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The Chairman's Lane, - by Fritz Lehman
The Past Chairman's Lane Retirement Ruminations - by Jerry Clark
The Secretary's Lane LMSC Meeting Minutes, October 20, 2001 - by Sally Newell
The Registrar's Lane - by George Simon
The NC Masters' Lane Electric City Meet
New NC Masters T-Shirts and Swim Caps - by Bev Amick
2001 TopTen SCY Correction
USMS 2001 Convention Notes - by June Krauser
LMSC-NC Representative Jerry Clark Report
LMSC-NC Representative Bernie White Report
LMSC-NC Representative Fritz Lehman Report
Upcoming 2001 Masters Swimming Events
North Carolina Officers and Staff



Thirty-five years. As much as it scares me at times, that's how long I've been associated with the sport of swimming either as a swimmer or coach. During most of that time, I was content to swim and was never really interested in, and quite honestly never really thought about, how the various swimming organizations were run. They were always there for me, and I took advantage of them. During the last year or so, I've had this nagging thought that maybe just being a swimmer wasn't enough. This sport has given me more great moments than I could possibly have ever asked for, and maybe it's time I thought beyond myself and gave something back. When Jerry Clark decided to step down as Chairman of the LMSC, and my name was floated as the next Chairman, that nagging thought told me it was my time to step up. My hope is I can live up to the high levels of all the past Chairpersons. I know I'll have many questions, and there are plenty of experienced people out there to guide me along. Thanks to everyone who thought I could handle this. It'll be a challenge and, I hope, a great deal of fun.

While I've been swimming in the state for a number of years, there are still more people I donít know than I do. If you have e-mail, drop me a line at Fritzlehman@nc.rr.com and introduce yourself. Feel free to tell me what's on your mind. Swimming-related topics are preferred. If you see me at a meet, introduce yourself - unless I'm standing behind the blocks getting ready to swim. Ask around and people will tell you I can get pretty oblivious to my surroundings behind the blocks.

It's the end of the year and that means registration time again. Get your registration in early and make George Simonís life easier. Also, encourage all your swimming friends to register. My goal is to see our LMSC surpass the 1,000-swimmer level before the next chairman comes along. I've asked George to determine what our turnover rate is, and I suspect it's very high. If we can keep our turnover rate low then 1,000 swimmers is a goal that can be easily accomplished. We have a great thing going in Masters swimming. Spread the word! If youíre reading this and donít plan to re-register, take a minute and let me know why. I, and the rest of the LMSC officers, would like to know why and see if there is something we can do to change your mind. Each of us is important.

Itís goal-setting time! Yes, these are sort of like New Yearís resolutions - only you should really try to stick to them. Think about what you want to accomplish in your swimming life next year. If you are unsure of what goals to set, seek out your coach. If you donít have a coach, talk to another swimmer. Thereís lots of experience in the state, and most of the people I know are willing to share.

New LMSC shirts and caps are going to be available soon. Keep checking the website for more information on ordering. It would be wonderful to see everyone in a new shirt and cap at the Charlotte meet!

Everyone have a safe and happy holiday season. I look forward to seeing you in or around the water.

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Our newsletter editor Jim Enyart kindly asked me to write a final Chairman's article for Across the Lanes. Iím glad to do so. I relinquished the chairmanship of the LMSC for NC on October 20th after 22 months of holding office and am looking forward to being just a regular swimmer now.

We probed for ways to bring excitement to Masters swimming in North Carolina during the past couple of years. Some ideas were successful, and others were not. Iím glad we tried all of them however, for Iím a firm believer in exploring ideas that might increase enthusiasm for our sport.

Iíd hoped our number of registered swimmers might reach 1,000 when I assumed office, but thus far the number has remained just under 700; not enough recruiting going on I suppose.

I thought distribution of our quarterly newsletter by e-mail, with the attendant annual saving of roughly $2,500 which could be plowed back into swimming, would be attractive, but that still seems to be up in the air. For whatever reasons, too many NC Masters do not take the time to access the website-based version. Maybe our members could be polled to find out who wants a hard copy and who is ok with receiving the newsletter electronically.

