones resigned as Treasurer. Sue Haugh has agreed to fill the position . George Simon motioned that Sue Haugh be appointed Treasurer and Kevin Facchine seconded that motion. There was no year end financial report available at this time. However, Jerry did report that we have $3,500, in a CD. We were able to minimize expenses by $700 for the year 2000 due to electronic newsletters. George told us that because only 110 members do not have e-mail addresses the organization no longer qualifies for the bulk-mail rate which requires at least 200 recipients.

Jerry provided information on the upcoming February 3 USMS Clinic. There are six clinics scheduled throughout the U.S. in 2001. Upon receiving a financial report the USMS will reimburse the host club $500. There is a $25 pool charge which includes a meeting room. Coach Kerry O'Brien will run the clinic. The charge is $25 to the swimmers.

Hill Carrow then told us about three of his company's projects that relate to our LMSC. Hill's report appears later in this Newsletter.

George and Jerry both reminded all swimmers that Kast Away can put the NCMS logo on a suit at anytime.

The officers will review the bylaws, and if modifications are necessary will report back to the Board.

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Congratulations to all of the members last year. We reached an all time high of 688 members. However, we cannot rest on our laurels. We need to grow to 800 by September. That number will allow us another voting delegate at the USMS convention.

This year, several new teams have been established in North Carolina, showing our strength and ability to grow in areas where our state has not had teams before. New teams this year are:

Our web site continues to grow and is popular, not only with our own members, but also with other nations. There has been foreign interest in attending our meets as well as a request to exchange a NC t-shirt for one of Australia's.

Please make sure that you keep me informed with any mailing or e-mail address changes. I notify SWIM Magazine of all address changes that I receive. So your e-mail address is extremely important for notifications of NC Masters Swimming business, including notification of this newsletter's publication. If you want a hard copy to be snail mailed to you, please let me know. My address is registrar@ncmasters.org

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by Steve Wycoff

The 18th Annual Electric City Masters Swim Meet, designated as the Dixie Zone SCM Championships this year, was held on Nov. 4-5 at the Sheppard Swim Center in Anderson, SC.

One hundred seventy-seven Masters swimmers from 16 teams swam in the meet. Parris Island won the team championship with 2,629 points and the Georgia Masters were second with 2,253. Third place went to the North Carolina Masters, followed by Team Greenville, the Gamecock Aquatic Masters, and the host Anderson Masters.

Robert Poiletman of Gamecock lowered his own World and American records in the 200m butterfly with a time of 2:30.49 for his 55-59 age group. Florence Carr, swimming unattached, set a new American record in the 50m freestyle with a time of 40.66 and new American and World records in the 100m freestyle with a time of 1:31.78 in her 75-79 age group. Congratulations to Robert and Florence. Many state records, Dixie Zone Top Ten and National Top Ten times were established as well.

The Anderson Masters social on Saturday night featured good food and a drawing for prizes handed out by Van and Vanna. The "Elvis" award was presented to John Kortheuer of the North Carolina Masters for his support of and dedication to Masters swimming. John received the colorful bust of Elvis along with an "Elvis does the Butterfly" t-shirt, and he will be known as the "King of Swimming" for the next year. Hopefully everyone had a great weekend in Anderson. We hope to see you back in November, 2001, for the 19th Annual.

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LMSC - NC Officers and Staff

Congratulations to the six exceptional ladies and gentlemen who through their hard work in and /or out of the pool merited recognition by their fellow swimmers for their advancement of NC Masters Swimming.


Outstanding Volunteer

George Simon

Outstanding Female Swimmer

Sally Newell

Outstanding Male Swimmer

Joe Rhyne


Outstanding Volunteer

Jerry Clark

Outstanding Female Swimmer

Heather Hageman

Outstanding Male Swimmer

Fritz Lehman

As a reminder the current selection criteria and selection committee composition are:

Selection Criteria:

· Attendance at meets during the calendar year

· Number (but not type) of events entered at the subject meets

· Points produced from all referenced events

· Achievement at national meets if any attended

· Top ten designations

· Records achieved

Selection Committee Composition:

· The current officers of the LMSC for NC

· The top ten chairperson

· The keeper of records for the LMSC for NC

· The chairperson for relays at national meets for the subject year

Heather and Sally with their awards

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LMSC - NC Officers and Staff



