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From the Chairman's Lane - by Jerry Clark
2000 Short Course Yards Announcement
From the Registrar's Lane - The Information Age - by George Simon
Dixie Zone Data
17th Annual Electric City Masters Meet - by Steve Wycoff
2000 Dixie Zone SCY Championships
NC Masters Profile - Joe Rhyne
Sunbelt Championships Rescheduled
Performance, Aptitudes and Attitudes - No Last Swims Here> - by Judy Wagner
USMS 1999 LCM Top Ten - by Ceil Blackwell
Upcoming Events
LMSC for NC Officers

From The Chairmanís Lane- by Jerry Clark

Hello from Charlotte. This is my first "official" article as the Chairman of our LMSC for NC, and Iím looking forward to a rewarding experience in statewide swimming for all of you and myself as well over the next couple of years.

Thank each of you if, during the next few weeks, you will endeavor to have one new swimmer in North Carolina register with USMS. Since 77% of the 465 NC swimmers registered to date (Jan 16, 2000) have e-mail, the easiest way to obtain a registration form is to access www.ncmasters.org/regforms.html. You also can call our registrar George Simon at (919) 846-2423 in the evenings, and he will send a form to you. Maybe we can get over 1,000 people registered in NC!

Iíve learned a lot about our sport this past year, having been a delegate to the USMS portion of the US Aquatic Convention as well as having attended the four day swim camp at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. There is so much involved in both the political and the physical sides of Masters swimming. The two activities I participated in were packed with people advancing Masters swimming. I hope to contribute to that end as well. Politically, Iíve been appointed to both the Rules committee and the Championship committee. Thatís going to be fun, as the Rules people perform a detailed rules review every other year (2000 will be one of those years). The Championship people select host cities for future national championship meets. Physically, weíll see if I can apply what I learned at OTC when the chips go down in Indianapolis. I am trying hard to do the things that our coaches suggested in every training session. Whatever happens will be ok, as Iíd never trade those four days for anything.

For those going to short course nationals in Indianapolis, Iíve still got some hotel rooms reserved under my name at the Hampton downtown and the Courtyard on Capitol Blvd. There is a convention there the same weekend, so rooms are scarce. Call or email me at the number/address shown in this newsletter.

I hope the East Ė West Challenge weíve started in NC will be fun when the meet in Charlotte takes place February 19 & 20, and the second half of the competition for 2000 takes place in Raleigh April 1-2 of this year. Weíll see which side of the state gets to keep the prize for the rest of 2000. Whatever the case, lets all have fun at this great sport this year.

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There was an inadvertent omission by SWIM Magazine in the Jan/Feb issue. The Menís qualifying times for the 400 IM were left off of the National Qualifying Times Table. Here are the correct times:

Men's 400 IM Qualifying Times




























No Time




No Time

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From The Registrarís Lane by George Simon

The Information Age

Based on the information placed on the 2000 registration forms, over 77 percent of our members have e-mail addresses. Our internet web site, http://www.ncmasters.org has 4 MB of information. The web pages consist of the current and old issues of the Across the Lanes newsletter dating back to 1996. Swim meet descriptions, entry forms and year 2000 registration forms are available both in "html" and "pdf" format. The bylaws of the LMSC and of Raleigh Area Masters, the records of North Carolina Swimmers, and results of several State Championships and other swim meets can be found on the web site there. There is even a Meet Manager's Manual for how to conduct a swim meet.

Each North Carolina team has a page that describes their pool and lists contacts and swim practice times. This data is an advertisement to bring in new members to each of your teams. Each team may have more information about their programs placed on the website if they contact me and provide it in a form such as a Word document or html code. Even team lists of the member's name and registration number (no other information about the member is on the site) can be found on our web site.

Stroke and Turns rules are also available. Our national organization, United States Masters Swimming, has an excellent web site, http://www.usms.org with even more information, including the entire Rules Book, and discussion forms about various facets of Masters Swimming (year 2000 rules changes will be posted soon on both sites). All of these items are available without the advertisements and graphics seen on most web sites.

The information is there, easy to find, fast to download; just point your browser to http://www.ncmasters.org to find out almost everything you need to know about what is happening in North Carolina Masters Swimming. New and updated information is frequently added, with a page to tell What is New on the site to save you time in not reviewing pages you have already seen. Happy Swimming and Surfing.