I also hoped the EAST Ė WEST Challenge, pitting Masters on the east side of the state against those on the west side would encourage more participation at the annual meets in Charlotte (January) and Raleigh (April). The trophy would be awarded to the team by totaling the points each side garnered at the two meets. But organizing and scoring the relays turned out to be cumbersome, and most swimmers seemed to prefer just entering their home meet.

I think the annual awards for outstanding swimmers and volunteers are something all of us like. An inspirational award for 2001 has been added. The idea for these originated from Mitch Mitchell. They will be presented at the social event at the Charlotte meet January 26th, 2002.

I tried to encourage more NC swimmers to swim in the national championships, but maybe these meets were too far away, too expensive, or too intimidating, and the 2000 National Team T-shirts didnít spark enough interest. Itís hard to describe how much you miss by not going to the Nationals. The expense is usually manageable, and the team spirit that develops each and every time is very tangible. Seeing the best of oneís age group in action and sometimes being in the same race with them is really fun. Perhaps more team attire for those who race at national events will attract a few more people.

The 2002 long course championship is in Cleveland next August, which shouldnít be too far away for most of us. In 2003, the meets will be held at Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ (after a runoff vote with San Antonio) in May, and at Rutgers University in Piscataway, NJ in August. Both pools are fast, have many accommodations nearby, and are easy to fly to (Tempe is only a short distance from the Phoenix airport).

In my opinion, we could use more coaching throughout the state. Many NC Masters have no coach, while some in the larger urban areas (Asheville, Charlotte and Raleigh) have coaches who are paid to be on deck on a regular basis. We had a clinic with a USMS certified coach in Charlotte last February, but only 3 coaches and 24 swimmers participated. Thirty-five coaches and 90 swimmers attended the same clinic in Richmond in October. Other US cities have Masters coaches who facilitate growth in the size of their teams, organize racing teams, orchestrate programs for their swimmers (both competitive and non-competitive), promote social events, etc. These coaches earn a very good income by doing this. One I know even has telemarketers working for him.

Arrangements were made with one of these coaches, Kerry O'Brien, to provide weekly workouts from October 1, 2001 through May 14, 2002. The thought is that the many of you who donít have weekly on-deck coaching could benefit by following a time-proven workout plan that encompasses steady growth, covers all strokes and distances, reaches all abilities and ages, is challenging, and increases stamina, efficiency and speed in the water.

If youíre not familiar with this free resource, check our website, click on the right end of the yellow bar at the section marked "Workouts" and read the introduction and glossary from the coach. Then look at the workouts themselves (they are saved all the way back to the first week). If you exercise them, youíll be amazed how quickly youíll improve and how much fun youíll have.

If you have questions, send an email to Kerry OíBrien at swim4wc@netscape.net, and he should reply to you in a few days, if not sooner. Hopefully this program will prove successful for a large number of us. It already has for those who are using it. By the way, Kerry received the prestigious USMS Coach of the Year at the November USMS convention.

Last spring, a survey was e-mailed to the LMSCsí chairmen throughout the country asking what they thought the USMS ought to be doing for its members. Many ideas were rendered. The one subject that came up in a vast majority of the responses pertained to remedying the lack of coaching throughout the country. Iíve just returned from the annual USMS convention where the delegates unanimously approved arrangements for three coaches to provide workouts. Three different sets of workouts will be placed on "www.usms.org" each week, but I am not sure when they will commence.

Iíve enjoyed meeting so many of you and look forward to seeing you in the future. I encourage you to speak out about what you think our organization could do to enhance Masters swimming in NC. E-mailing is such a good way to do this. Donít be bashful! We need more geographic input. Maybe the team reps and their e-mail addresses will be listed in our newsletter along with those for the four officers. Contact them, for they are the board that governs the affairs of the Local Masters Swim Committee for North Carolina. Iíll be supporting anything that generates enthusiasm from my ex-officio position on the board. My best to all.

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LMSC for NC Meeting

October 20, 2001

Hillsborough, N.C.

Officers present: Jerry Clark, Sally Newell

Also present: Jim Enyart, Ceil Blackwell, George Simon, Fritz Lehman, Beverly Amick and Jeannie Mitchell

George Simon, registrar, reported 696 registered swimmers. Kernersville Masters and Montgomery Masters will not renew. Our website newsletter has had 139 hits. The website workouts have had approximately 325 hits in three weeks. Our web workouts are being hosted by USMS, so we're saving $100. a month.