Past Chairman



Jerry Clark, CSM

Clarke (Mitch) Mitchell, PEAK

Don Gilchrist, WYM

Sally Newell, RAM

Sue Haugh, RAM

3107 Cloverfield Rd.

Box 19768

P.O. Box 3955

1812 Swannanoa Drive

9015 Lansdale Dr.

Charlotte, NC 28211

Asheville, NC 28805

Wilmington, NC 28406

Greensboro, NC 27410-3934

Raleigh, NC 27613-4779

(704) 374-1807

(828) 299-1410

(910) 313-0541

(336) 299-1456






Registrar / Webmaster

Top Ten Chairperson

Newsletter Editor


George Simon, RAM

Ceil Blackwell, RAM

Jim Enyart, WYM

Fritz Lehman, RAM

10229 Boxelder Drive

4305 John Rencher Wynd

2840 Marsh Point Rd

439 Pebble Creed Dr.

Raleigh, NC 27613

Raleigh, NC 27612

Southport, NC 28461

Cary, NC 27511

(919) 846-2423

(919) 787-8324

(910) 253-3333

(919) 481-9767





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By Hill Carrow

President / COO, Capitol Sports Management

There are three major initiatives underway that may be of interest to NC Masters. Capitol Sports Management is heading an effort to create the USA Masters Games. The Games will be held in the Raleigh-Durham area, June 6 through the 15, 2003. Competition will be held in fifteen sports and the estimated participation is 6,000 - 8000 athletes. This Multi-Sports Festival will be run in the Olympic style format: opening ceremonies, entertainment and social events. The Games will be held every two years, moving around the country once it has been established. This kind of an event could also help increase membership in North Carolina Masters Swimming.

The second project focuses on plans for an aquatic center in the Cary area. Good support has been shown by RSA, RAM and New Waves who have contributed to help pay for some enhancements to the consultant's study. CSM envisions this aquatic center to be a venue rather than another Pullen Pool type facility. The center would have two or three indoor and possibly some outdoor pools, including one of 50 meters. There is a town council meeting February 15 when this concept will be presented. Hill asked that people in the area attend this meeting. People from the community or those involved in recreational aquatics are also encouraged to attend.

The third activity involves the possibility of bidding to host the Olympic Trials swimming in the year 2004 in the Raleigh - Durham area. Bids will be accepted in February and a decision will be made at the convention in September. The Cary facility is out because it won't start construction until the end of the year. Unless there is at least a shovel in the ground, the site would not be considered.

Temporary pools have been perfected to the point that the World Short Course Championships for 2002 in Indianapolis in The Conseco Arena will be held in a temporary pool. USA Swimming and FINA feel comfortable with the technology. This year's World Championships will be held in one of these temporary pools in Japan, and they want to take swimming up another notch. With this in mind, a 50 meter temporary pool could be placed in the Dean Smith Center. The warm up pool would be 50 feet away in the Khoury Natatorium. There would be plenty of facilities to accommodate both athletes and spectators. The possibility of submitting a bid is totally dependent on the University of North Carolina giving permission which they have not done yet. The University may be somewhat reluctant to do so because of the unique nature of what CSM is proposing.

Find out more about Capitol Sports Management and/or sign up for e-mail updates about the 2003 USA Masters Games through the Capitol Broadcasting Company corporate website at www.cbc-raleigh.com. Under "CBC Companies" on the right side of the homepage, clock on "Sports". Then click on "in-depth Profile" under the description of Capitol Sports Management.

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Summary of Major Changes to the USMS Rules of Competition Effective 1 January 2001

  1. The specific rule governing the backstroke start for meets held in short course yard venues has been removed and the rule currently used in meter venues will govern all backstrokes starts. Specifically, the feet must be below the surface of the water and the toes cannot be curled over the lip of the gutter.

  2. Clarification has been given with respect to the use of the breaststroke kick in the butterfly. If the breaststroke kick is used, it must alternate with the armstroke. Additional dolphin kicks are still permitted between breaststroke kicks.

  3. Diving from the edge of the pool is permitted while running a "sprint lane" during warm-up.

  4. The requirement for using an open palm to signal a disqualification has been removed by USA Swimming. The hand must still be raised however.

  5. Requests for initial splits can now be made up to the end of the meet for all events except backstroke and relay lead-off times. The request for backstroke and relay lead-off splits must be made prior to the swim event in order to insure a legal touch has been made and that the second swimmer has not started in the water respectively. These times may be used for all purposes.

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    Observations From The 2000 Olympic Games

    By Dennis Pursley, National Team Director

    A. Preparation for Success

    The 2000 Olympic Games will rank among the most highly successful international competitions in the history of USA Swimming. In my opinion, the success of the team can be attributed to the following three factors.

    1. Pre-Trials Training

    The full season of training prior to the Trials was a definite advantage. A conditioning base was established that enabled the swimmers to train effectively in the post-trials camp in Pasadena.