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The 1999 registration totals for USMS showed 37,443 swimmers and over 440 clubs. The largest of our 53 LMSCs registered 8,794 swimmers and the smallest totaled 22. 57% of our members are male and 43% are female. Our largest age group for men was 40-44 and for our women it was 35-39. Our oldest male and our oldest female swimmers were both 99 years young.

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The 17th annual Electric City Masters Swim Meet was held on November 13-14, 1999 at the Sheppard Swim Center in Anderson SC. Two hundred eleven swimmers -(a new record) from 13 teams entered this 25-meter competition. Paris Island Masters was able to defend by winning the Team Championship. Second through sixth places went to the North Carolina Masters, Georgia Masters, Team Greenville, Gamecock Aquatics, and the host Anderson Masters. A world record was set by the North Carolina Masters 280-319 year old team of John Murphy (75), John Kortheuer (68), Clarke Mitchell (67), and Dick Webber (70) in the 200 meter medley relay with a time of 2:28.34. Congratulations guys! Many state records, Dixie Zone Top Ten and National Top Ten were established as well.

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The 2000 Dixie Zone SCY Championships will be competed March 18-19 in northeast Metro Atlanta at the Dynamo Community Center. The facility has a 10-lane, 25-yard competition pool with state-of-the-art equipment to minimize water turbulence and is one of the fastest pools in the Southeast. Additional meet information and the entry form may be accessed on the "Meets Page" of the Dixie Zone Website (http://home.att.net/~dixiezone).

For those of us with an excellent, but short, memory, the following is the Spring 1999 "Across The Lanes" report of last year's Dynamo meet:


Twenty-four NCMS swimmers journeyed to the St. Patrick's Day Invitational to bring home the gold. NCMS captured the out-of-state team high point trophy scoring 703 points, fourth overall behind the Georgia Masters Killer Whales, Atlanta Rainbow Trout, and Dynamo Masters. The trophy now resides at Sally Newell's (someone had to take the trophy home since we do not yet have a "Hall of Fame" location). The St. Patrick's Day Invitational has always been a well run meet. Thirty-seven teams with 260 swimmers from all over the southeast participated. Individual performances were outstanding with many NC Masters winning their age groups' high point awards. They included Jeannie Mitchell, Beverly Amick, Sally Newell, Don Gilchrist, and Jerry Clark. Two Olympic gold medallists, Jon Olsen and Angel Martinez added a lot of excitement. I believe they won their events!! Olsen's freestyle was perfect and a sight to behold, long and easy with seven to eight strokes per length. All should plan to participate next year in order to topple the Georgia Killer Whales on their home turf.

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From Chunky to World Champion

Joe with son Christopher at the LCM Nationals

Joe's profile is included only in the Winter 2000 issue of Across The Lanes. The profile has been reprinted, with permission, from the Winston-Salem Journal. The Journal's Copyright policy precludes the electronic presentation of their articles.

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Sunbelt Championships Rescheduled As Icy Lanes Pose Travel Risk

Concern that the roads throughout the region could put traveling Masters at risk prompted the Charlotte Meet committee to postpone the Sun(ice)belt Championships. Because of the already existing diminished road conditions and the icy winter precipitation forecast for the Meet weekend, the committee rescheduled the Championships for February 19 and 20.

Jerry Clark notes, "We hope everyone who has entered will decide to attend that weekend, but if they do not, we will refund their entry fee, any prepaid t-shirt and/or social charges, but we will retain the $8.00 surcharge to help defray the many expenses we've incurred regardless of how many participants we may have in February. We sincerely hope this will not offend anyone who elects not to come in February; that they will understand that we're simply trying to mitigate our expenses."

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No Last Swims Here

Judy Wagner

Master's swimmer and coach

Fellow swimmers and friends this is part of a speech I made at the Texas Swim Coaches Convention in April. I thought I would share it with you.

This is the story about the young high school swimmer I talked to at the high school regional meet I helped run in College Station last February. I was officiating the meet, and during the break I began to talk to a young man who was waiting to swim. He was very upset and in a true state of panic. He told me he was a senior and that this was his "last swim". That was a red flag for me. I talked to him a little while, and after he swam, his coach came up to me and said: "What the heck did you say to that young man? He just did a performance of a life time." I told the coach I had asked the young man why he swam and got him to admit he swam because he liked it, and that swimming was fun. I told him to look at me. I said I am older than dirt, and I still swim and compete on a regular basis. I reminded him he could swim for the rest of his life. I told the young man this was just one more swim and to go out there and have fun!!! I said look to the right and to the left, smile at the competition, and Kick Butt!!!