Since Sue Haugh, Treasurer, was not present, Jerry Clark gave the report. Checking account balance: $8,143.72. (the $1,000. check for Kerry O'Brien's workouts has not cleared) CD balance: $4,100.86

There was discussion pertaining to one-day meet registration. A motion followed, giving the meet director authority to allow or disallow such a registration.

Because Jerry is stepping down as Chairman, Fritz Lehman has agreed to succeed him. Clark Mitchell will remain as Vice-Chairman, Sally will continue as Secretary and Sue Haugh will remain as Treasurer. Jerry motioned that the slate be voted into office. All seconded his motion.

Bernie White has been invited to attend the Convention.

The Outstanding Swimmer Award criteria were then discussed. Clark Mitchell had suggested that the recognition should be determined by a point system using the Top Ten publications as a reference. World and National records would earn more points. Nominations for Inspirational Award would have no restrictions. Fritz will work on the wording for both awards.

Jerry Clark brought up for discussion ways in which to spend some of our money. This is not the first time this has been discussed and no decision was made. Jeannie Mitchell suggested a scholarship to the USOTC Masters Swim Camp. Beverly Amick added this would encourage swimmers to compete on the national level. It was decided to let Fritz Lehman handle this topic.

Beverly Amick shared her concern that our swimmers going to National meets have no swim gear which distinguishes them as N.C. swimmers. Beverly will contact Kast Away and select an item in the $25. price range. This item will be given to swimmers going to Short Course Nationals, Long Course Nationals and Y Nationals. Beverly will e-mail us before a decision is made. Customized caps will be made available to all N.C. swimmers.

George Simon brought up the issue of allowing "one event registration". Jerry made the motion that one event registration will be allowed or disallowed at the discretion of the meet director.

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To print or not to print, that is the question. Our splendid newsletter, compiled and edited by Jim Enyart has been published both in hard copy and placed on the ncmasters.org website. Due to the costs of printing and mailing, only those swimmers who did not have an e-mail id or those with ids who specifically asked to receive hard copy were mailed a newsletter. Since there were less than 200 of our 700 membership requesting hard copy we could not use the bulk mail rate with its minimum of 200 items. Thus the issues required first class postage. Everyone with an e-mail address was sent a note with the website address linking to the current issue of Across the Lanes newsletter. Full issues of our newsletters all the way back to the summer of 1996 are on the website at http://www.ncmasters.org/atl.html

The website log of requests to view the newsletter indicates that less than a third of our membership takes the time to browse it on the website. The logs do not indicate these are members. They could be others or multiple views from the same person. We therefore have decided to send this issue out to all of our registered members via bulk mail.

As registrar, I maintain the database for e-mail ids and postal addresses, many of which change during the year. It is important to keep me informed of any e-mail or address changes.

Now, where do we go from here, do we continue mailing all issues, which is expensive, or do we only mail issues to people that specifically request them? Your feedback is very important, and I would appreciate your sending e-mail to registrar@ncmasters.org with your thoughts. If you have e-mail and want hard copy, and have only been receiving the issue with the e-mail notification, just send me a note and the next issue will be mailed and an e-mail notice will also be sent.

PS - Please don't be late in mailing in your 2002 registration, it is due before December 31st.


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Electric City Invitational Swim Meet

The ELVIS LIVES! Trophy returns to NC for another year!

The highlight of the banquet for the Electric City Invitational Swim Meet in Anderson, SC is the awarding of the ELVIS LIVES! Trophy. The trophy is an 18" bust of Elvis, complete with swim cap and goggles. Elvis goes to the home of the winner to stay for a year and is to be returned to the meet the following year. The honoree also receives a commemorative T-shirt of a butterfly-swimming Elvis. On the surface, this award is a lot of fun, lots of jokes, and a silly statue to dust for a year.

However, below the surface is another story. The swimmer who receives this award is greatly honored by his peers. Steve Wycoff and associates investigate the candidates thoroughly, looking through Dixie Zone and Top Ten records for the year, reading LMSC newsletters, and more as you will see in the following clues to guess this year's winner.