    2. Pasadena Camp

    Immediately after the Trials, the swimmers assembled for a two-week camp of relatively high volume and/or high intensity training to reinforce the conditioning base. The work done during this camp was critical to ultimate success of the team. As a group, those who returned to relatively high volume training with a strong aerobic component were the most successful.

    3. Teamwork

    The swimmers responded well to a deliberate attempt to establish a cohesive and supportive team environment which enabled them to remain focused and positive throughout the long duration of the trip. The cooperative and supportive interaction of the personal coaches enhanced this process.

    B. Future Consideration

    In spite of the fact that the team effort was highly successful, there is always room for improvement. The following observations are intended to identify factors relating to performance for future consideration.

    1. Training for Meters vs. Yards

    Many of our swimmers train for 100 meter long course races in the same way as they train for 100-yard short course races, even though the conditioning requirements for these races are dramatically different. In many cases, our athletes demonstrated superior speed, but struggled at the end and lost to competitors who were able to more effectively sustain their speed throughout the duration of the race. The training volume of these competitors is approximately double the volume of the typical U.S. trained sprinter. I have also noticed that the aerobic component of their training is sustained throughout much of the taper.

    2. Early Season Fast Swimming

    We witnessed a unique and unprecedented phenomenon in the swimming world during the year preceding the Olympic Games. The record books were re-written by swimmers competing in early and mid-season meets, sometimes unrested and unshaved! All but one of these swimmers failed to improve on their performances in the Olympic Games. In eight events, the gold medal was not won by swimmers who had established new world records in those events in the year prior to the Games.

    3. Globe Trotting

    For the most part, the Olympic medallists were very selective in their participation in the international competition circuit. Only 18% of them, for example, medaled in the Short Course World Championships. Those who attempt to "have it all" are rarely seen on the Olympic awards podium.

    4. Race Strategy

    Once again, the swimmer who touched first at the end of the first 50 was, in many cases, not the swimmer who touched first at the end of the race. The tendency to overswim the first part of the race seems to be more prevalent among our swimmers than among our competitors.

    5. Ancillary Support

    Some teams and individual athletes traveled with an entourage of support staff who were dedicated to the enhancement of every aspect of performance. In some cases, this appeared to be counterproductive, possibly because it was a great challenge for the athletes and coaches to coordinate all of the personnel and services. Simplification and focus seem to be important to success.

    6. Olympic Focus

    In the coming quadrennium, an increasing number of attractive competitions and new event formats will be offered to our swimmers. However, when it is all said and done, the athletes who do not neglect their training and maintain a focus on long course Olympic events, will be the most successful in 2004!

    Reprinted with permission from American Swimming Magazine / Volume 2000 / Issue 6


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    by Ceil Blackwell, Top Ten Chair for NC

    Congratulations to the North Carolina Masters who ranked in the Top Ten in the nation for the 2000 short course meters season. Swimmers who placed first in the nation for their age group in at least one individual event are Heather Hageman, Fritz Lehman, Jerry Clark, John Kortheuer, and Boyd Campbell. If your name or an event is missing from the list below, please contact Ceil at (919) 787-8324, ceilb@aol.com or mail to 4305 John Rencher Wynd, Raleigh, NC 27612. You can view details of Top Ten on the USMS web site at www.usms.org.

    The Top Ten Patches are sold by the Lake Erie LMSC. Darlynne Ferguson is stepping down and Thomas Gorman is now the person to contact to order Top Ten Patches. Thomas can be reached at 3369 Desota Ave, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118 or trgorman@att.net



    Women 25-29


    Maureen Halligan

    10th 50m FREE

    Danielle Slootjes

    3rd 100m BACK; 3rd 100m BACK; 4th 50m BACK; 4th 50m FLY

    Mary Demilia

    5th 100m FLY; 6th 200m FLY

    Women 30-34


    Heather Hageman

    1st 50m BACK(33.11); 2nd 50m FREE; 4th 50m FLY

    Adrienne Waterson

    9th 50m BRST

    Women 45-49


    Beverly Amick

    4th 800m FREE; 4th 1500m FREE; 4th 100m FLY; 5th 400m FREE;

    6th 200m FREE; 9th 50m FLY; 10th 100m FREE

    Women 50-54


    Sandra Cathey

    7th 200m FLY; 7th 200m IM

    Women 60-64


    Ceil Blackwell

    8th 50m BACK; 9th 100m BACK; 9th 200m BACK; 9th 100m IM

    Sally Newell

    2nd 50m BRST; 3rd 100m BRST; 3RD 200m BRST; 6TH 50m BACK;

