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Welcome to the North Carolina Local Masters Swimming Committee (LMSC) web site.  Hopefully you will find the pages easy to use.  Please feel free to make comments and suggestions to the

Goal for this page

This page will be devoted to keeping North Carolina Masters swimmers current on new LMSC business, on new meets, results, and new records.   If you have any news about North Carolina members and you do not see it here, please send the information to the webmaster.

New Swim & Open Water Meets, Clinics

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July 25, NC Long Course State Championships - Goldsboro, NC

Newsletters Monthly Newsletters are being emailed to members. Current and all old copies since 1995 are maintained on this site, see Newsletters for NC's new monthly newsletter articles and an index to old articles. Several of the recent monthly newsletters have articles in a series so newer members may want to review them.
Note: The NC Newsletter retired and the NC Masters Swimming Committee is would like a new volunteer.

Recent Updates

NC Short Course Yards Championships Results Posted 4/7/2015
Sunbelt Championships Results Posted 2/2/2015
Short Course Yards Records Updated 2/20/2015
Frank Clark Memorial SCY Meet Entry information on Upcoming Meets page
NC Short Course Yards Championships Entry information on Upcoming Meets page
Short Course Meters Records Updated 1/3/2015
Charlotte's SCM Autumn Meet Results posted 11/5/2014
Asheville's Steve Barden Memorial SCY Meet posted 9/7/14
Eastern North Carolina Splash Meet Results posted 6/18/14
Dixie Zone and NC Short Course Championships Meet Results posted 4/1/14
Greensboro's Frank Clark Meet Results posted 3/6/14
Charlotte Sunbelt Championships Results posted 1/27/2014
Short Course Yards, 5/14/2014, Long Course Meters 1/13/2014 click for records links

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