I did my best at the coaches' convention to encourage all the coaches to quit talking to their swimmers about training for that "Last Swim": Tags, junior cut, state meet, Olympics, whatever... There is no such thing as a Last Swim until you die. I told them about Fred Wiggins who died swimming the 400 IM at nationals a few years ago. I reminded them that Fred's wife said that was the way he would have wanted to go. I encouraged the coaches at all levels to recognize the most important thing they are doing is teaching a way of life, a healthy life, and that is more important to any kid than winning any particular race. I figure it is more important to add 10 years to someone's life than to win a race. I encouraged them to keep it fun. After all "Swimming is a Lifetime Sport".

I would like to challenge all coaches to help their swimmers learn one of the most important lessons swimming has to offer. The lesson is that no matter what your goals may be there is no such thing as your last swim. The beauty of the sport is that swimming goes on providing new challenges, new goals, new rewards that are ever changing. Happy Laps!

Universal Laws affecting Competitive Swimmers

Reprinted from ASCA Newsletter Volume #98, Issue #8

Law of Competitive Gravity:

When left unattended, a swimmer will gravitate to the worst technique possible.

Law of Inertia:

A swimmer at rest will tend to remain at rest unless acted upon by an outside force. A swimmer in motion will tend to rest as soon as possible unless acted upon by an outside force.

Opposition Principle:

When asked to kick rapidly, swimmers tend not to; when told not to kick, swimmers tend to kick rapidly.

Space, Time Continuum:

When swimming breaststroke or butterfly in practice, swimmer hands are attracted to the turning wall, each hand at a different speed, at different times, at different points not in the same plane.

Laws of Acceleration & Momentum:

The law of Acceleration may only apply for 3 minutes after coach reminds swimmer it is important, then the law of Momentum becomes dominant soon to be replaced by the law of Inertia.

Law of Static Levels:

Swimmers will automatically seek their own comfort level and tend to attract others around them to do the same.

Mind over Matter:

The mind can overcome many obstacles during competition, but the same does not usually apply during practices.

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-by Ceil Blackwell, NC Top Ten Chairperson

Listed below are North Carolina swimmers who were ranked among the USMS TOP TEN for the 1999 long course meters season. Please contact Ceil Blackwell (919) 787-8324 or e-mail ceilb@aol.com if your name or an event has been omitted from the following list. Also, please note that copies of USMS Top Ten and Records are available from the USMS National Office, PO Box 185, Londonderry, NH 03053. A year's subscription is $15 (SC Yards, SC Meters and LC Meters). Individual issues, as well as back issues, are available for $7 each.

Special congratulations to our swimmers who ranked 1st in the nation for their age group Ė Joe Rhyne, who place 1st in 5 events!, Jeff Murray and John Kortheuer. Also, special recognition to our 1st place 120+ menís free relay team, consisting of Jeff Murray, Fritz Lehman, Grant Johnston and Jonathan Klein.





Mandy Shrum

10th 800M FREE (13:14.13)


Heather Hageman

5th 50M FREE (29.29); 8th FLY (32.88)


Patricia Hogan

8th 200M BACK (2:59.93)


Beverly Amick

8th 400M FREE (5:34.47); 9th 200M BACK (3:04.84)


Sandra Cathey

5th 200M Fly (3:42.08); 5th 400M IM; 7th 200M BREAST (3:43.42)


Jeannie Mitchell

6th 100 LCM BACK (1:31.31); 7th 50M BACK (41.50);

7th200M BACK (3:17.19); 9th 400M IM (7:30.08)


Sally Newell

2nd 50M BREAST (46.49); 2nd 100M BREAST (1:42.83);

3rd 200M BREAST (3:53.01); 7th 50M FREE (37.17);

8th 100M FREE (1:27.60); 10th 50M BACK (50.10)


Suzanne Robbins-Bonitz

2nd 50M BACK (48.69); 4th 100M BACK (1:50.11);

5th 200M BACK (4:06.95)


Nancy Mcphee

4th 400M IM (11:16.93); 9th 100M FLY (2:36.40)





Jeff Murray

1st 50M FREE (23.78); 1st 100 LCM FREE (52.77);

1st 100M BACK (1:02.66); 5th 50M FLY (26.92)