Steve says that this award is granted to someone who is more than an athlete. The recipient of this award contributes spirit and personality to the promotion of Masters Swimming, loves our sport, and enjoys participating in all aspects of it. The recipient is someone who is a positive role model, advising new swimmers, encouraging seasoned swimmers. The previous distinguished custodians of Elvis Lives! are Joseph Kurtzman, Dick Fetters, John Zeigler, and John Kortheuer.

Who is it this year? See if you can guess from Steve Wycoff's clues:

This swimmer has attended this Electric City Meet every year for the past 15 years;

This swimmer was once disqualified at this meet;

This swimmer was the backstroker for a World Record setting relay team in 1996 at this meet;

This swimmer placed 4th, 6th, and 7th in backstroke events in SCM Top Tens for last year;

At Y-Nationals this year, this swimmer won the 200 IM in a photo finish;

At USMS Long Course Nationals this year, she won the 100m Backstroke, and with her relay teammates Bev Amick, Sally Newell, and Kim Stott, won the 200m Medley Relay;

At the recent Hillsborough Meet, she set six new NC State records, three Dixie Zone records, and beat last year's Top Ten time in the 50m backstroke; and

The newly released 2001 LCM Top Tens place her 2nd in the 50 back, 3rd in the 200 back, 3rd in the 200 IM and listed her as an All American for her 1st place in the 100m backstroke.

Do you know who it is?

Newly "Aged up" to 55-59, from Banner Elk, NC


Jeannie's Response

I accept the ELVIS LIVES! Trophy with humility and honor. I view the significance and the responsibility of this award with a deeper understanding than before. It is a prestigious group I have joined: dedicated, world class, steadfast swimmers. This honor is an acknowledgment by my peers of my respect and high regard for our sport. It is an endorsement of my talent for swimming and my enthusiasm for all aspects of USMS, in the pool, on deck and behind the scenes. Thank you for this wonderful gift of recognition...plus ELVIS and the t-shirt.

Sincerely, Jeannie Mitchell


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By Bev Amick

Black long sleeve 100% cotton T-shirts with the NCMS logo embroidered on it in green and white now may be ordered. This will be our team item this year, if the minimum number are ordered. The cost for the shirts is $22. for sizes Small -- XLarge and $23 for XXL. Black latex caps with the green logo will cost of $3.00 each. Checks should be made out to LMSC -NC and sent to me. My address is 300 Deerglade Road,Winston-Salem, NC27104. I will keep a tally, and distribute the shirts and caps at the January Charlotte meet.

If you have any questions, I can be reached at 336-659-8735 or 813-4271. There will be National caps made for those attending one of the National meets this year. I would need a tally of those swimmers also.

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Correction: 2001 Top Ten Short Course Yards

Mark Mendendorp (age 19-24) was ranked 8th in the nation in 200 fly and 10 in 50 fly for 2001 USMS Top Ten. His name was mistakenly omitted from the list printed in the September newsletter.

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Additional Convention coverage will be provided by Dixie Zone Chairman, June Krauser, in the Winter 2002 Across The Lanes.

Butterfly and Age Rule Changes

The House of Delegates meeting at the USMS convention in Louisville approved or announced several significant changes that you are to receive immediately. These changes are listed below.

The FINA Bureau has accepted our request for a variation to the butterfly rule to allow Masters swimmers to use a breaststroke kick for the period 20 September (when the Fukuoka amendment came into force) until 23 May (when the Masters Congress amendment will come into effect). This exception means that we return to the rules prior to September 20, which allowed the breaststroke kick to be used in the butterfly for all events. Records set during the intervening time will be acceptable with either kick as long as they otherwise qualify.

USMS has changed its minimum age of membership to 18 effective November 18, 2001. Registrars may begin to accept members immediately. They must, however, insure that the registration form is dated on or after the potential memberís 18th birthday. We cannot accept forms signed while the person is 17. Members can compete in USMS meets when they meet the requirements for being considered 19 for a given meet. For short course yard meets, a member can compete as long as their 19th birthday occurs on or prior to the last day of the meet. For both short course and long course meter meets, an 18 year-old member may compete in the year in which his/her 19th birthday occurs. In all cases, they will be competing as 19 year-olds for the purpose of individual and relay age group determination. Registrars currently using the USMS registration software will receive a new version shortly. They can currently register 18 year-old members but the cards will print with a "Not Valid Until" statement on the card.