    6TH 100m IM; 9TH 50m FREE; 9TH200m IM

    Dawn Stroupe

    8TH 200m BRST

    Women 65-69


    S. Robbins-Bonitz

    4th 200m Back; 5th 50m Back; 5th 100m Back

    Beverly Tucker

    7TH 200m BRST; 7TH 100m IM; 10TH 100m BACK; 8TH 100m BRST;

    9TH 200m IM; 10TH 200m BACK; 10TH 50m BRST

    Women 75-79


    Judy Kelly

    7TH 100m BRST

    Men 25-29


    Doug Shanks

    4TH 50m FREE; 4TH 50m FLY

    Todd McFall

    8TH 50m FLY

    Men 30-34


    Brian Doan

    2ND 100m BRST; 4TH 50m BRST

    Men 40-44


    Fritz Lehman

    1ST 50m BACK(29.06); 1st 100m BACK(1:03.98);

    1ST 200m BACK(2:15.34); 4TH 50m FREE; 4TH 100m IM; 4TH 200m IM

    Alan Godfrey

    4TH 100m BACK; 5TH 200m BACK; 7TH50m BACK; 8TH 200m FREE;

    9TH 400m FREE; 9TH 800m FREE

    Men 45-49


    Kevin Facchine

    9TH 200m FREE

    Men 60-64


    Jerry Clark

    1ST 800m FREE(11:30.73); 2ND 100m FREE; 2ND 100m FREE; 3RD 50m FREE; 3RD 200m FREE; 3RD 400m FREE

    Men 65-69


    John Kortheuer

    1ST 50m BRST(37.17); 1ST 100m BRST(1:26.65); 2ND 200m BRST;

    2ND 100m IM; 6TH 200m IM; 7TH 50m FREE

    Clark Mitchell

    3RD 50m BACK; 3RD 100m BACK; 5TH 200m BACK; 6TH 200m IM;

    7TH 50m FLY; 7TH 100m IM; 9TH 50m BRST; 10TH 200m FREE

    Men 70-74


    Dick Webber

    3RD 50m FREE; 4TH 50m FLY, 5TH 100m IM; 10TH 100m FREE

    Men 75-79


    Vester Boone

    5TH 800m FREE; 7TH 200m IM; 7TH 1500m FREE; 7TH 200m SMC BRST;

    9TH 200m FREE; 7TH 400m FREE; 8TH 100m IM

    Bob Perry

    9TH 400m FREE

    Men 90-94


    Boyd Campbell

    1ST 100m FREE(3:02.85); 1ST 400m FREE(14:00.95);

    1ST 100m BACK(3:03.80)






    120+ 200m Free

    10th(Karen Tallmadge, Maureen Halligan, Heather Hageman, Michelle Groce)

    120+ 200m Medley

    9th (Karen Tallmadge, Maureen Halligan, Heather Hageman, Michelle Groce)



    100+ 200m Free

    5th (Doug Shanks, Filippo Porco, Greg Zoltners, Erik Hecht)

    100+ 200m Medley

    7th (Greg Zoltners, Filippo Porco, Erik Hecht, Doug Shanks)

    200+ 200m Free

    6th (Joseph Matzsek, Bernard White, John Kortheuer, Ernie Glass)



    100+ 200m Medley

    3rd (Patricia Hogan, Greg Zoltners, Danielle Slootjes, Doug Shanks)

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    24, 25

    Maryland Masters Winter Meet

    Catonsville, MD

    Barb Protzman; (410) 788-2964



    Frank Clark SCY Meet

    Greensboro, NC

    Jennifer Rock (336) 358-1005



    17, 18

    St. Patricks Day SCY Meet

    Atlanta, GA

    Marty Hamburger (404) 848-0420




    VA Masters Meet

    Newport News, VA

    Charlie Cockrell; (757) 865-6250



    Hilton Head Masters SCY Meet

    Hilton Head, SC

    Eric Kemeny, (843)-681-7273.



    NC SCY Championships

    Raleigh, NC

    Tim Sexauer, (919) 266-6315


    YMCA SCY Masters Nationals

    Selby Aquatic Center

    Sarasota, FL

    Michael Stewart (941) 922-9622 ext 331/323. Sysharks@hotmail.com



    USMS 5K OW Championships

    Hollywood, FL




    USMS SCY Nationals

    Santa Clara, CA

    Alma Guimarin: aguimarin@aol.com



    LCM Meet

    Athens, GA


    23, 24

    Dixie Zone LCM Championships

    Sarasota, FL




    National Senior Games

    Baton Rouge, LA


    28, 29

    Greenville LCM Invitational

    Greenville, SC




    USMS LCM Nationals

    Federal Way, WA


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