Jonathan Klein

5th 100M BACK (1:05.91); 4th 200M BACK (2:27.87);

6th 50M BACK (30.48); 7th 50M FLY (28.20);

10th 100M FREE (58.94)


Fritz Lehman

2nd 100M BACK (1:03.51); 2nd 200M IM (2:26.55);

4th 50M BACK (29.38); 7th 50M FREE (25.91);

7Th 50M BREAST (34.17); 9th 50M FLY (28.58)


Joseph Rhyne

1st 200M FREE (2:01.07); 1st 400M FREE (4:15.86);

1st 800M FREE (8:48.69); 1st 1500M FREE (17:05.53);

1st 200 LCM FLY (2:12.66); 3rd 200M BACK (2:19.13)


Richard Bober

8th 100M BACK (1:10.82); 9th 50M BACK (31.95)


Jerry Clark

2nd 50M FREE (28.03); 3rd 100M FREE (1:03.55);

3rd 200M FREE (2:25.51); 4th 400M FREE (5:19.75);

4th 800M FREE (11:23.72)


Rolffs Pinkerton

3rd 200M BACK (3:08.68); 5th 50M BACK (37.31);

6th 50M FREE (29.99); 8th 200M FREE (2:44.47);

9th 100M FREE (1:11.22)


Milton Gee

7th 50M BREAST (39.55); 10th 200M BRST (3:27.62)


John Kortheuer

1st 50M BREAST (38.23); 2nd 100M BREAST (1:30.78);

4th 50M FLY (35.36)


Clarke Mitchell

3rd 100M BACK (1:20.87); 4th 50M BACK (37.83);

6th 50M FLY (37.88); 7th 200M BACK (3:18.69)


Dick Webber

3rd 100M FREE (1:16.22); 4th 50M FREE (31.96);

4th 50M FLY (39.42); 8th 200M FREE (3:12.10);

9th 200M IM (3:42.97); 10th 50M BACK (45.60)


Lewis Patrie

10th 400M IM (8:58.71)


Boyd Campbell

8th 100M BACK (3:11.43); 8th 50M BACK (1:26.99);

9th 50M FREE (1:12.67); 10th 200M FREE (6:10.76)


Harold Hoffman

2nd 50M FREE (1:34.30); 2ND 100M FREE (4:34.38)




4th 200M Free (Nancy McPhee, Beverly Tucker, Judy Kelly, Sandra Kremer)




1st 200M Free (Jeff Murray, Fritz Lehman, Grant Johnston, Jonathan Klein)


4th 200M Medley (Jonathan Klein, Fritz Lehman, Grant Johnston, Jeff Murray)


4th 200M Medley (Rolffs Pinkerton, Milton Gee, Dick Webber, Jerry Clark)




6th 200M Medley (Jeannie Mitchell, Milton Gee, Beverly Amick, Jerry Clark)


3rd 200M Free (Sandra Cathey, Sally Newell, Dick Webber, Jerry Clark)


7th 200M Medley (S. Robbins-Bonitz, Sally Newell, Dick Webber, Jerry Clark)

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VA Winter Invitational

Midlothian, VA

Nancy Miller; (804) 320-2143


19, 20

Sunbelt Championships

Charlotte, NC

Jerry Clark (704) 366-2045


19, 20

Palmetto SCY Meet

Mt Pleasant, SC

Ben Nigro / Gretchen Woods-Seif; (843) 886-5326


19, 20

MD Winter Meet

Catonsville, MD

Barbara Protzman; (410) 788-2964



Frank Clark Meet

Greensboro, NC

Jennifer Rock (336) 279-8973


18, 19

Dixie Zone SCY Championships

Atlanta, GA

Lisa Watson (770) 497-1901



VA SCY Championships

Newport News, VA

Charles Cockrell; (757) 865-6250



Wildcat Invitational

Lexington, KY

Meg Smath; (606) 885-9184



RAM NC Masters Championships

Raleigh, NC

Tim Sexaurer (919) 266-6315


27, 30

USMS National SCY Championships

Indianapolis, IN

Judy & Mel Goldstein; (317) 253-8289



YMCA Nationals

Augusta, GA


Jul / Aug

27 / 7

FINA Masters World Championships

Munich, Germany



17 / 20

USMS National LCM Championships

Baltimore, MD

Barbara Protzman; (410) 788-2964

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