Committee Chair: June Krauser

Recorder: Lisa Watson


  1. Zone Championships for 2002 were awarded to the following bidders: Carter's Lake (Georgia)-Open Water; Clearwater, Florida-SCY; Anderson, SC-SCM; & Greenville, SC- LCM.

2. June Krauser was re-elected as Chair for the Dixie Zone Committee.


Number of Committee members present: 25



1. Financial Report

The financial report was given.

2. Newsletters

Four Dixie Zone newsletters were mailed out to all Dixie Zone clubs, convention delegates, and Dixie Zone LMSC Chairmen and newsletter editors.

3. Top Ten Times

The Dixie Zone SCY Top Ten for 2001 is now available on the Dixie Zone web-site: www.dixiezone.org. 2000 SCM and LCM are also available. Thanks to Dick Brewer for maintaining the website and to Dick and Ed Saltzman for compiling the Top Ten.

4. Records

Dixie Zone records have been updated by Dick Brewer and Ed Saltzman.

5. Zone Meets

The three 2001 Zone Championship meets were:

SCY- Auburn, Alabama-Feb 18&19 205 swimmers

LCM- Sarasota, Florida-June 23-24 152 swimmers - one day cancelled due to lightning

SCM- Anderson, SC-November 10-1 1 177 swimmers

Also held for the first time was the 1st annual Dixie Zone Open Water Championship at Buford Dam in Georgia, which was very successful, with 63 swimmers.

6. Top Ten Patches

Debbie Cavanaugh reported that not many people have ordered patches and there is an ample supply available. LMSC's are urged to put a reminder in upcoming newsletters that people making Dixie Zone Top Ten can order patches from Debbie. A reminder will also be placed in the Dixie Zone newsletter. Debbie can be emailed at: cavdeb@juno.com



1. Championship Meet Bids

Zone Championships for 2002 were awarded to the following bidders: Carter's Lake (Georgia)-Open Water; Clearwater, Florida-SCY; Anderson, SC-SCM; and Greenville, SC-LCM. The Greenville bid is tentative, due to a schedule conflict with the Open Water Championship, which hopefully will be resolved.

2. 2002 Calendar

A working calendar was devised for the 2002 year. Changes will be made as the need arises.


Scott Rabalais reported that the Coaches Mentor Program has been very successful. Questions were asked about the Open Water Clinics provided by USMS, in which a top swimmer will be brought out to conduct a clinic held in conjunction with an open water swim. Interested people should contact Dan Gray at dangray45@hotmail.com.


The Zones continue to be valuable to the success of USMS.


1. Coaches Committee

Committee Chair Scott Rabalais reported that the Coaches Committee budget has been increased to provide the following additional services-

--- fund coaches to attended the ASCA World Clinic held each year;

--- establish a scholarship fund to help send coaches to the USMS Convention; and

--- have 3 coaches post various workouts on the USMS website as a free member service.

2. USA Games 2003

Hill Carrow gave an update on the upcoming 2003 USA Games which will be held in Raleigh, North Carolina in June and will include 15 sports. USMS swimmers are encouraged to attend. The swim portion will be SCM and will offer prelims and finals.


June Krauser was re-elected as Chair for the Dixie Zone Committee. The committee commends June on her continuous service to our zone.


The controversy concerning accessing USMS members birthdates on the web was discussed.

Carl House has developed a code, so that this information will remain confidential.


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LMSC-NC Representative Jerry Clark Report:

New USMS officers were elected. Jim Miller (Richmond, VA) became the new President in a runoff, Scott Rabalais (Savannah, GA) is the Vice President, Sally Dillon (Oak Harbor, WA) is the Secretary and Doug Church (Noblesville, IN) remains the Treasurer.

The whole convention was compressed because it had to be rescheduled and was one day shorter than normal. Committee meetings started early and continued into the night. At our second Championship Committee meeting, we didn't get the agenda covered in the time allotted. Thus we reconvened in another room and needed about 1.5 hours more to finish.

Fortunately for me, this year wasn't a "rules" year, so the Rules committee only met once. Nancy Ridout told me in the airport on Sunday that she got to bed about 2:30 am each night. There wasn't a lot of time for eating frankly, and people were picking up meals whenever they could. Both Fritz Lehman and Bernie White were active at committee meetings and benefited from a fuller view of how much goes on to make Masters swimming what it is.

Fritz is the new Chairman of our LMSC, and I hope Bernie becomes more involved with state swim matters as well. Both will make good committee members at the national level. They should continue to attend conventions in the coming years. Hill Carrow was also there in his capacity as liaison between USMS and the Olympic committee. He used the occasion to promote the USA Games in Raleigh area June 6-15, 2003 which will have a short course meters competition June 6-10.

It's significant that the USMS board and various committees have recognized the cry from many LMSC chairmen during the past few months about a lack of coaching. The request for $1,000 to be paid to each of three Masters coaches was unanimously passed.

This service will provide a vast number of Masters with a structured plan to establish training cycles throughout the year and will probably lead to attracting more people to Masters swimming. It may also become a valuable resource to existing coaches as they might pick up ideas from their colleagues in other parts of the country.

As of the end of November, the three Masters coaches haven't been selected. Each will prepare five workouts weekly. All of these will be placed on a password site on the USMS website (usms.org). It is likely that one of the three will be fitness oriented, and the other two will be directed toward optimal training for meets. There will be no charge for these for USMS registered swimmers. Complete details about this program are being worked out now. It's expected that this program will commence in the next 60 days.

The reason for some delay is that the new President has to pick his committee chairs. Jim hasn't done that in the short time since he was elected. The Chairman of the Coaches Committee will be the actual person who will choose the three coaches. Scott Rabalais feels like he knows whom Jim Miller is going to select as chairman of Coaches Committee, but as said, Jim hasn't done it yet.

The Championship Committee has felt for a couple of years that it may be better qualified than the entire House of Delegates to choose sites for the two national championship meets each year. Customarily a vote is taken immediately following presentations by the various cities bidding for the meets, and emotions run high after a "slick" presentation. While the delegates vote on a site that had the more impressionable presentation, the concern is that the facility itself may not be the best of the choices,. On the other hand, committee members have far more experience with national meets (former meet directors, officials, committees, etc), and have been given technical data about the pool and facilities at each venue that is bidding.

I volunteered to do a study to find out how many of the delegates attending the convention in any given year actually entered one (or both) of the national meets in the same year. Then I found out how many of the championship committee members went to either (or both) national meets in the same year that they served on the committee. As the convention in 2001 was rescheduled because of the September terrorism, some of the delegates had substitutes at the rescheduled convention. Accordingly I used pre-Sept 11, and post-Sept 11 numbers for 2001.

I also tabulated the number of meets during the timeframe of the study (1996 - 2001), and how many of the total number of delegates during these years went to how many national meets. The same was done for Championship Committee members. This was quite revealing. It showed that 63.2% of the convention delegates had been to two or less national championship meets during these six years. Furthermore, 33.7% of the delegates had not attended a single meet. Perhaps the Championship Committee will be given authority (with the increased responsibilities) to evaluate all the bidding sites and choose the best location taking all factors into consideration.

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LMSC-NC Representative Bernie White Report:

I was asked at the last minute to stand in for George Simon at the USMS convention in Louisville this year. The sessions started Thursday afternoon with a coaching seminar. Michael Collins, Novaquatics, spoke on "how to build a powerhouse team". He has about 150 swimmers in his program. Marty Hamburger, Dynamo Masters, spoke on "training cycles to optimize your season". Scott Rabalais, Coaches Committee Chairman, spoke on "technical differences in Elite Athletes". Each session lasted about fifty minutes. These seminars got the convention off to an exciting start for me.

Over the next two days I attended various committee meetings and was impressed by the enthusiasm and dedication of the delegates. One of the interesting sessions was the Championship Committee. There were three bids for both the short and long course 2003 National Championships. The committee prepared a fact sheet comparing the bids and noting advantages and disadvantages for each bid. This data was given to the delegates after the presentations. The vote was conducted the following day.

As most of you know, NC Masters is experimenting with workouts prepared by a Masters coach on the Website. Apparently these workouts have been very successful and address a problem many swimmers have in smaller localities. The Coaches Committee has budgeted to provide this service on the national site (next year?) once a few details are worked out.

All in all it was a lot of listening, talking and fun.

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LMSC-NC Representative Fritz Lehman Report:

Jerry Clark, Bernie White, Hill Carrow, Rhea Wilkins, and I went to the USMS national convention November 16-18 in Louisville, Ky. Bernie and I were first-timers. Jerry, Hill, and Rhea have been to several. Having never been, I wasn't sure what to expect. What I experienced was really amazing. So many people are so passionate about Masters swimming - and by Masters swimming I mean all of us whether we compete, swim for fitness, coach, or officiate. Over time, I hope more of our members have an opportunity to go to the convention. Itíll open your eyes. So much goes on at the convention that it's hard to decide what are the key points.

Congratulations to our new national officers: President - Jim Miller, Vice President - Scott Rabalais, Secretary - Sally Dillon, Treasurer - Doug Church. If you know any 18 year olds who are looking for a place to swim, they are now allowed to register with USMS. However, they can't compete in short-course yards meets unless they turn 19 by the last day of the meet or in any metric-based meet unless they will be 19 as of December 31st of the year. If you are interest in reading minutes of each of the meetings, they are available at http://www.usms.org/admin/conv01.

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26, 27

Sunbelt Invitational Championships

Charlotte, NC

Bernie White, (704) 364-2141



Dixie Zone SCY Championships

Clearwater, FL

Joe Biondi, (727) 725-0778



VA Masters Winter Invitational

Midlothian, VA

Nancy Miller - (804) 320-2143 or nancymillr@aol.com



MD Masters Annual Winter Meet

UMBC, Catonsville, MD

Barb Protzman, (410) 788-2964, swimbarb@hotmail.com


16, 17

St. Patrickís Day SCY Invitational

Atlanta, GA

Marty Hamburger, MartySHamb@aol.com

Mar Apr

21- 3

IX FINA Masters Championships

Christchurch, New Zealand

Neil Blanchfield, Chairman, (643) 377-1700


13, 14

NC SCY Championships

Raleigh, NC

Tim Sexauer, (919) 266-6315



YMCA SCY Nationals

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Dave Murray, dmurray363@aol.com; www.ymcaswimminganddiving.org/2002Masters/Flyer.pdf



Colonies Zone SCY Championships

College Park, MD




USMS SCY Championships

Honolulu, HI

Amy Patz, U of HI Swimming, 1337 Lower Campus Rd., Honolulu, HI 96822, 808-956-7510, patz@hawaii.edu



USMS LCM Championships

Cleveland, OH

Pieter Cath, 35400 Bainbridge Rd, Solon, OH 44139, 440-248-8270, cath.p@worldnet.att.net

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LMSC - NC Officers and Staff



Past Chairman



Fritz Lehman, RAM

Clarke Mitchell, PEAK

Jerry Clark, CSM

Sally Newell, RAM

Sue Haugh, RAM

439 Pebble Creed Dr.

Box 19768

3107 Cloverfield Rd.

1812 Swannanoa Drive

9015 Lansdale Dr.

Cary, NC 27511

Asheville, NC 28805

Charlotte, NC 28211

Greensboro, NC 27410

Raleigh, NC 27613

(919) 481-9767

(828) 299-1410

(704) 374-1807

(336) 299-1456







Registrar / Webmaster

Top Ten Chairperson

Newsletter Editor


George Simon, RAM

Ceil Blackwell, RAM

Jim Enyart, WAM

Fritz Lehman, RAM

10229 Boxelder Drive

4305 John Rencher Wynd

2840 Marsh Point Rd

439 Pebble Creed Dr.

Raleigh, NC 27613

Raleigh, NC 27612

Southport, NC 28461

Cary, NC 27511

(919) 846-2423

(919) 787-8324

(910) 253-3333

(919) 481-9767





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